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  1. The racing snake boats of Kerala, India, are nearly half a football field long. Their polished wooden bows rest barely above the water, while their sterns rise up from the surface like the flared.
  2. Since then, Nehru boat race trophy is a coveted event among Kerala Boat racing community. Champions Boat League The latest avatar of Snake Boat Race in Kerala is Champions Boat League that has been launched this year in 2019. 9 teams would be auctioned in a league format and the league season would run for good 3 months when boat races would.
  3. Kerala is the only Indian state of beaches, backwaters, lakes, houseboats, wildlife, waterfalls and watersports. Snake boat races are major watersports of Kerala. Boat racing is not just a sport but a traditional festivity, unique to the religious being of Kerala India.Though more or less religious in origin, the Kerala boat races used to be held as part of competition or settlement between.

Snake boat is the pride of the villages in this region and every village has snake boats of its own. History and interesting facts about Snake Boat Race. In the history of Kerala, Snake Boat Race has been associated with the state for over 400 years now. The story of this boat race has been traced to the ancient king, Alleppey The Kerala snake boat races will not only give you a glimpse of the age-old traditions of Kerala but will also enable you to experience the true glory of this place. With remarkable history and religious tradition tied to it, the snake boat races of Kerala have gained prominence over time and have become one of the most spectacular events of. A snake boat (or chundan vallam) is a long, canoe-style boat used by the people of Kuttanadu. It's a traditional boat of Kerala, which typically is 30-35 m (100-120 feet) long, and holds64 or 128 rowers. Every village in the region is proud of their own snake boat. There are 50 boats of various shapes and sizes, which belong to different.

Vallam Kali (vaḷḷaṃ kaḷi, literally: boat game) is a traditional boat race in Kerala, India.It is a form of canoe racing, and uses paddled war canoes.It is mainly conducted during the season of the harvest festival Onam in spring. Vallam kali includes races of many kinds of paddled longboats and 'snake boats' Chundans (Snake boats) : Chundan Vallam which literally means beaked boat, for it has a pointed prow which stands four feet above the water and gives the impression of a beak.The Chempakasseri King, ruler of the Kayamkulam area was using the chundan vallam as his war ship in many battles. He was the one who had for the first time constructed. A tradition so majestic and heavy with history and mythology attached to it, snake boat racing in Kerala is a very different sight from the viewing tents these days! Lakhs of people at a time witness the resplendent event, photographers clicking non-stop and drones flying all over the backwaters to capture every oscillation of the raging boat men In August of each year, Kerala celebrates rice harvest and one of the magnetic events at that time is the world renowned snake boat race, perhaps worlds long.. Snake boat race in kerala 1. snake boats Snake Boats The boats are referred to as snake boats because of their long and slender shape and rest assured, it has nothing to do with the reptile itself! Watching a snake boat festival, live and in action is a cherishable experience, to say the least

Attractions: 3 days celebration, Colorful snake boats Also Read : Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kerala How to Reach There. Most of these places can be reached via Kochi, which has an airport, as well as good bus and railway connections.Other than private or public vehicles are the most convenient way to reach the boat race villages The History of Traditional Snake Boat Races in Kerala. Originally known as Chundan Vallam, Snake Boat Races in Kerala was first introduced in the early 14th century by King Devanarayan of Chembakassery. It was back in that time when kings used to indulge in a battle with each other in their respective boats

The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a popular Vallam Kali held in the Punnamada Lake near Alappuzha, Kerala, India. Vallam Kali or Vallamkali literally means boat play/game, but can be translated to boat race in English. The most popular event of the race is the competition of Chundan Vallams (snake boats) The Vallam Kali or Boat race held in the name of Jawarharlal Nehru is a massive celebration in the backwaters. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a popular Vallam..

