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  1. As a USDA licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs, located in central Florida. I breed for health and for good temperaments. I am a USDA licensed hedgehog breeder located in Bartow, Florida. We had our first litter of hedgehogs in December 2004
  2. USDA licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs HuckStar Hedgehogs began with a dream of two lifelong friends. We had each fallen in love with them and wanted to create a breeding program with the best possible lines. In 2011 we started communicating with breeders from around the country and built our program
  3. All animals, and especially exotics. I have owned hedgehogs for over 15 years. 12 years of which I was a USDA licensed breeder in Minnesota. I stopped breeding shortly before my husband and I moved to Alaska. After 4 years of not having hedgehogs a huge part of my heart was missing. In 2018 I decided to bring them back in to my life
  4. Quillsters Hedgehogs Connecticut Connecticut Hedgehogs Halpine Hedgehogs SECT Hedgehogs Florida Florida Hedgehogs Hurricane Hedgehogs & Gliders Top Notch Hedgehogs Idaho Good Natured Hedgehogs Illinois Morning Star Hedgehogs Prickle Pack Hedgehogs Indiana CC's Exotic Pets Iowa Hedgehog Hills Kansas Kentucky Ainsley Willow Hedgehogs Happy Heart.

Colorful Quills is a small USDA licensed hobby breeder located just outside of Colorado Springs. We strive to produce healthy hedgehogs with great social temperaments. We currently have a variety of colors and markings. All our babies will come with a birth certificate, a week's worth of food, care sheet, and continued support USDA Licensed Breeder in Ohio We specialize in happy and healthy hedgehogs. strong bloodlines and breed unique color variations while maintaining excellent records to track bloodlines. Not only do we consider color and genetics when pairing al Cape Cod Hedgehogs is an USDA licensed breeder located in Marstons Mills, Massachusetts. We are currently only serving locally and will not be air shipping any hedgehogs until further notice. Our top priority is providing happy, healthy new family members to the public About Us Halpine Hedgehogs is a family business located at 24 Scotland Road in Windham Center, CT at Summerhall Stables and Enrichment. We breed healthy and friendly African Pygmy Hedgehogs that make excellent pets for children and adults alike. Please explore our site and see if a hedgehog is right for you Licensing and Registration Application Packets. If you would like to apply for an Animal Welfare (AWA) license/registration or renew your current license/registration - or if you have any questions - please contact the USDA Animal Care office below. For help determining which license and /or registration (s) you need, Launch the Licensing.

USDA Licensing The goal behind United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) licensing for hedgehogs is to ensure the proper animal care and comfort of animals as required by law under the Animal Welfare Act passed by Congress in 1966 and last amended in 1990. This law protects many animals not raised for food or fiber, including hedgehogs We are Arizona's first USDA licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. We have acquired a diverse herd from other USDA breeders across the country with strong healthy lineages. Proud member of the International Hedgehog Association (IHA). All of our herd and babies come registered with the IHA

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  1. Welcome to Prickle Pack Hedgehogs! We are a USDA licensed hedgehog breeder in Batavia, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Our hedgehogs are loved like members of our family. Check out our herd, our babies, and read our about page to find out why we became hedgehog breeders
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  3. Henry's Hedgehog Haven is a USDA licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs located in Newport News, Virginia. We are dedicated to producing the best temperament in our babies, along with a diverse set of coloring's and markings. We have chosen our hedgehogs from the best lines across the US to ensure that we produce the best babies for you
  4. AZHedgies - USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder We are Arizona first licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. Raising healthy and friendly hedgehogs with good temperaments. We are one of Arizona first breeders of African Pygmy Hedgehogs

USDA Licensed hedgehog breeder since 2011. Pedigreed and lifetime health guaranteed. We strive to produce happy healthy hedgehogs for the pet community. USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder (African Pygmy Hedgehogs) - Since 2011. 650 S Douglas Ave, Addison, IL 60101, US (630) 346-5122 (630) 346-5122. Home Welcome to Rose City Hedgehogs! We are a USDA licensed African Pygmy Hedgehog breeder. We breed a rainbow of colors and have babies regularly. We do ship all over the country including Alaska. As you do your research on the care and handling of these pokey creatures, you may notice our recommendations for their care may be dramatically.

