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See the Top 10 Fresh Dog Food. Get Instant Recommendations & Trusted Reviews! See the Top 10 Ranked Fresh Dog Food in 2021 & Make an Informed Purchase Great Dane puppies weigh around 30-45 pounds (13.6-20.4kg) and are 17-23 inches (43-58.5cm) tall at 12 weeks. They typically sleep 18-20 hours a day, eat 3-5 cups of food at three months old, and enjoy <15-minute walks. A well-balanced diet like ORIJEN Puppy Dry Dog Food for Large Breeds is a must Teach your Great Dane puppy how to play using his toys in a calm manner so that he learns his boundaries and limitations with playtime. They do not realize how big they are and rough play can lead to injuries, the bigger they get. Exercise, exercise - Great Danes need a lot of exercise since they are a big breed

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Great Dane puppy owners can choose between dry kibbles, canned food, raw feeding protocols and home cooked diets. Your giant breed puppy needs the right amount of the correct food in order to grow big, and strong. Don't be tempted to feed them the same as you would a medium breed puppy Feed your Great Dane four meals each day as a puppy and two or three as an adult. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations based on your dog's weight for his daily caloric intake, dividing it into the smaller meals. Great Danes are prone to bloat, a condition caused by a build-up of air in the dog's stomach that can be fatal 1. Great Danes are the tallest dogs in the world. A male Great Dane can reach up to 32 inches at the shoulder and weigh a massive 175 pounds. Females are slightly smaller, at up to 30 inches and. Great Dane temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books The Great Dane is typically a gentle giant, easygoing and mild-mannered

Hip dysplasia often manifests itself in larger dog breeds and Great Danes fit the bill. Hip dysplasia is a chronic condition in which the head of the femur bone doesn't fit into the hip socket correctly. If you adopt a Great Dane from a breeder, ask for radiographs of the parents' hips and speak to them about the parents' health history Training Great Danes Check out my advice for dealing with behavior problems and training your Great Dane puppy or adult dog: Dog Training - What Works, and What Doesn't Some dog training methods are based on what makes the owner feel good, rather than what on actually makes sense to the dog Any attempt to copy and/or redistribute content on The Puppy Mag is strictly prohibited. Linking back to content on the site is welcomed as long as a link for attribution is present. The Puppy Mag routinely checks for duplicate content using plagiarism software. Action will immediately be taken if duplicate content is found Here are twenty things that only Great Dane owners will understand. 1. They grow rapidly. When Great Danes are puppies, they are so cute and adorable, but they don't stay small for very long. In fact, you can see the growth rate week by week as they kick into a rapid growth spurt

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Young Great Danes are prone to bone and joint injuries during their rapid growth phase. Great Dane puppies are also a bit clumsy and aloof, so supervising playtime in a safe outdoor area on soft grass or dirt is always good advice to follow Because a Great Dane is a giant dog breed, it is important for them to maintain a healthy weight. Avoiding calorie-dense foods like cooked bones, table scraps, fatty foods, and excessive treats will support a healthy weight for your Great Dane. Breeds like Great Danes benefit from joint supplements such as glucosamine Bringing your Great Dane puppy home is an experience you'll want to make as special as possible. However, despite all of the fun you'll have welcoming your puppy into your family, there are certain aspects you will need to take care of to ensure your dog stays safe and will always be able to find his way back to you when lost

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Mar 19, 2021 - Tips for raising a Great Dane dog. See more ideas about great dane dogs, great dane, dane Huge, elegant, sometimes goofy, always eager to please, the Great Dane is a companion dog that's easy to love. But a Dane can also be a challenge to raise, requiring proper care, nutrition, training and maybe even some lifestyle adjustments on your part. Know what to expect and be prepared Simple and effective ways to make your Great Dane happy, healthy, and obedient. Is your dog misbehaving? Great Dane 101 Owner's Guide is the ultimate solutio The breed is known for Bloat, so no activity after eating! They grow tremendously fast so hips, legs etc are always an issue for the breed as well. The life span of a Great Dane can be a deterrent as well. 7-9 years is never enough. However, most danes that are fed and cared for well, are living into the 11 to 12-year range

