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Read Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime Fast flower delivery to Morisset NSW & nearby. Order online today Jane's African Violets is a mail order leaf service specialising in African Violets, operating from the town of Wauchope on the New South Wales mid-north coast. We stock a wide variety of African Violets and deliver leaves by courier to most states of Australia. We are passionate about African Violets and have been sharing our leaves to. The African Violet has come of age with new breeding bringing this ever popular houseplant into the 21st century. Luscious colours, dramatic contrasts and incredibly delicate edging are amongst the best features with the rosettes of fetching heart-shaped foliage setting the whole package off. Show them off by placing in a nice decorative.

Saintpaulia ionantha 'African Violets' hybrids. These are your latest named hybrids and not your common old garden type. There are thousands of varieties. Easy to grow inside on your window sill. We have new African violets every month! For more on information African Violets, check out our African Violet article here Qty. Add to Cart. Item code: 172100P. A delicate and sweet, easy-to-grow small violet with distinctive heart-shaped green foliage and deep mauve flowers that blossom on thin stems. It looks gorgeous in pots and hanging baskets. Perfect on the window sill for a bit of eye-catching colour Gorgeous African Violets for sale. Many colours and blooms availalbe - pinks, whites, purples, reds and variegated 2.5 pots with well established plant $10 each. All grown with wick watering system. Larger plants, lots of pots and gift boxes also availalbe Petrocosmea - Uncommon Indoor Plant - African Violet Relative - Houseplant. AU $19.12. Was: AU $22.50. AU $15.00 postage. Only 1 left! SPONSORED This is the largest display and sale of African Violets and their related Gesneriads in Queensland - held only once a year and for one day only. Advice on growing. Potting supplies, leaves and plants of all sizes for sale. Crafts made by members for sale, books and leaflets on growing available. Credit card payments are [

The Auditorium at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens will play host to the African Violet Society of Qld's annual show on September 13th and 14th. Entry is $4 per person, with no booking required. The show will feature the largest display and sale of African Violets and Gesneriads in Queensland. Plants, leaves and potting supplies will be on sale. We hybridize many of our own plants-are famous for our 'Rob's' and 'Ma's' series of African violets, and our 'Bristol's' series of gesneriads (African violet relatives). We grow our plants in a renovated barn, circa 1900, with an attached glasshouse and other buildings Tumut Valley Violets Clumber 572 Tumut Plains Road TUMUT NSW 2720 Phone: 02 6947 2432 Opening hours : 10 am to 4.30 pm Wednesday to Sunday and public holiday

African Violet Plant - Gold Coast. 31/05/2019 / in plant / by LittlePlants. African Violets are beautiful little plants - with one drawback - they don't like to be watered from the top, nor be too soggy underneath. So how to fix the problem, but neatly African Violets are available from wholesalers in many colors and forms. Sold usually as flowering potted specimens they are grown in controlled conditions and available year round. Over the past 10 years much development has occurred in the breeding, many more colors, flower forms and leaf forms are available

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African Violets Australia buy sell swap has 1,315 members. A group for those in Australia only to buy sell and swap African Violets and related plants - all transactions are between the buyer and seller and the admin is not responsible for any problems that arise African Violet African Violet Information. One of the most widely grown of all indoor plants, and readily available to buy online are the African Violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) and yes they were discovered in Africa, but have been highly hybridized for many years. Often seen as 'old fashioned' they are in fact very much in demand and are available for sale both online and at retail nurseries Amazing Pearcea hypocyrtiflora! - Unusual Gesneriad / African Violet relative. $24.50. 5 bids. $8.88 shipping. Ending Today at 7:13PM PDT. 8h 22m Our premium quality African Violets are the best you will find on the east coast. Learn more about Jane here. CONTACT. Address: 18 Homestead Drive, Wauchope, NSW 2446. Email: info@janesafricanviolets.com.au. Open by appointment only. Please phone to arrange a suitable time to visit the nursery