Quality hedgehog breeder in Washington State. Located near the Columbia River Gorge. Only 2 hours (or less) from both Portland/Vancouver area and Tri-Cities, WA. We are the longest USDA licensed breeder on the Gorge Small scale, USDA-licensed hedgehog breeder located in central Iowa. My goal is to breed friendly, healthy hedgies in a variety of colors. If you think a hedgie is the right pet for you, please visit my website to see what I have available. KANSAS Lots Of Love Exotic Small Animal Kennel Dani Marshall. Lenexa, KS (816)377-444 Welcome to the Hedgie Herd. I am a hobby breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs located in Memphis, TN. Every adult hedgie in my herd is registered with the International Hedgehog Association and Registry. My babies are handled from a young age to ensure the best temperament possible, I handle them daily so they get to know my scents and the touch. The breeding, selling, and in some cases, exhibition of pet hedgehogs in the U.S. is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Depending on the numbers of hedgehogs you own, breed, sell, or wish to exhibit, you may need to obtain a USDA license, undergo inspections, and meet pre-set requirements

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  1. USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder (African Pygmy Hedgehogs) - Since 2011 USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder (African Pygmy Hedgehogs) - Since 2011 USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder (African Pygmy Hedgehogs) - Since 201
  2. Satisfied Testimonials on my Baby African Pygmy Hedgehogs for Sale, raised with TLC! My gentle babies make the Best Pets! USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder. Cages + Hedgehog paraphernalia also
  3. Breeding healthy, pedigreed hedgehogs guarantees that quality, superior hedgehogs are produced. This should be the goal for everyone that is breeding hedgehogs (hobby breeder or USDA licensed) In addition to this, We only breed hedgehogs with the temperament to be family pets. Breeding hedgehogs with no regards to temperament is unfair to.
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  5. Grand Mesa Hedgehogs is a USDA licensed breeder striving to produce high quality hedgehogs. We focus on producing hedgehogs that, first and foremost, have good temperaments, and have been socialized so that they will make excellent pets! Along with temperament, we strive for healthy hedgehogs and each hedgehog comes with a health guarantee
  6. AZHedgies - USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder. February 27 at 2:18 PM ·. New litters are now available on our website for our waiting list adopters. If your interested in adopting a future baby you can complete the adoption process through the link below. There is still a chance there may be a baby or two available from the posted litters if.

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  1. True North Hedgehogs & Exotics, Springfield, MO. 3,273 likes · 36 talking about this · 14 were here. USDA licensed hedgehog breeder located in Springfield, Missouri
  2. Gunner's Quills Hedgehogs. We are a USDA-licensed breeder of pedigreed African Pygmy Hedgehogs located in Owasso, Oklahoma. Our hedgehogs are carefully picked for our breeding program for health, temperament, and color. Our #1 priority here at Gunner's Quills is to provide healthy, well socialized pets
  3. Allowing hedgehogs as pets. We are the only Arizona breeder to be a member of the International Hedgehogs Association (IHA) as well as the first USDA licensed breeder in the state of Arizona. We breed for quality, healthy and friendly hedgehogs. A health guarantee and lifetime support is offered with all of our babies
  4. Hedgehog colors are not guaranteed as their coloring can change as they grow. Ready by dates are only approximations and are not be guaranteed. Hedgehog prices are based on color, conformation, temperament and sex. Females are priced higher than males, but that is only because of the demand for females from breeders
  5. We are South Jersey's only USDA licensed breeder. All of our baby hedgehogs get lots of loving attention and are handled by adults and children on a regular basis. We strive to breed hedgehogs that are healthy, friendly, and easy to handle. Our hedgehogs are used in animal exhibits, shows, petting zoos, and as school pets all over the tri-state.
  6. We are a USDA licensed African Pygmy Hedgehog breeder located in Missoula Montana. We have baby hedgehogs for sale as well as Adults for Adoption. Our main priority is healthy, temperament and longevity of our hedgehogs. We also offer hedgehog supplies and care information on our website
  7. Our hedgehogs are covered by an unmatched 18 month genetic health guarantee and lifetime Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome guarantee. How long do I have to pickup my hedgehog once I place a deposit? We allow up to 14 days from the date of deposit or ready date whichever's furthest to pickup or have your hedgehog delivered

