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CHARLOTTE, NC 28206 Charlotte Fire Department | 500 Dalton Avenue | Charlotte, NC 28206 Rev 1/13/2021 . Certificate of Occupancy Checklist . Below is a list of the most common items that we will be looking for in order to approve a Certificate of Occupancy for your project(s) Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy Checklist The following items must be addressed prior to the issuance of a building permit: Presubmittal Meeting: A presubmittal meeting is encouraged for all projects to secure an understanding of the review process. A presubmittal may be scheduled by calling (919) 580-4333 Certificate of Occupancy (CO) At the conclusion of all completed work done under a permit, including all applicable Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing or Fire Code regulations, the Code Enforcement Official will final that particular permit (B,E,M,P). When all permits related to a project have been finaled AND all Fire Codes, State and. The following is a check list for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy This inspection is a visual inspection mainly looking for safety hazards and unsanitary conditions along with any Code Violations. 1. House numbers 4in height. 2. Electric, gas, and water must be turned on at time of inspection. 3. Smoke detectors are required on all. Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Checklist Change of Use Group or Occupancy All of the following are REQUIRED when applicable (please see attached handouts for more details) Yes No N/A At least one accessible building entranc

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  1. Sanford, NC 27331-3729 (P) 919-775-8311 . www.sanfordnc.net (F) 919-708-5492 . Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Process . All new buildings, additions to existing buildings, renovations and up-fits, and changes of use t
  2. Complete the Certificate of Occupancy application and submit in-person or via email: Planning and Development Customer Service Center. One Exchange Plaza, 4th floor, Downtown Raleigh. M-F 8:15 AM - 4 PM. Litchford Road Residential Office. 8320 Litchford Road, Suite 130, Raleigh. M-F 8 AM - 2 PM
  3. ing code compliance is the sole discretion of the Housing Inspector and Code Official. INSTRUCTION: The checklist below and the attached summary have been arranged into eight general headings.

Contact Town Hall 252-257-1122 to schedule a fire inspection prior to obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. 5. Once your building passes all inspections, obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from County Staff. The CO may be applied at any time during the process but the certificate cannot be issued until all inspections for any other permits have. New Construction- Newly constructed buildings usually need to apply for a certificate of occupancy.; Property Conversion- When a property is changing from one use to another, a certificate of occupancy is usually required.For example, a warehouse that is being converted to residential lofts. Change of Ownership- When a multi-family property, industrial property, or other commercial space. Iredell County Government Center P.O. Box 788 Statesville, NC 28687 Phone: 704-878-3000 Main Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m standard certificate. A standard certificate may be issued at Level I, II or III in any of the areas below and allows the individual to practice as a qualified Code-enforcement official within the stated Level for that certificate anywhere in North Carolina, s/he is employed by a so long as county or city inspection department

  1. When construction is completed, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued by Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement to provide official verification that the site is in compliance with current regulations and the approved site and building plans. The CO is issued by Mecklenburg County once all of the inspectors have released their respective holds
  2. The building placard shall be protected from outside elements and remain posted until project completion. All inspection requests shall be scheduled for next day service. No persons may occupy any dwelling until a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued
  3. DSD staff continue to work during the regular business hours of Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (closed on public holidays) to answer customer questions, receive and review permit applications, and conduct inspections. Contact Permit Application Center staff at 828-259-5846 or pac@ashevillenc.gov with questions about commercial permits

One and Two-Family Dwellings Log Sheet (also known as Residential Log Sheet) Plan Revision Application (this form can be used for shop drawings) Residential Certified Review Checklist. Residential Certified Plans Statement. Residential Permit Application (for single-family homes, one- and two-family dwelling units, townhomes) Residential Permit. Simply put, a certificate of occupancy—sometimes referred to as a use-and-occupancy certificate, or a U&O—is a document that says a building is safe to be lived in. Not all municipalities. Abandoned homes are a big problem. WeGoLook can help lenders, owners and banks with residential occupancy inspections. Here is an occupancy verification checklist. This checklist identifies the minimum requirements for an occupancy inspection. Our occupancy inspections are designed to meet lender and requested government requirements All child care through grade 2 students must be housed on the ground floor. Prior to initial school occupancy, the local building inspector must inspect the building(s) and issue to the school a certificate of occupancy for school usage. Thereafter, he/she will need to inspect again only when structural changes are made to the building(s) Todd Culp, Chief Code Enforcement Officer. 704-920-2128. 704-920-2144. taculp@cabarruscounty.us. 65 Church St S Concord, NC 28025