Available in 500ml, 1, 2.5, 10 and 20 litre bottle. This is concentrated fertiliser so Mix at a ratio of 100:1 with water! 500ml $9.95, One Litre $16.50, 2.5 Litre $24, 10 Litre $84, 20 Litre $154. 'Grow' for your Indoor Plants. We can now send a 500ml pack of this powerful spray on organic plant food with your plants native violet. in Brisbane Region, QLD. VIOLA hederacea. Australian native groundcover with small purple and white flowers. Ideal in rockeries under trees and shrubs. along pathways, between pavers and in hanging baskets in full sun and part shade. Large plants in 140mm pots @ $3.50 each or 3 for $10 African Violets. African Violets are popular house plants because they don't take a lot of looking after and they flower so prolifically. They flourish by a window or in artificial light so they can be grown almost anywhere indoors Clearance Plant Sale in Warner on Brisbane's Northside. Anthuriums in 175ml & 200ml pots - $10 African Violets in flower in 140ml pots - $4 Heliconia's in 200ml pots - $10 Assorted Hanging Baskets including ferns, bromeliads, begonias, succulents etc. - $6 for 120ml baskets and $10 for 200ml baskets. Assorted groundcovers in 100ml pots - $1.5 WA - Solitaire Solitaire African Violet and Gesneriad Inc . is a new group formed in May 2018 in Perth WA. Please contact Eric or Jacqui Phone: 0424 430 844 Email: solitaireavg@gmail.com African Violets in Australia is a site dedicated to sites with information mainly for Australian growers with some photos and links to Australian sites and groups

The African Violet Association of Australia, Inc was formed to promote a better understanding of the growing of the plants of the Gesneriad family and to provide a way for enthusiasts of these plants to share experiences. The most widely known member of this family is the African violet (Saintpaulia) Miniature African violets come in a variety of colours, blossoms, foliage just like their bigger siblings. Even though they look fragile and tender, they are as tough as a standard-sized plant. So don't go by the looks. Miniature African violets are readily available for sale in our garden nursery. They are extremely fast selling so get some. How to grow African violets in a pot. Choose a spot indoors that is well lit, but away from direct sunlight, like a windowsill behind a sheer curtain or on a coffee table. Fill the pot with good quality potting mix, specifically formulated for African violets. Remove plant from container, gently tease roots and cut away any circled or tangled.

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  1. Place the plant in the centre of the pot. Fill in with African Violet & Cyclamen Mix to within 2-3cm of the top rim of the pot and press lightly. Tap the new pot or container gently on the bench to help the new mix settle in and around the roots - do not pack it down. Initial watering of the plant after potting is essential to ensure the mix is.
  2. African violets tend to grow the best in porous soil that is well-draining, but that will depend on the heat and the humidity that the plants are receiving. If your home is less humid than is recommended for these plants, you will need a potting mix that is high in organic matter so that the soil does not dry out too fast
  3. African violets are available from your local nursery for around $6 to $12. A useful book is Growing African Violets by Ruth Coulson (Kangaroo Press, 1993 edition) ISBN -86417-509-4. There are African violet associations throughout Australia. For more information visit www.africanviolet.org.au, or write to
  4. African violets grow well in soil that is damp but not soaked. Pour a small amount, such as 1 c (240 mL), around the soil with a watering can. The surface of the new soil will become wet and stick to your fingers if you touch it. Once it is moist, plant the soil in it right away. Watch for water to pour out of the drainage holes on the bottom..
  5. i african violets (those I'll keep in their individual pots and just bury in the dirt and moss) and some other small plants, such as the pink spotted ivy plants which I will actually plant in the substrate. I'm also considering a small pond to help with humidity
  6. African Violet and other Gesneriaceae. African Violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) are mostly grown indoors, even in South East Queensland.They can be a little challenging to grow and to flower, but success will be very rewarding of those who try them

You will receive - 1 Sweet Violet Herb Plant in a 50 X 75mm tube - General growing instructions All of our Herb Plants are grown organically with certified organic potting mixes and fertilizers. Botanical Name: Viola odorata Sweet Violet is a small, herbaceous perennial which may reach a height of 10-12cm and spread 12-60 cm Current. Specials (0) African Violet Society of Queensland (Inc.) : Brisbane. No current articles available for this business / organisation. No current events available for this business.