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Adorable and fun hedgehogs for sale. Visit our site for more information! Family owned. USDA Certified Breeder. Home; Pricing, Cages, Delivery; Contact,Location,Hours; Adoption Shop; Hedgehog Care; Policies; Wholesale; USDA Certified Breeder ()--. Some breeders feed their hedgehogs meal worms, but if bugs aren't your cup of tea, there's good news: hedgehogs in captivity can eat a wide variety of foods. The most important thing is that they get a high protein diet. Too much fat in the diet is not good for them, neither is too much fiber. USDA licensed to sell and breed exotic mammals.. Good Natured Hedgehogs - babies for sale in Idaho. We have hedgehog babies year round. USDA licensed breeder Read about care for hedgehog on hedgehogcentral.co Granite State Hedgehogs is a state and federally licensed professional hedgehog breeding facility proudly located in Franklin, New Hampshire. As a husband and wife team, we've been professionally breeding these amazing little creatures since 2012 and have been hedgehog owners for a combined 18 years! We have a passion for hedgehogs and are. ALABAMA. Tranquill Hedgies . USDA licensed. Tuscaloosa, AL. ALASKA. Hedgie Hollow Alaska HHAA with HBoA. hobby breeder. Anchorage, AK. ARKANSAS. Pokey Moms Hedgehogs

When you see your perfect baby you can put that baby on hold by placing a $50 non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be credited towards the total price of the individual baby. . Pickup or Delivery must be made within 7 days of Ready Date or a. $5 per day fee will be charged for boarding your hedgehog. . Total balance due at or before pickup Hedgehogs for sale in Michigan. USDA licensed hedgehog breeder since 2011. Located in Oxford, MI. 1 year genetic health guarantee & lifetime WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome) guarantee. Baby hedgehogs for sale. Michigan hedgehog breeder. African Pygmy Hedgehog Babies We are USDA licensed - # 52-A-0164. All of our hedgehogs come with a 5 generation pedigree. We only purchase breeding hedgehogs with good lineage and no known genetic diseases. The health and longevity of our hedgehogs is our main priority. Please feel free to browse through our web site. It is always up to date

Address: Tallahassee NE, Fl, 32309. Forever HedgeHugs is a small hobby breeder located in Tallahassee Florida of Leon County. . We started our journey as just a regular hedgehog pet owner and loved our quill kids so much that we wanted to spread the joy to other people. We have created genetically diverse herd from top USDA breeders Welcome to The Prickled Rose! Est. 2019. We are an ethical and registered pedigreed breeder located in Surprise, Arizona. We are USDA Licensed | License # 86-A-0099. We have a beautiful herd of hedgehogs that came from different breeders across the USA. We choose each potential herd member and litter carefully to ensure social, healthy, and. The AWA requires wholesale breeders and dealers who supply animals to pet stores, brokers, or research facilities to be licensed with USDA. Breeders and dealers are required to meet the minimum standards of humane animal care and treatment established by the AWA and enforced by the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) I only breed with pedigree hedgehogs and have a high standard for my animals. I have a passion for my hedgehogs and I love to share that joy with others. I'm always open to questions and help with deciding if a hedgehog is a good fit for your family. I am pleased to anounced that I am now USDA and PACFA certified