The following checklist will assist you in preparing to apply for a Building Permit in Henderson County. Residential Building Permit/Plan Review Submittal Requirements for Dwellings and Additions. General Submittal Requirements. Completed Residential Building Permit Application; County Zoning Permit ($50) or zoning permit from your municipality. DSD staff are currently working both in the office and remotely and can be reached by phone and email: Permit Application Center (Main Line): 828-259-5846. PAC@ashevillenc.gov. Zoning Hotline: 828-259-5450. POD@ashevillenc.gov. Building Code Hotline: 828-259-5967. buildingsafety@ashevillenc.gov

The City-County Inspections Department provides permit, plan review, and inspection services for the City and County of Durham. These services ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public through administration and enforcement of the North Carolina State Building Code and the zoning ordinances for both the City and County Wake County Inspections & Permits provides building inspections and permitting services for all unincorporated areas of Wake County and, through contractual agreements, provides inspections services to the towns of Knightdale, Rolesville, Wendell and Zebulon. Contact Wake County Inspections and Permits. 919-856-6222. Wake.Permitting@wakegov.com Certificate of occupancy; Mobile Home Permit. Inspections 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 should be done at the same time. Inspections 6 through 9 are also to be done at the same time. The process for purchasing a Mobile Home Permit is as follows: Have proper Land Use Application Permit. Have proper and current sewer permit When you're renting—if the Certificate of Occupancy doesn't match the building use—your landlord has no legal right to collect rent. There's also a document called a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, which means a building is safe to inhabit but still has some outstanding work to do or permits to obtain before a C of O is granted 2. Schedule an inspection with your building inspector. 3. If the project passes inspection, complete your request for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy online and pay the fee. Refer to the Department of Licenses and Inspection's (L&I) how-to guide for step-by-step eCLIPSE instructions

They can call (859) 231-5668. If a change of use is occurring or remodeling is taking place then the business needs to apply for a building permit. They will be furnished a Certificate of Occupancy once all of the building permit conditions have been met. To fill out and submit an application for a Certificate of Occupancy, go to lexingtonky. CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY INSPECTION CHECKLIST Inspections will be scheduled by the Building Department. Please allow for a 24-hour advanced notice for all inspections. A re-inspection fee of $25.00 will be charged if entrance into the building is inaccessible for scheduled inspections, or as a result of a re-inspection for corrections not. EXTERNAL CHECKLIST FOR MANUFACTURED HOME PERMIT APPLICATION has been approved and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Moving into a residence before a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued is a violation of the North Carolina State Building Code and may result i

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.1800 Intensive Residential Treatment for Children or Adolescents Yes Institutional Occupancy e .1900 Psychiatric Residential Treatment for Children and Adolescents Yes Institutional Occupancy f .2100 Specialized Community Residential Centers for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Yes Residential or Institutional Occupancy Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Guide & Checklist: The purpose of this document is to provide a guide and explain the Certificate of Occupancy/Use (CO) process for the City of Winchester, the responsibility of the applicant, and the responsibility of each City agency in recommending approval of the CO to the Building Official Checklists. Obtain a copy of the Manual of Specifications, Standards, and Design (MSSD) from the Public Services Department. To schedule inspections, please call 910 938-5232 and select Option 1 or email the permitting specialist. For questions pertaining to building codes, select Option 3. For flood, CAMA, erosion control or zoning questions. The building may have to be brought up to code depending on the new use of the building. On new construction a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for completed sites by the Inspection Division after all other applicable departments have signed off on their approval If residential accessory structures are over twelve feet in any dimension.