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  1. Your Local Brisbane Plant Nursery. We Stock A Huge Range Of Rare, Exotic & Unusual Plants. With Over 30-Years Experience We Pride Ourselves On Helping You, Our Customers, Become The Best Gardeners You Can Be. We're Conveniently Located On The Southside Of Brisbane, In Oxley, Just Minutes From Brisbane's CBD
  2. Welcome to the African Violet Centre. Our centre aims to provide people with an insight in to the world of african violets, their care and cultivation. Visitors are able to wander around the nursery and see the vast display of African Violets at all stages of growth, from tiny plants to full grown plants, which are offered for sale. YouTube
  3. grower in Brisbane. Sometimes we deprecate the tendency of African violets to mutate. But surely not if The sale tables appeared to be swell stocked and the visiting public were African violets did not suddenly decide to sport in this way only at that point. In fact the earlier chimeras were registered as 'edged'

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  1. African Geese and eggs For Sale, genuine mahogany (swietenia macrophylla) and Penny Deep Blue Viola Seeds Look no further than African violets. If this does not cause the plant to come out, try inserting a dowel or pencil if your African Violet is extremely root-bound you will need to try sliding a butter knife between the pot and the root.
  2. The sellers I buy from have grown for years, are extremely careful when it comes to pests and know how to grow healthy plants. To find out more about sellers, go to the African Violets for Sale Facebook page and ask if anyone has had an experience with a particular seller
  3. Specialists in orchid sales for wholesale, retail and the public. Includes on-line ordering, fact sheets and photographs

The Queensland African Violets Annual Show 2013. Mount Coot-Tha Gardens Saturday 19th October from 11 am to 5 pm and Sunday 20th October from 10 am to 4 pm Cost - $4:00 Description - Largest. Received four, healthy, S. African Violets. 1. Gemcraft Pink Pearl 2. Frozen in Time 3. Chicago Flair 4. Jolly Jubilee African Violets, are healthy, highly variegated. Foliage is without tears. Each plant, securely wrapped, and fast-shipping. The only con, shipping is a tad costly. However, your violets are gorgeous. Thanks, Toni . Positiv

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Australian Plants Online | Nursery Grown Tubestock Australian Plants Online. Easy to order, Fast to grow. Tubestock Plants. I would recommend you guys over any retail nursery. - Linda, Marian QLD. SHOP NOW. Over two million plants grown and shipped. Direct to You. An excellent service, all 5 stars Ron - Elizabeth East SA The best place to buy plants online in Sydney. If you are looking for the plants, pots, homewares, garden furniture and accessories to design your perfect garden, look no further!Flower Power's 10 garden centres stock Sydney's widest range of everything you need to make your home and garden beautiful

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Viola hederaceaNative violets. $39.00. A delightful evergreen ground cover that produces masses of violets. Delicate coin-shaped foliage covers the ground and flowers are produced 10 cm above the leaves. Looks great under large trees, mass planted or scattered throughout the garden in semi shaded areas. Pot Size. Choose an option 6 x 90mm. Clear IN 1992 another beautiful show was held featuring a table of prized Chimera African Violets, including several of our own Kiwi varieties. In 1994 the club fundraised to bring a judge from Brisbane to judge our show. Also two of our members obtained their African Violet & Gesneriad Judges Badges; Aileen Hunt and Karen Panek Moist but not soggy. Be aware that they drink water a lot faster than African Violets. Humidity The best flowering is with normal to high humidity. 40% is low, 50% to 75% is great. The can live as terrarium plants. Temperature Average room-temperature (in the 70's) or slightly warmer is fine for Episcia. Groomin MAJOR MITCHELL'S COCKATOO hens and cocks. ALEXANDRINES mature pairs, spare cocks, healthy big birds. INDIAN RINGNECKS pastel blue, pastel cobalt, violets, creaminos, albino. Hens and cocks available. COCKATIELS various colours. CONTACT STEVE COE: (07) 3802 1965 or 0408 743 872. NO TEXTS. FOR SALE. FOR SALE