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Heartfelt Hedgehogs is located near Fort Ashby, WV. We were previously located in Morgantown, WV before moving in 2014. We were the first USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder in West Virginia and strive for quality, not quantity. Our hedgehogs are docile in nature and sociable (considering the average hedgehog's temperament) Cactus Flower Exotics is a small in home USDA licenced Exotics Breeder in Eastern WA. We focus primarily on Hedgehogs, but also dabble in Toy and Mini Australian Shepherd Dogs. We do monthly deliveries to Seattle/Tacoma/ Portland area, and we enjoy attending Exotic expos to better educate people and enhance their experience of the shows. We are. All Hedgehog breeders with over 4 breeder animals are required by Federal law to be Licensed by the USDA. Please only buy from Breeders who follow Federal laws! Unlicensed breeders are a threat to our ownership rights. If unlicensed breeders keep breaking the Exotic animal breeding laws, we may lose our rights to own such wonderful pets

East Coast Hedgehogs is an extension of the hedgehog breeder SECT Hedgehogs and serves New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Delaware USDA License # 91-A-0121: Meet beautiful cover girl Coral! Coral was born here at Lilac City Hedgehogs and is owned by Deneen Foelker at Hedgie Pets! Photo by Deneen Foelker ***Please note: email is the quickest way to reach us. Thank you!*** Top Washington Hedgehog Breeders. pricklefarms.com, baby hedgehogs available in Utah. USDA licensed hedgehog breeder in Salt Lake City selling hedgehogs and hedgehog supplies. French Bulldog puppies NOW AVAILABL Blizzard Baby Hedgehogs is a USDA licensed breeding facility. Our hedgehog babies are bred from top quality lineage from across the United States. Please feel free to browse our website and enjoy pictures of our babies, and all of their parents! Join us on Facebook to get updates on what is happening here at Blizzard Baby Hedgehogs One Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec Baby. prices average $600-$800 based on sex, color, lineage, and personality, advance reserve price is set at $700 . cost includes $34 DNA test fee. Paypal or Square fee of 3% is added to each payment. Sexes are DNA confirmed! Pedigrees are available to USDA licensed breeders. All Payments are non-refundable

Breeder of quality hedgehogs and tenrecs We are the only USDA licensed hedgehog breeder in New York, our USDA licence is 21-B-0164, Were a family owned business (Hedgehog Breeders) located in Niagara Falls, New York. (3) Our breeding stock is quite extensive, so we pretty much have baby hedgehogs available all the time. Our goal is to have a. Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs was founded in 2003 by Kelly and Sean Sosik-Hamor. We are a USDA-licensed, registered, and inspected hedgehog breeder and rescue operating out of our private home in scenic Pelham, New Hampshire. As a husband and wife team, we coincidentally both had hedgies in our lives since 1995 Volcano View Hedgehogs (VVH) is a small, USDA licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs located in Port Orchard, Washington. We serve Kitsap County, the greater Seattle area, and western Washington. Our top priority is breeding for health, temperament, and conformation, and our breeding animals are chosen from among the best lines from. USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder General Info We are FWC and USDA licensed hedgehogs breeders in north Florida near Jacksonville and Gainesville. We offer quality hedgehogs, supplies and care information and lifetime support for our buyers

Welcome to Prickly Paws Hedgehogs! We strive to produce Happy, Healthy Hedgehogs. to be fascinating companions. USDA 84-B-0134. We are located in Rush, CO., one hour East of Colorado Springs. At Prickly Paws Hedgehogs we appreciate you have put your trust in us to make sure your Hedgehog receives the unique attention they deserve USDA Colorado Hedgehog Breeder Available Babies Hedgehogs Colorado Hedgehogs Colorado Springs Hedgehog Breeders Working Border Collie Puppies Available hedgehogs in Colorado Colorado hedgehogs Located in Rush, CO. We strive to produce Happy and He Physical Location: 519 S 8th St. A, Las Vegas, NV. 89101. In the Professional Office District of Downtown Las Vegas, near to the Fremont Street Experience. We operate out of our home, and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - NO random foot traffic (walk-ins) are permitted or accepted Hedgehog breeders in colorado springs. At Prickly Paws Hedgehogs we appreciate you have put your trust in us to make sure your Hedgehog receives the unique attention they deserve. Colorful Quills is a small USDA licensed hobby breeder located just outside of Colorado Springs. USDA Colorado Hedgehog Breeder Available Babies Hedgehogs Colorado.