Other notable snake boat races apart from the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Champakulam Moolam Boat Race: this race means the opening of the boat racing season in Kerala and is one of the most popular ones in the state. Like with the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, highlights include beautiful floats, decorated boats, a ceremonial procession and the royal. For years now elegant snake boats (chundan vallam) have been used for world-renowned snake boat races that are conducted annually on the backwaters of Kerala, celebrating both rituals and festivities. Now, as part of a novel venture to protect and promote the tradition of the land, Kerala Tourism presents the Champions Boat League Kerala snake boat race, Alleppey houseboat and Kumarakom. by on. Lord Vishnu's 6th incarnation, Parasurama fought back the sea to save the land. He threw his axe from Konkan to Kanyakumari and sea gave way. Thus was God's Own Country born, which is called Kerala. W e have travelled to Kerala five times as tourists; still, get enchanted by. Boat races in Kerala, typically known as Vallam Kali among the natives of Kerala, is a backwater sport that gives an eye-catching view to the tourists who visit God's own country. In Kerala, snake boat races take place every year. Vallam Kali or the boat game was an earlier means to settle the disputes among former kings of different regions The people celebrate Kerala Boat Festival with great zeal irrespective of any caste and religion and the snake boat race recognition comes with a line of snake boats all set for the greatest happening races stretching from the month of July to September

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The snake boat race festival is a sport that signifies TEAM SPIRIT, INTEGRATION and AMITY of the people of the backwaters of Kerala. Traditionally each boat belongs to a village and the villagers worship boat like deity Chundan Vallam (Beaked Boat), known to the outside world as Kerala snake boats, are one of the icons of Kerala culture used in the Vallamkali (boat race.) Constructed according to specifications taken from the Sthapathya Veda, an ancient treatise for the building of wooden boats, these boats vary from 100 to 138 ft in length Kerala's oldest snake boat fiesta, the Aranmula's snake boats (Palliyodams) are unique. They are ornamented with gold lace and flags. Some of the crew even hold up colourful umbrellas. Palliyodams move in pairs and the oarsmen wear traditional white mundus and turbans. The boats move to the rhythms of the traditional songs the oarsmen sing. Chundan vallam / Beaked boat / Snake boat, known as the traditional war boats of Kerala used in ancient times. These miniature model of Chundan vallam / Snake Boats with rowers is one of the most popular kerala handicraft. Alappuzha Boat Race 202

The snake boat races of Kerala. Snake boat races of Kerala are much anticipated events that bring a lot of excitement to Onam festivities. Onam is the prime festival of Kerala. It is celebrated during the Malayalam month of Chingam, usually in August or September. A snake boat is a long impressive wooden canoe Snake boats are traditional boats of Kerala and are so called because of the huge sterns of these boats that looks like a hood of a cobra raised in anger . The local populace call these boats Chundan Vallam , which literally means beaked boat, for it has a pointed prow which stands four feet above the water and gives the impression of a. Kerala has a rich maritime tradition dating back to several centuries. Snake boats, locally called Chundan vallams, are one of the icons of Kerala. Different types of snake boats take part in Vallamkali, the local name for traditional boat races. This paper presents the preliminary results of a study on a typical ChundanVallam Kerala is famous for its beauty, hill stations, wildlife, backwater and culture. Join us on this tour to witness unique and grand procession of snake boat race and explore best places of Kerala The snake boats of Kerala are constructed according to specifications in the Sthapathya Veda, an ancient treatise on the building of wooden boats and are a marvelous example of ancient India's.

Snake boat race is one of the unique magnets of Kerala the God's own country other than the elephant parade.Several competitions are also held for the boat race and it exhibits their integration, unity and amity among g the people. The people are quite excited to see the race too and it can be told as the event which brings out the backwaters. Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race . This boat race of Kerala got its name from the former Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race is organize every year on the second Saturday of August in the memory of Jawahar Lal Nehru and is one of the most exciting races of the year. It is a famous commercial event and to. The most popular one is Chundan Vallam( Snake Boat) which has the record of being the biggest water vessel used for sports.These boats, made of a very strong wood, called Anjily ( a wild jack. The snake boat races are held at the time of Onam and it is known to be the only major event in Kerala. But, it is also one of the biggest mass sporting events in the world. Conclusion . The state government of Kerala is doing a great job in promoting their culture and this will make people aware about the various distinctive but attractive.

