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Find Deals on Guppies Fish Food in Aquatic Pets on Amazon POECILIA RETICULATA. aka: Common Guppy, Fancy Guppy, Guppies, Millionfish, Mosquito fish, & Rainbow fish. Guppies are a hardy, colorful, livebearing fish that will add excitement and brilliance to any community aquarium! Guppies stay small, usually under 2 or 2.5″ in length and will add interest and color to the small community aquarium Click here now to buy Fancy Guppies. Six more beautiful mature full-size Fancy Guppy males, shown above. Click here now to buy Fancy Male Guppies. Just above are three young, healthy, energetic female Fancy Guppies, shown swimming in one of our aquariums, when one of us took these pictures. Many of our female Guppies have some color in their tails Petco offers a good range of guppies, including some unusual variants and gorgeous colors. Customer reviews praise the supplier's online service as reliable, with the fish arriving in good condition, allowing you to buy with confidence. 3. LiveAquaria.com

Fancy Guppies are one of the most colorful and most popular types of aquarium fish. Their ancestors originally lived in northeastern South America, but Guppies are now found throughout most of the world. There are many-many color varieties for sale in this store. Guppies are livebearers, and so females release live babies about once a month. Guppies eat flake food and do very well in aquariums Other things to consider before you buy. Of course, regardless of why you are purchasing fancy or rare guppies for sale, you likely want them to be healthy upon arrival. One thing to look for is a DOA guarantee. This is when you are offered a refund if the guppies are dead on arrival Want to Buy Guppies or Plecos? Here is where you can buy guppy fish and Plecos from Michael's Fish Room! All my Fish are bred in 100% fresh water. I feed only high quality food that I mostly buy from Super Cichlids. The water in my tanks is moderately hard and my PH is around 7.2. I do add crushed coral to my tanks to help bring up the hardness

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  1. SHOW QUALITY BREEDING STOCK . We only sell young breeding stock between 3 to 5 months of age to insure several months of productive offspring. Breeding stock is generally sold as trios of 1 male & 2 females. Prices vary by strain. Live Delivery Guaranteed for Express Overnight Shipping. We also can ship via 2-3 Day Priority Mail
  2. We import and breed beautiful guppies. Our goal is to provide everyone with beautiful and healthy guppy strains that come from all over the world. We are located in Minnesota. Currently we have about 34 different strains of guppies
  3. Our commitment is to breed and raise Show Quality Fish. All our guppies are raised to I.F.G.A. standards. We have had our Green line from the early 90's and our Moscows since the 2000. We breed for genetically sound fish in our disease-free hatchery. All our fish are fed 6-8 times per day with a 40 % water change done three times a day..
  4. I dont really want to be buying a guppy for $5+ each unless i know they are good quality. The guppies they had in their breeder tank seemed like the largest healthiest ones i have seen. If i could source some that were similar i would happily pay for quality
  5. go Guppy Male Med $ 5.48. Dumbo Ear Guppy Male Med $ 5.48. Green Moscow Guppy Male Med $ 5.48. Assorted Fancy Guppy Male Sm/md $ 4.48. Red Tuxedo Guppy Pair Med $ 9.65 $ 5.79 SALE. Red Tuxedo Guppy Male Med $ 6.48. Red Tuxedo Guppy Female Med $ 6.75 $ 4.05 SALE. Red Delta Guppy Pair Med $ 12.45 $ 7.47 SALE
  6. show quality guppies for the first time, or you already enjoy this rewarding hobby, I hope this blog will help you Ako razmisljate o drzanju visoko kvalitetnih gupija po prvi put, ili vec uzivate u ovom nagradjujucem hobiju, nadam se da ce vam ovaj blog biti od pomoci
  7. *All Grade B Guppies Pair are RM10 cheaper than Grade A Guppies Pair. E.g. Grade A Male and Female Albino Full Red Guppy Fish 1 Pair RM60, Grade B will be 1 Pair RM50. *Discount given if you are buying Male only guppy with quantity more than 10pc, contact me for more details. Cutie Guppy Fish RM 1 for 1 Guppy, Minimum order 10 Guppies