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All of our breeding hedgehogs are pedigreed and we do not condone the breeding of hedgehogs without a pedigree and knowledgable tracking of verified lineage. As such, we choose to only sell hedgehogs for breeding purposes to reputable USDA breeders or hobby breeders that have a mentor and are an active part of the hedgehog community Hazel Mountain Hedgehogs A Colorado Hedgehog Breeder. Colorful Quills meets the high standards and regulations of both federal USDA and the Colorado state PACFA. USDA 84-B-0134 We are located in Rush CO one hour East of Colorado Springs. So this was our last Colorado litter. We are new USDA licensed Breeders of the African Pygmy Hedgehogs The hedgehogs listed on this page are only available to USDA Licensed Breeders, or Hobby Breeders whom we have established a business relationship with. If you are a new breeder, and are working with a USDA licensed mentor, you are . welcome to contact us for any of the hedgehogs listed on this page USDA License #34-A-0194 Email Us. 2018 Muddy Creek Farms. PROUD MEMBERS OF: Hedgehog Breeders of America. American Rabbit Breeders Association. Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Association. Juliana Pig Association & Registry Specialties: USDA licensed hedgehog breeder, available babies.. Established in 2012. We started breeding hedgehogs in 2012, we are now a USDA licensed breeder and hedgehogs are our passion

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USDA Licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs Home Hedgehog Care Available Baby Hedgehogs Application to Purchase Policies African Pygmy Hedgehogs were imported into the US in the early 1990's, and the pet hedgehog we know today is actually a hybrid of the White Bellied and Algerian variety. Their domestication is fairly new, and breeders. Welcome to The alternative hedgehog, hedgehog breeder, guinea pig breeder. 401-442-3827 hedgehogs rhode island, I am a USDA licensed breeder. This means I have a federal license to breed and sell hedgehogs. As a licensed breeder I must follow all care guidelines as mentioned in the ANIMAL WELFARE ACT Pins & Needles Hedgehogs, Ada, Michigan. 4,880 likes · 33 talking about this. USDA licensed breeder that is dedicated to raising family ready, friendly, healthy, hedgehogs United States Department of Agriculture. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Welcome to the Animal Care Licensing and Registration Assistant! This anonymous self-service tool is designed to help you determine your license and registration needs under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) I am a USDA licensed hobby breeder of the White Bellied African Pygmy Hedgehog, located in Bremerton, Washington. My goal is to breed healthy hedgehogs with great personality. Hedgehogs should be friendly and easy to handle. To achieve this, I handle my hedgehog babies as early as Mom allows me to. As a hobby breeder, I enjoy raising exotic.

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Welcome! I am a USDA licensed pet hedgehog breeder located in Everett, WA. I have been breeding healthy and friendly pet African Pygmy Hedgehogs since 2006 Hand's Hedgehogs - Hand's Hedgehogs. USDA Licensed 47-A-0598. since July 2013 longest licensed breeder in Nebraska. If you no longer can care for your hedgehog if you got it from me or from someone else I will take it at no cost to me, You will be responsible to bring him or her to me with their cage so the animal is comfortable here until I. We are also COLOR BREEDERS of Hedgehogs! Our herd is on the cutting edge of the latest hedgehog color mutations to the pet trade. The majority of our baby hedgehogs range in price between $250-$350 and price depends primarily on color. HEDGEHOGS by Vickie is a licensed hedgehog breeder by the United States Department of Agriculture