A procession of snake boats held on August 20, 2005 as part of the Sree Narayana jayanthi celebrations in Kumarakom. Photo:Johney Thomas The REAL snake boat race happens some time in September to October every year depending on the Hindu Calendar followed for auspicious festivals in Kerala. The race we witnessed was organized by Raviz Welcome Hotel for the benefit of their guests, but the excitement, and the efforts were real 2. Champakulam Moolam (Snake) Boat Race. Talking about the boat races of Kerala and not talking about the legendary race Champakulam is impossible for this is practically synonymous with the regatta of boat races, a significant part of Kerala's heritage. This race is held every year and is one of the oldest races in the state

In Kerala, snake boat races occur every year. Vallam Kali or the boat video game was an earlier indicates to settle the disagreements amongst previous kings of various areas. As time passed, these boat races are of terrific traveler destination. Every year from July to November boat races are performed throughout various backwaters in Kerala Boat races in Kerala, typically known as Vallam Kali among the natives of Kerala, is a backwater sport that gives an eye-catching view to the tourists who visit God's own country. In Kerala, snake boat races take place every year. Vallam Kali or the boat game was an earlier means to settle the disputes among former kings of different regions

Such a large snake-boat has never travelled outside Kerala before or after. It is considered to be a prized object in IGRMS display for its size, sacred character and community adoration. The boat. Snake boat races is the outstanding events in kerala brings alive the calm water.It is the most enchanting facet of the festival of onam. In India kerala is most popular place for snake boats.Fortunately there's no need for concern, as snake boats get their name from their shape rather than anything to do with live snakes!

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Major attraction: Snake Boat Races. Vallam Kali is literally translated as boat race in Malayalam. It is a major event that is held in Kerala usually from July to September. The exact dates of the races are determined by the phases of the moon. Various kinds of traditional canoes or paddled longboats are used in the races Going Kerala for the Snake Boat Race festival. Kerala, known as God's own country, has many water sport activities in its backwaters. One of the most famous and celebrated one is locally known as Chundanvallams. These are known as Snake Boat Races. The reason why they got the name is because of the length of the boats used in the races Vallamkali or the Snake Boat Race is the most enchanting facet of the festival of Onam. The event is promoted as a major tourist attraction of the state of Kerala and draws a large number of domestic and international tourists. Vallamkali has been going on for good number of years and its popularity is soaring with each passing year

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  1. The Snake boat race in the Kerala resonates across Kerala, they combine the natural beauty of the region with the energetic and exuberant people of Kerala. The Snake boat race in the Keralas are held in the Malayalam month of Midhunam, which is roughly sometime in the months of June and July. Champakulam Boat race is one of the oldest races of.
  2. Kerala Snake Boat Races. Kerala is a illustrious Land of Backwaters, Lakes and Beaches.Snake Boat Races in Kerala are some of the most awaited events in Kerala which is being organized by a number of social and religious organizations. The boat race of Kerala is one of the stimulating sociocultural events of the state that representing the unique heritage cultural and traditional legacy of Kerala
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The Kerala Snakeboat Race! by Philip John August 17, 2020. August 20, 2020. Life Story / Sports Page 40. A dear friend of mine, Captain K.G. Thomas who ran the Cochin Shipping Company invited me to watch the famous Snake Boat Race, at Champakulam. The best way to watch the race is if you are on the water, and so he had rented a motor launch Once a king who suffered heavy losses asked boat architects to build a better boat, and thus, the snake boat was created. Duration of the Festival. Apart from Aranmula Snake Boat Race, the other races are one day affair. Aranmula is a part of a 10-day festival in Kerala. Highlights/ Important Rituals of the Festiva May 19, 2014 - Explore Iris Holidays's board Snake Boat Races in Kerala, followed by 144 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about boat race, kerala, boat Browse 636 kerala boat race stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. snake boat race on pampa river at onam festival, aranmula, kerala, india - kerala boat race stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. group of people participating in a snake boat racing, kerala, india - kerala boat. The race of the snake boats which is popularly known as Chundan Vallams happens in an electrifying atmosphere full of thrill, music, songs associated with the land, team spirit and most importantly the tradition and culture of Kerala. Snake boat race and backwater resources are the most wonderful attractions of Alleppey tourism