Certificates of Occupancy . Certificates of Occupancy will be issued for completed sites by the Inspections Division after all applicable departments have signed off on their approval. To change the occupancy of a commercial building, please visit and/or call (252) 399-2220 - Option 1 then 3, to speak with a Code Enforcement Official All re-inspection fees must be paid in full before power or a Certificate of Occupancy is released. What do I have to have ready in order to get conditional power on a residential dwelling? The following trades must be at 100% in order to receive conditional power: electrical, mechanical, gas test, and insulation

Temporary Use Permit - required for businesses or persons operating on a seasonal, transcient, or short-term basis. (Please call the Planning Department at 704-920-4350) Technical Documents and Policies. The following links provide additional details and information about technical and engineering requirements for plan submittal, water and sewer, stormwater, and roadways Contact Granville County Inspections (919) 603-1326 or fax to (919) 693-6794 The Inspections Department enforces North Carolina Building Code(s) as determined by the NC Building Code Council and adopted by the Legislature. The Code applies to new construction, as well as alterations and modification to existing residential and non-residential buildings. The division reviews construction plan Certificate of Occupancy Requirements. It's important to know that different cities, towns, and rural areas can have different certificate of occupancy requirements. Generally, the top certificate of occupancy requirement is to conform with all building codes. Also, you must pay all fees and pass the final inspection Residential Permit Application Residential Building Permit (Complete Packet) To be used for new site built homes as well as modular homes, renovations, additions, and structural alterations. Accessory Structure Permit Application. For accessory structures with any dimensions of 12 feet or greater. Manufactured Home Permit Application (Complete. The Madison County Inspection Department is in place to provide code enforcement for the safety and well-being of the people in Madison County. . This agency enforces the North Carolina Building Code which was adopted by the North Carolina Building Code Council. Contact before 9:00 am for same day inspections in most locations

BUILDING PERMIT CHECKLIST FOR ZONING - RESIDENTIAL ACCESSORY STRUCTURES State of North Carolina. Scaled drawing (Engineer scale 1=10', 1=20', 1=30', 1=40', 1=50', or 1=60') This work will also be subject to a final inspection prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, contact Building Inspections at 910-938. All town personnel will be happy to assist you in understanding and working within the ordinances and regulations required. The Town of Garner's Inspection Department is located at 900 Seventh Avenue in Building-B, The Community Services Building, Telephone: (919) 773-4433. The Inspections Department requires a 24-hour notice on ALL inspections Commercial Submittal Checklist (PDF) Contractor Exemption Form (PDF) Fire Protection Work Permit Application (PDF) House Moving Permit (PDF) Owner Lien Agent Release (PDF) Partial Occupancy (PDF) Plot Plan Requirements (PDF) Printing a Certificate of Compliance (PDF) Required SFR Inspections (PDF) Residential Submittal Checklist (PDF

SCO Final Inspection(Fillable) Associated Files. Final-Inspection-Form-fillable.do Yes, one paper set and one digital PDF set ( building.dept@transylvaniacounty.org) or two paper sets. Projects exceeding $90,000 and/or 2500 square feet require a NC licensed design professional seal. Additional plans may be required by other agencies. Plans for smaller projects may be hand drawn to scale Certificate of occupancy; Mobile Home Permit. Inspections 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 should be done at the same time. Inspections 6 through 9 are also to be done at the same time. The process for purchasing a Mobile Home Permit is as follows: Have proper Land Use Application Permit. Have proper and current sewer permit Forms and Publications. Submittal Checklist - To use items needed for a permit submittal. Owner Affidavit - To be filled out if property owner is doing all work and cost of construction is under $30,000.00. Owner Affidavit - To be filled out and send to the North Carolina License Board of General Contractors, if property owner is doing work and. Forms & Reports. This handout is a brief synopsis of the general requirements so a person with a disability may enter, exit, and utilize a building. NCGS § 87-14. OSHA, the EPA, and the WNCRAQA have developed rules and regulations for the removal of asbestos-containing materials from buildings