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1. African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) African violets are native to Tanzania and became popular among Europeans in the late nineteenth century. Their attractive, velvety foliage, compact growing habits and wide variety of long blooming flowers make this one of the world's most popular indoor plants African Art (Erich Herold)$65.00+ $10.00. masks and other ritual objects which are so important to African spiritual culture, as well as the lesser known examples of . Save. Books Toowoomba. new. The Rise of the African Novel . $179.00. + $0.00. Hardcover Lovebirds for sale. Young aviary lovebirds for sale. Not sexed. Assorted colours. Cobalts/Violets Masked Lovebirds $50 each Others $40... Queensland DOUGLAS 4814 Pets and Animals More info. View Images. $ 35 Australian native violet is available from nurseries. Expect to pay around $4.30 for 75mm (3″) pots, and $9.50 for 150mm (6″) pots. Plants in small pots from the nursery can be cut up into many sections to get the 'lawn' started, or look for it in a friend's garden and dig up some runners. Native violets are also often sold at fetes. Tesselaar is one of the most trusted names in gardening. We have over 75 years and three generations experience in mail order gardening, and have built a loyal following Australia wide. We take pride in our reputation and have the highest standards in product quality, customer service and efficient delivery

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Evergreen Growers - So Much More Than Just Beautiful Plants Evergreen Growers produces a wide range of impressive hedging plants for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide properties. We are happy to ship tube stock plants to anywhere in the country Paradise Palm 95cm $154.90 Pre-Order Now. Quick View. Laurel Leaf Fence 1m x 1m $169.90 Add To Cart. Quick View. Raphis Palm 1m $259.00 Add To Cart. Quick View. Peony Garden in Basket 60cm $519.26 Add To Cart. Quick View. Boxwood Hedge 95cm x 55cm $464.75 Add To Cart This results in a fuller, vibrant yellow flower display with brighter green, thornless trunks, A fast growing water-wise hybrid version of the classic Palo Verde. Bright yellow, showy blooms in spring. Call to Order. View Details

Lipstick Plants for Sale Online. Lipstick Plants ( Aeschynanthus radicans) are known for their bright red, tubular flowers that look like tubes of lipstick. They do particularly well in hanging baskets or other containers where the long vines can hang freely and boast their glossy green leaves. During the spring and summer, these indoor plants. iRIS RHIZOMES FOR SALE, cheap, discounted DAYLILIES FOR SALE! We sell over 1000 varieties of iris and daylilies! Iriswarehouse & Daylilywarehouse are a group of daylily & iris experts & hybridizers who sell excellent rhizomes, plants & supplies and provide supreme customer service! We dig the same morning we package your plants, so you are provided with fresh plants that do not languish in a. Repotting African Violets. Many successful growers of African Violets recommend repotting with fresh potting soil, twice a year or more. At the very least, an African Violet should be repotted whenever the plant becomes rootbound, i.e., the Violet has outgrown its current pot to the extent that its roots are growing out and around the rootball African violets need bright, indirect light such as from a south- or east-facing window, although direct sunlight can burn the leaves. They will do best at 65 to 75°F (18 to 24°C), and although they can survive temperatures up to about 90°F (32°C), they will die if exposed to below 50°F (10°C)

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The Tropic Gardener is at The Tropic Gardener. July 28 at 10:03 PM · Brisbane, QLD, Australia ·. Check out some of our stunning orchids available in store now! Slippers, Cattleyas, Cymbidiums and much more . 12 Marshall Lane, Kenmore. @ The Tropic Gardener. +4. The Tropic Gardener is at The Tropic Gardener Blooming Wonderful Artificial Flowers For Any Occasion Artificial flowers are just the thing for creating an eye-catching display which you can enjoy throughout the year and here at Swann Agencies we have a huge range to choose from. Discover a plethora of stunning artificial flowers that will last you a lifetime. Created with a truly realistic look, they offer all the benefits of real flowers. African violets thrive in humid conditions, which makes them perfect candidates for terrariums. Terrariums are easy to build, and create a moist, protective housing for your violets, adding. African Violets - A Hobby for All Ages and Interests Chimeras Are Calling my Name Wick Watering Action - A must read article to find out what wick watering is about, how and why it works.(Members only) Diagnosing your sick African Violet by Sue Gardener Ruth Coulson's Timely Tip - Watering African Violets 58 Instruction sheets have been added - Sign Up in 30 seconds - it's FREE! - Browse Listings by distance or keyword - Post a Plant Listing to start swapping ASAP - Share a Swap Event to reach more people - Check our Member Map and connect with swappers near you *Allowable items include anything related to plants - as long as it's free, legal, and honestly represented