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Snake boat race in a Red bastion is giving hope to a free economy at many levels. When a team has 111 members in the starting line-up and it has to compete against fifteen similarly strong opponents, it is a good guess that the playing surface is not grass. Kerala's famous backwaters fit well as the location for the world's biggest snake. Rare Boat, Wooden Carved Boat with 18 Oarsmen, Brass Fitted, Kerala Boat India Wooden Miniature Carved Snake Boat, Design Patented, Kerala decor, 33364 Chundan vallam (beaked boat), known outside Kerala as Kerala snake boats, are one of the icons of Kerala culture used in the Vallamkali or boat

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travelvision holidays is a Kerala based Destination Management Company that specializes in incoming tours from all over the world as an unparalleled specialist of Kerala. At travelvision holidays, we serve tourists with car/coach rental, tour packages, ticketing, hotel reservation, back water cruise, House boat reservation, event management. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a popular Vallam Kali held in the Punnamada Lake near Alappuzha, Kerala, India. Vallam Kali or Vallamkali literally means boat play/game, but can be translated to boat race in English. The most popular event of the race is the competition of Chundan Vallams (snake boats). Hence the race is also known as Snake Boat. Find the perfect Snake Boat Race Kerala stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Snake Boat Race Kerala of the highest quality The yearly Snake boat races are a exhilarating fiesta held in Alappuzha, Kerala, India, just before the festival of Onam in August or September every year. These annual races characterize many classes of boats, but the most magnificent event is the race involving the colossal Snake Boats or Chundanvallams at the annual races or Vallamkalis held. Fine Kerala Tours And Travels, Kochi, India. 1,523 likes · 1 talking about this · 34 were here. One of the leading Tour Operators in Kerala .We provide Munnar,Aleppy,Kovalam,Thekkadi tour packages..

Kerala Snake Boats. Kerala, known for its enigmatic backwaters and serenity of nature is beautifully carved with alluring Western Ghats extending from 500-2700 ms in the east, Arabian Sea in the west and a network of 44 rivers deservingly naming Kerala, the God's Own Country.. Sparkling rivulets, smiling paddy fields, exotic hill stations, vivacious sea shores, rejuvenating ayurvedic spas. Snake Boat Racing. Snake Boat racing are numerous popular water events that take place annually on the backwaters of Kerala mainly between July and September. The word 'snake' is the description of the shape of the boat, there are no snakes involved! These colourful boats are traditional war boats at a 100 to 120 feet long and hold 100. The English term of chundan vallam is snake boat. They are called so due to their eel like structures. Usually these snake boats or chundan vallams are associated with onam celebrations in the form of vallam kali. It should be noted that vallam kali is the popular term used in Kerala, but it is also known as snake boat races Kerala's snake boat regatta or the Chundan Vallam Kali are a world renowned phenomenon - with hundreds of boats from different villages participating to win a coveted trophy. The excitement and the adrenalin rush that these races bring about is something that is unmatched. The splash of the oars and the synchronised songs of the boatmen.