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  1. Eating a large-breed growth dog food does not affect their final size and it just reduces the overall stress on a Great Dane puppy's body while they grow. Pro Tip: Check out this downloadable new puppy checklist containing tips on vaccination schedules, puppy training, veterinary appointments, and more
  2. Great Dane - A Complete Guide To One of the World's Biggest Dog Breeds. Great Dane dogs are known for their size. They can weigh anything from 110 to 175 pounds, and can grow up to 34 inches tall! Great Danes have a short coat that is easy to maintain. They are brave, attentive, and patient dogs that are often great with children
  3. Great Dane puppies typically calm down between the ages of 2 and 3 years. Several factors influence their over-excitable nature and certainly, there are methods you can implement to help them be calmer before they reach this age. Let's take a look at the reasons why a Great Dane puppy is not calm and what you can do
  4. The Great Dane is as kind as it is large. While its large size can be menacing in appearance, this giant dog breed is a gentle, loyal companion that makes a great family pet. These dogs love giving and receiving affection, and maintain a sparkling personality that pleases all owners and guests
  5. Tips for Responsible Dog Owners This e-book is a great resource for anyone who's considering dog ownership or already owns a dog. Download for tips on how to be the best dog owner you can be

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Uninvited or not, a Great Dane always insists on being photographed. The worst part is, you can take the best selfie of all time, and people will still comment cute dog!! instead of noticing your perfectly applied eyeliner. 3. They're just big babies. Though most weigh over 100 pounds as an adult, a Great Dane is really just one big baby Let us get into details about them. 1. Fawn Great Dane. This is a classic and the most popular Great Dane color. Fawn-colored Danes should have a yellow gold coat color with a black mask and dark colored-ears.These dogs should also have black markings on their eyebrows, tail tips, and eye rims

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A Great Dane puppy needs about 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day. An adult Great Dane usually only needs 2,500 calories, but growing puppies definitely need more calories to keep them growing well. They should be fed 3 times a day, in equal portions. Stick to a feeding schedule to keep your puppy as healthy as possible Wikipedia says Great Danes live 6 to 8 years due to their rapid growth, as they generally develop joint problems, experience bone pain, and bloat. That means a higher vet bill for you, and probably a shorter lifespan than other dogs, although I have read about Danes living 10 years. Dogs are expensive, you need to budget for that The Great Dane is one of the giant dog breeds, and they are among the tallest dog breeds in the world, with the Irish Wolfhound being the only other breed that reliably grows taller than them.They are also relatively sturdily built with a deep chest, but they are generally lighter weight than many of the other giant dog breeds such as the Newfoundland dog or the St. Bernard Hip dysplasia is hereditary and is especially common in larger dogs, like the Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Labrador Retriever, and German Shepherd Dog. Tips for Responsible Dog Owner Great Dane puppy and breeder information site containing facts about the dog, choosing a breeder and a puppy, and caring tips, plus important issues. List your Business Here For Free, Learn More. Recent Activity on Best of the Web Recent Review. Angel SEO Services & Marketing, LLC. 0.0

Whereas other dog training related web sites and books offer generic information for dogs in general, ours is the ONLY web site that offers Great Dane information specifically, from a renowned panel of experts - because as you probably know, Great Danes have their own special training requirements that other dogs don't have Great Danes love children and make great family companions, but unless very well trained, they're best suited to homes with older children who won't find themselves being accidentally bowled over by these impressively sized canines. The Great Dane is the epitome of the laid-back dog The gestational period of a Great Dane tends to be around 2 months or anywhere from 55 - 66 days. The perfect pregnancy of a Great Dane would be 63 days. Your veterinarian should be able to help you tell if your Great Dane is pregnant, but the breed tends to show around four weeks with a firmer belly than before The Average Price for the Great Dane breed in the UK is : £1,000 for KC Registered Dogs. £834 for Non KC Registered Dogs. This price is calculated by averaging all of the adverts placed for sale on the Pets4Homes.co.uk website throughout the year 2018, for the Great Dane dog breed. Close

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How To Potty Train A Great Dane Puppy - Great Dane House Training Tips - Housebreaking Great Dane Puppies Fast & Easy. https://ModernPuppies.comHow to potty. The easygoing Great Dane, the mighty Apollo of Dogs, is a total joy to live with—but owning a dog of such imposing size, weight, and strength is a commitment not to be entered into lightly. Temperament: Friendly, Patient, Dependable . Height: 30-32 inches (male), 28-30 inches (female) Weight: 140-175 pounds (male), 110-140 pounds (female