We are hoping to be a USDA licensed breeder by by the end of 2021. We thrive for happy health babies and to better the species!!! Are pets are seen by a licenced vet at least once a year and more if needed. All baby hedgehogs are pedigreed but will only go with pedigrees to known breeders or mentees with known breeders USDA Breeders. Welcome to USDABreeder.com. Our sites' mission is to provide insight by enhancing the well-being and relationship between pet owners, breeders, and pet stores, through the informational entertainment on this site. We are advocates for the protection, education and marketing of USDA Class A and B Licensed Kennels nationwide Capuchin Infants Available From USDA Licensed Breeder E-mail directly: GEMONeal@cox.net for Information e-Letters answering all your initial inquiry questions regarding the purchase of a Capuchin infant from Spellbound Facility. I am a USDA Licensed Breeder of Capuchin Primates since 1985 Welcome to South Florida's Top Notch Hedgehogs of Miami! Top Notch Hedgehogs, aka (TNHM), is one of the Largest USDA & FWC Licensed Breeders located in sunny south Florida by the countryside area of Miami-Dade County in Homestead, only minutes South of Miami. We have been breeding these amazing little critters since 2009

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Hello and welcome to Pins & Needles Hedgehogs! We are USDA licensed breeders in Ada, Michigan and spoil each and every one of our prickly pet's. We believe that every animal deserves to be treated with love and respect, and we breed hedgehogs with the goal to provide you with a happy, healthy pet Here at Colorful Quills the hedgehogs are also family pets. I have been involved with hedgehogs since 2004, and I began breeding them in 2010. Colorful Quills meets the high standards and regulations of both federal USDA and the Colorado state PACFA Breeding animals is always a very serious responsibility, but many people in the US are unaware that there is an extra responsibility involved with hedgehogs and other pocket pets: their sale (or even giving them away) is regulated by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) division of the USDA, under the 1998 Pocket Pets law We are the only USDA licensed hedgehog breeder in New York, our USDA licence is 21-B-0164, enjoy browsing through our new site. Were a family owned business (Hedgehog Breeders) located in Niagara Falls, New York. Our breeding stock is quite extensive, so we pretty much have baby hedgehogs available all the time. Our goal is to have a trendy.

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USDA Licensed Hedgehog and Tenrec breeder; Andrea Ballard. Email: rusticblossomfarm@gmail.com; Phone: 4064012623; Address: 13131 240th st Blanchard ok 73010; I raise true miniature pigs. My pigs are like famly at my house and are well socialize and friendly. Are babies stay with there moms until they are ready to be weaned USDA #: 47-A-0623 Licensed Dec. 2013. Last Updated 7/19/2021. I maintain a waiting list, so please contact me if you'd like to be added! And now it is my husband, 3 kids and I who absolutely LOVE hedgehogs! We got our first few in Nov. 2012. two were super sweet, and one was a grumpy butt Care Guides: Basic hedgehog care information, books, care booklets, first aid, and common disorders of hedgehogs. Forums: A bulletin board for hedgehog and chinchilla owners. Links: Links to other hedgehog resources. Michigan Breeders: Listing of USDA licensed area breeders South Florida's TOP NOTCH HEDGEHOGS of Miami - The LARGEST USDA Licensed Breeders in all of South Florida! Delivering top quality hedgehogs with beautiful markings and wonderful personalities! We produce a wide tcelesion of gorgeous unique colors such as: blacks, reverse potnis, split face, chocolates, cinnicots, cinnamons, potnis, platinums. 1. Herd Initials. The initials that will appear in the pedigrees provided by the owner. 2. Herd Name. The herd name is the name that the owner uses in all marketing, promotion, and sales of their hedgehogs. 3. Owner Name (s). The name of the owner, or owners, of the herd

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Welcome to West Coast Hedgehogs, located in Corvallis, Oregon. We're no more than an hour and a half from Portland, Eugene, or Salem! Health and longevity are our absolute first priority, and we provide a lifetime guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. We breed carefully to minimize the chances of WHS and early onset cancer in our. Beach Bum Hedgehogs Larry & Shelly North Port, FL USDA Lic# 58-A-0274 ldf66@comcast.net www.beachbumhedgehogs.com Beach Bum Hedgehogs is a small scale USDA licensed hedgehog breeder. First and foremost we breed for health and temperament. All of our babies are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry The deposit is $50 ($51.75 WITH PAYPAL FEES) WHO *AVAILABLE. Gender: FEMALE marked with PINK. Birthdate: 4/2/21. PLEASE Schedule a pickup after placing a deposit, READY TO GO HOME NOW :) Price:$250. THE REMAINING BALANCE OF $200 IS DUE UPON PICKUP. To reserve, please click on the Buy Now button to place a deposit We are Andrew and Melissa, and we are USDA licensed hedgehog breeders in Omaha, Nebraska. We fell in love with our first pet hedgehog in 2013 and it quickly progressed into a love and passion for us to offer hedgehogs to others. We became officially USDA licensed in 2014. We take pride in all of our hedgehogs and love them all like family