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The chundan vallams - or snake boats - are an icon of Kerala culture. The boats, 100 to 138 feet long, are built according to the specifications of Sthapathya Veda. Each member in the team - from 'ottathuzha' who accelerates the boat from front to 'amarakaar' who steers the boat from the rear - has a different role to perform Aranmula Snake Boat Race. Among the oldest boat races of Kerala, Aranmula Vallam Kali or Aranmula Snake Boat Race is a 2-day event held on the Pampa River annually as a part of the Onam festivities. Also known as Uthrittathi Boat Race, this boat race is associated with the annual festival of Aranmula Sri Parthasarathy Temple A Full Length Snake Boat in Racing Action jammed with rowers at the Nehru Boat Race in Kerala. Coracles are round flimsy boats and most difficult to maneuver in water. It is just some tar coal on plastic sheet over a thin basket weave of bamboo. This is a sawed off Catamaran - just 4 planks of wood tied with thongs _ used mostly by Sea Divers. Draped in a Set saree it is almost impossible to not recognise the essence of a Kerala beaut Truly, visiting Kerala's backwaters is an enjoyable experience. That is so not only because of the Chinese fishing nets, the snake boats, and the houseboats but also because of the fishers of men, the faithful Witnesses of Jehovah who live there. [Map on page 22, 23] (For fully formatted text, see publication) INDIA. KERALA [Picture on.

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ARANMULA, INDIA - Sept 15: Traditionally dressed oarsmen rowing snake boats to participate in the boat race on September 15,2019 in Aranmula. Snake boat race Kerala half way to finish line. North Paravoor, Gothuruth, Kerala, India, Asia - September 25th, 2011: Gothuruth Boat Race two snake boats racing snake boat race on pampa river at onam festival, aranmula, kerala, india - kerala boat stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Boat races in Kerala are held annually during the Onam festival amidst much fun and frolic in the celebrated backwaters Kerala's most famous boat race, the Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held every year in the month of August. It celebrates water sports in the country and is held in Punnamada backwaters in Alappuzha district, Kerala. Snake Boat Racing or Vallam Kali in Kerala is a traditional event dating back to the 13th century, it is celebrated as a part of the famous Oman Festival Chundan Vallams or snake boats. The competition of Chundan Vallams or snake boats is the most popular event in the Boat race. The Chundan Vallam is approximately 100-120 foot long canoes and are made up of a type of wood locally called as Aanjili thadi.Like the neck of an angry snake it curves to a height of fifteen to twenty feet Shalu E. P. is the maker of the finest customized Kerala handicrafts and decorative products without compromising the quality. These include all types of amazing toy boats like Chundan Vallam (Snake Boat), Odi Vallam, Vadakkanody Vallam, Thekkanodi Vallam, Kochu Vallam and country-boats like Churulan Vallam, Iruttukuthy Vallam, and Veppu Vallam.

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A snake boat, or Chundan Vallam, as known in Kerala, features a steep stern that resembles the raised hood of a snake. There are several boat races held in Kerala during August - September. Keralites call them Vallamkali, derived from Malayalam words Vallam (boat) and Kali (game or play) Kerala's first steel snake boat, Aries Punnamada Chundan, entered the Guinness Book of World Records on 1 May 2008 for carrying 141 people on board. It also holds the record for the longest boat of its kind, at 144ft! It weighs 8 tonnes and is 5.74ft wide. This feat was realised on the Punnamada Lake in Alleppey - the houseboat capital of Kerala

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  1. Snake Boat Races of Kerala . In the months of August and September that the moist rain drenched earth and the glorious ever flowing backwaters burst into song together, as over hundred thousand men and women gather on the banks to witness a spectacular water regatta- the Snake Boat Races
  2. The snake boat race of Kerala can easily be called as one of the 1000 spectacles to see before you die. It is so vibrant, so energetic, so spirited that even a spectator can feel the rhythm as you chant the mantras of winning and shout in top of your voice to hope that your favorite boat wins the race
  3. 1. Aranmula Snake Boat Race - Most Ancient and Revered Boat Race of Kerala: About Aranmula Snake Boat Race-It is the oldest river boat carnival in Kerala taking place at Aranmula, adjacent to a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Krishna and Arjuna. The Aranmula snake boats move in duos to the pace of full-throated singing and yelling viewed by an.