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Building must meet all requirements for immediate occupancy. An original finished construction elevation certificate required if in a flood zone. For commercial: Fire Department approval, certificate of compliance from Beaufort County Engineering Department and DHEC approval if restaurant or pool is required before CO inspection Non-Residential 0 - 25,000 sq. ft. $100.00. Non-Residential 25,000 sq. ft. or more. $150.00. Please Note: The fee to renew a certificate of occupancy when required by §90-16A of the Municipal Code shall be the same as set forth in §39-222C, except that the renewal fee shall not exceed $200 Wall Check Survey Checklist; Certificate of Occupancy . Before residents can occupy a new or expanded residential structure, the Town of Vienna must issue a Certificate of Occupancy certifying that the structure has passed all Fairfax County building inspections as well as Town of Vienna site and zoning inspections. Submission requirement Department Phone Number: 704-866-3155. For further information, please select from the following: Notice of Additional Fee. Top Turn Down List for Inspections. Permit and Inspection Information. Old System Inspection Request (permits issued prior to 6/25/2018) NEW System Inspection Request (permits issued after 6/25/2018) Citizen's Self Service Final Water Resources Inspection for Certificate of Occupancy Approval Effective July 1, 2018, a $100 fee will be assessed for the Final Water Resources Inspection (formerly known as the Public Works Final) on all new commercial and one and two-family dwelling permits that are issued on or after July 1, 2018

Logically, new construction would need COs, but existing buildings require these certificates if an addition is constructed or there is a change in the occupancy or use of the building You will also find contact information for our dedicated Builder Phone Line. You can call to have a specialized team member assist you with your application for service. Duke Energy After Hours Emergency Inspection. Duke Energy - Apply For Service To Keep Your Project On Schedule (Flyer Payments. For your convenience, permit payments can be made via credit card by calling 704-843-2195. Cash, checks and credit card payments can also be made in person at the Town Hall customer service window. Checks may also be mailed to the following address: Town of Waxhaw (Attn: Permitting) PO Box 617. Waxhaw, NC 28173 It can be as easy as picking up the phone. Learn more about our Automated Response Systems (APRIL). You can reach APRIL by calling 336-373-2400 f rom any touch-tone telephone. Some of the options are available only during normal business hours (weekdays and non-holidays between 8 am and 5 pm)

A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy may, however be issued by the Building Inspector for a building or portion of a building which may safely be occupied prior to final completion and occupancy of the entire building or for other temporary uses Schedule a building inspection - online or by phone. Energy Efficiency Certificate - residential. Journeyman Card Exam Application and related electrical testing information. Commercial construction contacts for Certificate of Occupancy. HVAC Installation Statement of Compliance. Contractor bond forms Completed construction permits and certificates of occupancy for properties located within the City and County of Denver are available from the Records counter, located on the 2nd floor of the Wellington Webb Municipal Building at 201 W. Colfax. Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Phone: Office: 720-865-2790 Fax: 720-865-288 Pay for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Available as online service. Permit Fee Calculator Available as online service. Pay Modification Fees. Pay Trade License Renewal Fee. Check Zoning & Property Info. Information about Zoning. BIO (Building Information Online) Available as online service Opens in new window The Inspectional Services Department (ISD) will not issue a Certificate of Occupancy without input from the Boston Fire Department (BFD). An owner or developer must provide information related to the safety and fire protection of a business before it can be occupied by the public, or in the case of residential units, closed upon

To schedule a Certificate of Continued Occupancy inspection, please fill out the form below, and turn it into the Construction Office with the $75.00 fee. An inspector will reach out to you to schedule upon receipt. A checklist is also available for the most common items items looked at during an inspection Building Permit. A Building Permit application is typically the last step in the development review process before actual construction begins. The City uses Building Permit review as an opportunity to ensure proposed development conforms to all previous approvals, the UDO, the State Building Code, the City Code of Ordinances, and all other applicable City requirements Certificate of Occupancy Checklist IBC Section 111 Certificate of Occupancy Use and Occupancy. No building or structure shall be used or occupied, and no change in the existing occupancy classification of a building or structure or portion thereof shall be made, until the building official has issued a certificate of occupancy

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To ensure success as a field inspector, you should have extensive knowledge of land and building codes, a good eye for detail, and advanced report writing skills. A top-class field inspector quickly identifies issues and provides an accurate appraisal of the property value. Field Inspector Responsibilities: Receiving and processing inspection. A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) states a building's legal use and/or type of permitted occupancy. New buildings must have a CO, and existing buildings must have a current or amended CO when there is a change in use, egress or type of occupancy. No one may legally occupy a building until the Department has issued a Certificate of Occupancy or. The department publishes and interprets building codes. Hoke County enforces the building codes adopted by the state of North Carolina and rules and regulations adopted by Hoke County. The Inspections Department provides inspections at several stages of construction in all trades: building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and insulation All fees must be paid prior to the request for a final inspection and the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion. B. Requesting an Inspection By Phone: Call the regular inspection telephone number at (904) 255-8500 option 4 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