Premium Male Guppies for Sale This page lists the Fancy Male Guppies for sale at our online store.. Click here for more information about ordering from us.: Here's a Premium Green Cobra Fancy Male Guppy for sale in our online store. This Guppy was swimming in one of our planted aquariums, when our DrTom snapped this picture Freshwater Guppies. Native to Caribbean waters, guppies require adequate water temperature and quality in their aquarium, plus plenty of places to hide. Signs of a healthy guppy include vibrant colors, clear eyes, and a healthy appetite. You should also avoid overcrowding, and always provide your pet fish with an appropriately sized tank and. I'm looking to buy 2 trios of a nice, high quality guppy. I have breed plenty of guppies before (who hasn't?) bu they were all the plain pet store Fancy guppies. I'd like to step it up and breed guppies that are worth the time and effort, not just to be used as feeder fry. I don't have a..

Family of (25) Fancy Guppies Live Tropical Fish for Aquarium Pond or Fish Tank. 3.3 out of 5 stars. 33. $50.00. $50. . 00 ($2.00/Count) $14.50 shipping. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days Guppies. In general, we like to breed to the IFGA Show Standard. We strive to produce guppies that are large and very prolific. We encourage everyone who has the time, to participate in IFGA shows. It can be a lot of fun and the IFGA members are great people. We seldom have time to show our fish in IFGA shows, but we still put in the effort to. Guppies get along fairly well with other small, live-bearing fish. For successful reproduction, guppies need a varied diet. How large do guppies grow? The average guppy grows about 2 inches. Like a lot of fish, the female is a bit larger than the male. How many guppies can be kept in an aquarium

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Our goal is to produce the best quality Endlers, Endler hybrids, and guppies possible. We take great care to ensure our pure N Class Endlers are not exposed to other fish to keep their genetics pure. We work hard to maintain great coloration and patterns by maintaining careful control of our breeding stock. Although we don't currently offer. I buy on aquabid more often than not; they have an entire section dedicated to guppies. LFS will sometimes list them, but you also can purchase from breeders - ranging from high-end showmen to hobbyists. Just keep an eye on reviews. If you want really nice ones go to Twin City Guppies- theirs look show quality Above: a young male premium quality Dumbo Ear Fancy Guppy swimming in one of our aquariums, when one of us snapped this picture. These Dumbo Ear Guppies have very unique black pectoral fins, which are much more visible than the clear pectoral fins on most other Guppies. Guppies come in a variety of colours and tail shapes. A peaceful fish best kept with other peaceful species. Be careful not to keep with any potential fin nippers. Guppies are livebearers and very easy to breed. They are easy to keep and will accept a wide range of foods, flake, frozen and dried. Passive. OATA Guide to keeping Guppies Guppies originated from Trinidad and Venezuela. The wild guppy is a plain fish and bares no comparison to cultivated forms of today. Wild guppies have been introduced to many parts of the world to try and control mosquitoes as they love eating the larvae and they are prolific breeders

25+ Live Mosquito Fish with Hornwort Plant (Koi Pond) Aquarium Feeder Fish Hardy Guppy Begginer. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 324. $25.00. $25. . 00. $15.75 shipping. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days Going back to the main topic. You can buy high-quality breeding show guppies mostly in Bulacan area. They can do meetups if you are near. I also found amazing guppies in Cartimar Pasay that will cost you 500 to 600 per pair but beware because most guppies available there are chops or mix-breed The European high breed guppy has a true tail shape, indeed there are 12 different tail shapes. The standards of these 12 tail shapes are based upon those that originated in England in the 1950's and 60's and the guppies are bred to achieve the 'ideal guppy' as defined by the IKGH standards