Puppy Name: Bella. Price : $1700 USD $850 USD Discount : 50% Status : Available Breed : Great Dane Sex : Female Age : 9 Weeks Old Care Guide : Included Shipping Crate : Included(Not electronic) Buy Bell Find Great Danes for Sale in Manchester, NH on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood A big dog like a Great Dane is worthy of a name inspired by some of the most well-known cities in the world, like Paris and Tokyo. Laid-back names like Nash (short for Nashville) and Denver make great options, too. Your Great Dane may not be a globe-trotter, but these big city names are great options for a giant breed dog Great Dane Puppy For Sale in SPRAGGS, PA, USA. Scooter is a lovable goof who will mooch his way into your heart. We had him on reserve for a famiy put health problems prevented them from being able to pick him up. We stuck with the couple for awhile but it was just not meant to be. Scooter is therefore our only pup available. He can go home today

The Great Dane is a short-haired breed with a strong, galloping figure. In the ratio between length and height, the Great Dane should be square. The male dog should not be less than 30 in (76 cm) at the shoulders, a female 28 in (71 cm). Danes under minimum height are disqualified Mantle Marked Merle Great Dane Dam. Rosedane's The Divine Secret. AKC#: WS51605201. MIRACLE is now the proud and happy mother. of two beautiful mantle girl pups! Pups are born August 4th and litter is futurity nominated. Amazing MIRACLE the merle Great Dane is a mom!! These two female Great Dane babies were born large each 1 1/2 pounds.

Great Dane Litter of Puppies for Sale near Washington, MOSES LAKE, USA. ADN-271178. Great Dane Pups. Great Dane Pups. $1,600. We have 13 Great Dane Pups! Mom (Willow) is a Merle, and Dad (Dexter) is a blue brindle. Both parents are CKC Papered. There are 5 males and 8 females. 4 Black, 1 Merle (male), 6.. Read Further advice on puppy vaccinations. Close. Also read our Great Dane Dog breed information profile. Confirm that the advertiser is genuine You should verify this by arranging to visit the dog or puppy at the advertisers home, if they make excuses or try to ask for money or a deposit to be paid online without visiting the dog at their.

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Great Dane/ Lab puppies. $250 (Baytown, TX ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $0. favorite this post. Jun 22 Great Dane Puppies. $2,500 (inl > San Bernardino) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1,500. favorite this post. Jul 11 Jun 2, 2021 - Explore musiChloe's board Great Dane on Pinterest. See more ideas about great dane, dane puppies, great dane dogs

Full Advert Details. Outstanding litter of Great Dane puppies. Both parents are great samples of the breed with supper lovely temperament And members of the family. mum is hips (score 5) and elbow (score 1) scored. She has very good blood lines and her parent and grand parents lived till 12-15 years old Great Dane puppies for sale and dogs for adoption in Ohio, OH. Find the perfect Great Dane puppy for sale in Ohio, OH at PuppyFind.com Great Danes are intelligent dogs but being obstinate and willful, are often not easy to train . Only 3 things can help you with housebreaking your Great Dane- Patience, Consistency and the Right Guidance on Housetraining. The Great Dane is a gentle, dependable and patient dog and they love companionship and children Scooby-Doo - Great Dane for sale | Healthy, purebred puppy with a Lifetime Guarantee! Get advice from breed experts and make a safe choice. Trusted by Over 12 000 Families For 20 Year The Great Dane is a good tempered dog, very friendly and obedient, so training him should not be a problem. However, there are also Great Dane puppies that are a bit more difficult to work with. Great Dane Puppy Training Tips. You should start training your Great Dane puppy the moment he enters your home and joins your family. They are very.

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Training a Great Dane is an important part of their care. Though they are sweet by nature, this is a large and strong dog. Their intelligence sometimes makes them stubborn during training sessions. Luckily, we've made a list of five Great Dane training tips to help make those obedience sessions easier for both you and your pet. Training Your. Feed your Great Dane puppy in its crate, wait about 10 minutes then quickly take him outside, use your command, give lots of praise and even a treat when he's finished for being such a good dog. In just a few days, your puppy will know where the bathroom is. House breaking tip: Accidents can and will happen, you'll have to deal with it If you'd like to read about common neusance dog habits that become HUGE with Great Danes, check out our training section and related dog behavior problem article. This is a very interesting read and you'll discover some common sense tips on starting a young Dane off the right way. Dogs Have a Sense.