A home inspection contingency allows you to cancel your home sale if an inspection reveals a major issue with the home that wasn't obvious when you made an offer. It can help you negotiate a lower sale price with the seller. You can use the results to request the seller to make repairs to the home before you close Please call 321-633-2187 to schedule an appointment for any services offered by the Planning and Development Department. In addition, we may be able to facilitate a virtual meeting. Also, we offer several online services through online permitting and inspection portal and other services offered by email at Inspectmail@brevardFL.gov OCCUPANCY PERMIT: BASIC REQUIREMENTS. Duly accomplished Certificate of Completion, signed by owner/ applicant, signed and sealed by respective architect/ engineers, Forms are available at the Office of the Building Official. As-built Construction Plans (A3-size), duly signed by owner/ applicant, duly signed/ sealed by respective professionals Write all checks payable to Cherokee County. Building permit fee (check our new building permit fee calculator) Certificate of occupancy $50.00. Impact fee $1,465.67. Re-inspection fee (if applicable) $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 for first, second and third instance of same inspection A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is required for new residential or commercial building structures for living or business purposes. In order to receive a CO, the following must exist for the job: All final inspections have been completed with a pass disposition, including fire if applicable

Exterior work to include removal of existing asphalt and replace with new ADA ramp, new paint stripes for accessible parking stall and aisle, new walk up ATM at existing wall opening, complete interior build out, partitions, finishes, restrooms, mechanical, plumbing and electrical work. 850 MORRISON DR FL 2 Once the final document is processed and electronically signed, the Certificate of Occupancy will be emailed to the General Contractor and the original sent via USPS. Any Certificate of Completion will be mailed via USPS .***. For a list of items to be completed before a CO can be issued, view the. Commercial Building Project Closeout Checklist May require a certificate of compliance or occupancy to confirm that permitted work complies with applicable laws and terms of the permit; still must require certificate of occupancy for work requiring a building permit. (G.S. 160D-403(g).) May issue stop-work orders for illegal or dangerous work or activity, whether related to a permit or not

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Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building 100 East First Street Winston-Salem, NC 2710 RESIDENTIAL BUILDING GUIDE This guide contains planning and zoning related topics that may apply to your project. Additional regulations may also apply. Please consult with staff if you have any questions. AS-BUILT SURVEY: A residential as-built survey shall be required for the certificate of occupancy. It shall include, but not be limite Gene Foxworth Director Main Office 402 Broad St. Beaufort, NC 28516 Ph: 252-728-8545 Fx: 252-732-2065 Western Office 701 Cedar Point Blvd. Cedar Point, NC 2858

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Residential Application Checklist Review the checklist below before beginning the application on the next page. If the person financially responsible is not a resident of North Carolina, a North Carolina authorized agent must be designated for the purpose of receiving notice of compliance or non-compliance with section 7-12-2 of the UDO. A:The Town will perform a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) inspection after you have received all building and trade finals from Wake County Inspections. Once Wake County has signed off on your permit, call the Town's inspection line at 919-217-2246 and leave a message to schedule a CO inspection Open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call (910) 253-2021 for all building permit related matters. Email eplans@brunswickcountync.gov to submit digital plans, or for information on inspections or permitting matters. Obtain a permit here. View current and past North Carolina Building Codes here

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A building permit IS required: If an individual or corporation is locating, erecting, constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, demolishing, relocating, or changing occupancy of a structure. Nonstructural work where the cost is less than $15,000 in any single-family residence. Farm buildings outside the jurisdiction or municipality A temporary certificate of occupancy will trigger application for final payment and submission of the final punchlist for the project. Due to the extreme importance of occupancy, the temporary certificate has allowed owners to occupy properties, prior to the final approval by the architect and engineers as well as building officials Building and Development Services also offers the option to manage your inspections via toll free text messaging. To get started, please send a text to (833) 392-8861. You will then be prompted to enter either Schedule, Cancel, Reschedule, and Results

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