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19,816 kerala boat stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See kerala boat stock video clips. of 199. snake boat race kerala snake boat racing boat race kerala kerala boat race kerala backwaters onam boat race houseboat kerala aranmula boat race kerala backwater kerala race. Try these curated collections Thiruvalla: With changing times boat building too has changed in Kerala which is famed for popular races on its lakes and other waterbodies. A unique snake boat (chundan vallam) that is being built by the people of Venpala-Kadalimangalam here in Pathanamthitta district will be able to pass effortlessly beneath all the 16 bridges along the waterway to the Parthasarathy Temple at Aranmula Snake boat races (Kerala, July-August) Every July, a flotilla of 100-foot-long chundan vallam (slim boats) takes to the watery highways of the backwaters of Kerala near Alapphuza. Piloted by up to 130 rowers, these graceful boats, known colloquially as 'snake boats', once cruised the same canals as warships; today they battle each other in. The boat architect is summoned and the search for the anjilitree of the required size often takes the villagers to the high ranges of Kerala.As the snake boat takes shape out of the huge trunk, the 'asari' relies mainly onhis instinctive estimates Drum beats (chenda melam), boat songs (vanchi pattu), and snake boat (chundan vallom) are integral to the ceremonial start of the Moolam Boat Race, the first in Kerala's boat race season.

(Source: Kerala Tourism) Snake boat races owe their origins as far back as the 13th century when princely kingdoms, located in present-day Alappuzha along the backwaters, would have raging battles in the water. These battles used to be fought on the snake boats especially constructed for the purpose Kerala's famed snake boat race lost most of their charm last year because of catastrophic floods. Heavy rains in first half of August threatened to repeat it again this year. But the God's own country somehow escaped the nature's fury this time and though delayed, the boat race season in now on its track, whic The yearly Snake boat races are an exhilarating fiesta held in Alappuzha, Kerala, India, just before the festival of Onam in August or September every year. These annual races characterize many classes of boats, but the most magnificent event is the race involving the colossal Snake Boats or Chundanvallams at the annual races or Vallamkalis. The houseboats pass through the serene backwaters, where you can catch glimpses of green paddy fields, choir-making activities, beautiful avifauna, and witness the life of locals in Kerala. Be sure to catch a traditional snake boat race in the months of August and September and try out some toddy (palm wine) at a local toddy shop for adding a. Kerala Snake Boat Racers . Kerala Snake Boat Racers . Maorist NewZeland . Maorist NewZeland . These boats/canoes were mostly used by the warriors for the fighting in those days. Kuttanadu is a vast expanse of water at certain seasons. This part consisting of water-logged area of central Travancore is a region extending to 34,443 acres of.

Chundan Vallam (Beaked Boat), known outside of Kerala as Kerala snake boats, are one of the icons of Kerala culture used in the Vallamkali boat race. {{purchaseLicenseLabel}} {{restrictedAssetLabel}} {{buyOptionLabel(option)}} You have view-only access under this Premium Access agreement. Contact your company to license this image Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race. The Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race is Kerala's most popular sporting event. Organized annually on the second Saturday of August in Alleppey, this friendly competition was first organized in 1950s. The snake boat race was organized on the visit of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru The electrifying races by carved wooden boats set the backwaters on fire. Boat races are held in connection with Onam, the harvest festival in August/September. Scores of long snake boats and other smaller crafts participate in these events.The largest team sport in the world, the snake boat races are preceded by colourful water parades Kochi, Oct. 7 : A steel-made snake boat has entered the Guinness Book of World Records here for recently carrying 141 persons and being the longest ever made boat of its kind. The previous record was of 118 people on board. A first of its kind in Kerala, the steel boat is 143.25 feet long and 5.74 feet wide