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Identify a puppy by its size. A Great Dane puppy weighs between 5 to 8 lbs (2.2 to 3.6 kg), but it does not stay small for long. This breed quickly grows within the first year, and you may notice that a rapid growth spurt can occur overnight. Expect to see a puppy grow to 100 lbs (45 kg) during the first six months Your Great Dane needs a premium diet designed for large breed puppies or dogs (depending on age). These formulas cater to your dog's specific dietary needs at the different phases of life. Your dog's food should be comprised of 25-35% protein from a single source (lamb, beef, salmon, etc), about 50% carbohydrates for energy, 10-25% healthy. Go get a vet check-up, and make sure to stay on top of all the proper vaccinations. At five weeks, s/he should get vaccinated for parvo. Don't skip it, parvo will definitely kill pups. S/he's going to grow like the blazes, so feed good quality food. level 2. pase. Original Poster. 5 points · 10 years ago

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Great Dane Bite Attacks. While attacks by Great Danes are not as common as some other breeds, they can and do happen. Due to the size and power of the breed, a Great Dane bite attack can result in serious wounds, major injuries, or worse. Accurate data on dog bites according to breed is rare Blue Puppies. Like most Great Dane colors in this list, the blue is bred by the mating of two blue purebred parents as they will carry the blue gene. The blue color comes from a recessive gene and therefore both parents must carry the gene to guarantee there will be blue pooches amongst the litter. 4. Black Great Dane Puppy buying is at an all-time high — so it's no surprise that you may be on the search for a new dog right now. But the truth is, as puppy buying rises, so do puppy scams. In today's.

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A blue Great Dane puppy costs between $600 and $3000 depending on the breeder, location, and even time of the year. There is also a huge price difference between show pups and those bred as pets. You might also want to consider adoption as it costs around $150 which is way cheaper than buying Fantastic user guide to how to properly love and care for your new Dane puppy! A lot of great tips for classic issues all dogs have as well. Read more. Helpful. Report abuse. Hannah. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Dane starting place. Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2020. Verified Purchase Here are 10 of the most interesting Great Dane mixes. 1. Great Dane Irish Wolfhound Mix. When you mix a Great Dane with an Irish Wolfhound, you end up with a huge and handsome, yet surprisingly affectionate and gentle dog. Sometimes referred to as a Great Wolfhound, this breed is almost certain to be between 32-38 inches tall and weigh. A Great Dane will eat far larger quantities of food than a small dog, so feeding is going to cost a lot more for a Great Dane than, say, for a tiny Chihuahua. A Great Dane must have room to move around and exercise, especially when he is young. Anyone wanting to keep a Great Dane in the city must be prepared to take the dog out for long, daily. Great Dane Temperament & Personality. Noble, loyal, and gentle, the Great Dane is one of the most-even tempered breeds in all of the dog world. Their commanding presence and muscular build would have many believe the Great Dane is an aggressive dog; however, once you get to know one, you will realize very quickly that is far from the case

14 comments on Great Dane Tips #1- Elevated Feeding Table Hack brittany wyatt at 1:51 pm. My Mom's great dane was huge! I loved her ! She was nearly the size of a small horse ! My mom spent so much money on all the fancy dog bowls but Roxy preferred to use the table The Great Dane is known to be a very easy-to-train breed. Shedding Friendliness. The Great Dane does shed quite extensively. Ease of Grooming. Even though the Great Dane does shed quite a bit, he is not difficult to groom and simply requires a daily brushing with a stiff brush. Healt AKC registered Great Dane pups. 9 weeks old. 2 black males and one blue Merle female left. Orange, Green, & Purple collar. Will come with AKC puppy papers and they are vet checked, utd on shots, dewormed, and ready for loving homes. $1200 for the merle female and $800 for the black male

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Great Danes are happy, loving, and fond of their human companions, particularly children, although they are wary of strangers. A self-assured, calm, and receptive Great Dane is a highly tolerant family dog with little in the way of aggression. Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI Temperament. Great Dane is a loyal and intelligent dog with a warm temperament and is often called a gentle giant; it possesses a joyful spirit and provides loving companionship. It is one of the most even-tempered dog breeds with a lovable personality; it also has a reputation for being a courageous dog, this can be linked back to its history. I rescued my Dane when he was 2 as well. He was only slightly underweight. He was 140 and now weighs 160 at 7 years old. Max is my first Dane and I followed the advice of The Great Dane Lady at first. I like the supplements that she recommends Great Dane Tie Dye Heart Shape Vintage Hippie Mom Dad dog Lover Gift Tee / Tank Top / Kid shirt / Sweatshirt. PoodleGag. 5 out of 5 stars. (2) $15.99 FREE shipping