Welcome to Blizzard Baby Hedgehogs, formerly Beach Bum Hedgehogs. We've moved from the beaches of Florida to the lakes of Michigan. We needed to adapt our name to the new climate, so Blizzard Baby Hedgehogs (still BBH) is our new home on the web. Any orders placed July 12 - July 23 will be shipped on July 2 Baby Hedgehogs For Sale Neenah Wisconsin! We are a USDA Licensed hedgehog breeder and have been breeding over 15 years. We hold our baby hedgehogs daily to ensure a friendly, happy, well socialized new addition to your family. We also offer a ninety day health guarantee. Feel free to contact us for more information and to schedule a time to. We are one of only two breeders in Vermont that track pedigrees. We are not required to have a USDA license as we never have more than four breeding females, and have no desire to expand. Though we abide by all USDA regulations for breeding hedgehogs. In 2006, we got our first hedgehog Petey, and immediately fell in love The premium listing includes breeder initials, business name, breeder's name, city & state, web site, facebook page and business logo. Each premium listing is highlighted to stand out as a participating breeder in all three lists. Logo and Animal Picture on Pedigrees. 40 Free Registrations and discounted additional registrations

Pedigreed Baby Hedgehogs in Dallas, TX (McKinney) We raise hedgehogs in our home strictly on a small scale. This allows us to fully socialize each baby and treat it as a family member until it moves into your heart and home. Our hedgehogs have been our pets since our first in 1995; 25 years experience Hedgehogs are available for adoption, as soon as they are 7 weeks old, but in some cases we may wait until they are older for any number of reasons. Baby hedgehogs will NOT be shipped untill they are at least 8 weeks old, and weigh 140 grams or more. We are currently not shipping hedgehogs out of state, unless going to a bona-fide hedgehog breeder Specialties: USDA Licensed Breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. We focus on producing happy, healthy, social hedgies. All our animals are guaranteed for 1yr free from congenital defects, and for life against WHS. Not certain a hedgehog is for you? Ask about our Hedgehog 101 Sessions. You can meet and handle some of the herd. Going out of town? Ask about our boarding services, complete with.

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There are many types of exotic animals for sale at Country Critters.Country Critters only deals with USDA licensed breeders of all exotic animals. We have Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Prarie Dogs, and Degus. Country Critters has experienced knowledgeable staff for any questions you may have. Call for Availability The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates the sale of exotic animals. All pet stores selling hedgehogs and all breeders who have three or more females are required to be USDA licensed. Many pet stores and potential breeders simply do not want the hassle of becoming USDA licensed. Breeding and selling hedgehogs is a lot of work We are a USDA licensed breeder located near Aiken South Carolina SC, also servicing North Carolina NC, Georgia GA and other surrounding states. Breeders of the best Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs And Tortoises for sale in the area. We specialize in Sugar Gliders and have many colors including standards, white faces, leucistics, mosaics, platinum. USDA LICENSED BREEDERS OF PEDIGREED AFRICAN PYGMY HEDGHOGS We have some of the most colorful and well tempered hedgehogs in the state of Texas! We offer ground shipping to anyone out of state as long as they are legal in your state. All hedgehogs below are pedigreed and produced by Potenza Exotics. Please Note: The $ There are many things that go wrong with breeding hedgehogs and it is best left to responsible, USDA licensed breeders with years of hedgehog experience behind them. I reserve the right to refuse a sale without notice if you are attempting an irresponsible breeding program. If you ever breed a hedgehog bought from me it will void the health.