Gold Coast Hydroponic Supplies. Learn More. We offer an extensive range of hydroponics supplies, available in store and online. Hydrocentre Hydroponics is a friendly and professional Hydroponic Supplier with more than 25 years experience with an emphasis on helping people to grow better, easier and increase their knowledge about Hydroponics. Rating Content; Positive: On Sep 2, 2017, Kid_possum from Brisbane, Australia wrote: I live in Brisbane, Australia and have owned one of these plants for 5 or 6 years. It's planted in my garden and grows up our telephone pole - right to the top and often twists along the lines themselves Miniature Orchids. Sort By: Default Name Ascending Name Descending Code Ascending Code Descending Best Selling Lowest Price Highest Price Newest. View: 15 30 60 All. Aerangis rhodosticta (mounted) $16.99. Bulbophyllum biflorum. $20.00

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Once rare and expensive, orchids now outsell every other houseplant, surpassing even African violets, chrysanthemums, and poinsettias.This is because modern cloning techniques allow for mass production of plants, and cultivation that used to take seven years from seed to bloom now takes only two Title: Brisbane Seniors Newspaper October 2015, Author: seniors, Name: Brisbane Seniors Newspaper October 2015, Length: 44 pages, Page: 22, Published: 2015-10-14 Issuu Search and overvie

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0.00. Propagate your African Violets. cutting material (choose healthy leaves) sharp secateurs or scalpel. hormone rooting powder (available at nurseries) pots or a propagating tray. propagating mix (or make your own using 2 parts peat one part Perlite and quarter part Vermiculite.) Add two tablespoons of dolomite to 4 litres of Peat Haars Nursery is an innovative family business. As one of Australia's largest wholesale plant producers Haars supplies Australian retailers and growers with, quality flowering indoor and outdoor plants, an extensive range of herbs and vegetables, indoor house plants, hanging baskets and shrubs for garden landscapes HISTORY of the AFRICAN VIOLET SOCIETY OF QUEENSLAND Inc. As the result of an article published in the Courier Mail about Mrs Edna Rigg and her African Violets, plus a photograph taken in her bushhouse, thirteen people met on the 28th February 1966 at the Canberra Hotel (now demolished) to talk about their plants We also have beautiful healthy indoor plants, peace lilly, african violets, orchids, palms, golden cane, best bromeliads. You can find organic potting mixes, organic garden care, fertilisers and soils from Searles and Amgrow. Wide range of quality and budget glazed pots, terracotta pots, trough, Cow manure and mushroom compost are the best

We Know Gardens - visit our beautiful Nursery in Point Clare for a full range of plants, garden supplies, professional advice and inspiration to help you grow a beautiful garden. We stock wide range of quality and healthy plants - herbs (parsley, coriander, basil), veggie (tomatoes, passionfruit, chilli, peas, zucchini, strawberries) and flower seedlings, fruit and citrus trees (e.g. mangoes. African violets are also incredibly easy to propagate. A single leaf cutting is all that is required, so once you're hooked watch out - your house can easily become over-run with these pretty little plants! By following a few simple rules, African violets can actually be a low maintenance plant, despite any previous misgivings experienced In the wild they may be found in rainforests, wooded savanahs, cultivated land and mangroves. African Grey Parrots are large parrots and require a large cage for many toys, perches, food/water dishes, as well as sufficient space for them to move around and spread there wings. This eliminates boredom while caged

The Home Depot carries a wide variety of all types of plants, from indoor plants and house plants to succulents and snake plants. You'll find small house plants, large house plants and everything in between Small, compact African Violets with their soft, furry, dark green leaves and beautiful delicate flowers bloom all year. At the top of my list is the ever popular African Violet. These pretty blooming indoor plants with velvety leaves and colorful flowers are one of the most popular South african wine . Related Searches: South african red wine, Best south african red wines . Filter results . Price. $10 - $15 . $15 - $25 . $25 - $50 . $100 or more $ to $ Category. Red Wine (34) mucha and violets. Category:Red Wine, Brand:Vegan Wine Project, Location Of Origin:Australia.