The best way to sell guppies is online. You will find a lot of enthusiastic people online who will be keen to buy guppies. To sell guppies online, you will need to click photos of your guppies and upload them on various online platforms. You should mention the physical characteristics of your guppies along with the price There are two main reasons people buy guppies. The most common is to keep them as pets. Even for the casual keeper it's satisfying—especially the live births and raising their own fish. Guppies add colour and sleekness to aquariums and are easy to care for. Even kids can keep them. Secondly, guppies are bred for the show circuit Want to Buy Guppies or Plecos? Here is where you can buy guppy fish and Plecos from Michael's Fish Room! All my Fish are bred in 100% fresh water. I feed only high quality food that I mostly buy from Super Cichlids. The water in my tanks is moderately hard and my PH is around 7.2. I do add crushed coral to my tanks to help bring up the hardness

Guppies. Yellow Flame Guppy (Female) $ 5.99 $ 4.99. Add to cart. -21%. Guppies. Black Rainbow Guppy (Male) $ 13.99 $ 10.99. Add to cart I am consistently looking out for the best guppies in Singapore and in countries all around the world. I feed my guppies a variety of food and this includes quality dry food (Tetra Bits, Tetra Guppy, etc), Frozen food (Bloodworms) and Live food (Hatched Baby Brine Shrimps). Guppy Strains for sale (Please check for Availability): 1. Santa Mari Jul 30, 2004. #3. Petsmart and other large franchise stores have guppies from $3-4 per pair. The Petsmart here charges $4 per pair for some very plain, mostly grey fish (male & female). For higher quality fish look toward your local fish store ranging from $3-5 per pair. The $5 per pair fish are usually a strain specific guppy such as a 3/4.

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  1. To get quality guppies, you can probably try the Marketplace in this forum and the Guppy Club forums. There are some fancy guppy breeders with excess stock to let go from time to time. Fish.. Simply Irresistable. Back to Killies... slowly. 16th Mar 2012, 02:22 #3
  2. Different types of fancy guppies for sale philippines affordable and good quality fancy guppies. pure guppies on OLX Philippines. Brand new and used for sale. Flowerhorn guppy pure strain molly platty guppy chops. Buy best & variety Guppy Fishes at best price from the largest online aquarium store in Tawagan Norte, Labangan Zamboanga.
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Fancy Guppies These hardy colorful guppy fish add excitement and brilliance to the passive community aquarium. Unique color strains have been developed through selective breeding programs. Guppies stay small, under 2-1/2 inches in length, and will add interest and color to the small community aquarium.. Tank bred by bioAquatiX.Active and healthy, they are quality hand selected for our web clients. We use natural food only.No chemicals/hormones It took years of researches and selective breeding in order to reach unique colors. They are ready to eat prepare food and adapted the aquarium environment When you buy guppies online from a reputable breeder that cares and specializes, you save your beloved pet guppy fish the stressful hardships and deadly tribulations of the pet shop holding tank! Buy Guppies Online directly from your favorite online fish store &. Have the Guppies You Wanted The First Time, from a True Friend in the Hobby Thank you for my findiddlyastic guppies! They arrived alive and separated by gender. I did lose o e female just before I placed her in the Biorb freshwater 15-liter aquarium. I thin she was too stressed, but we gave her a proper burial. The guppies arrived alive, beautiful colors, and healthy

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  1. Guppies - Roundtail, Cofertail, Needletail, Pintail and Shortail $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Guppies - Delta and Swordtail $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Swordtails $ $ $ $ $ Plants $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Shrimp $ $ $ $ $ Snails $ $ $ $ FISH FOODS. 1lb Captain Munch Professional Show Guppy and Endler Food $ 65.00. Add to cart. More Info. 1.
  2. *Typical food: Guppies are omnivores and will eat most foods offered, however Guppies need high quality vegetable matter such as Spirulina in their diet to thrive, for this reason a food such as the ultra premium Clay Neighbor's Custom Omnivore (from AAP) Crumbles or Spirulina 20 Fish Food Flake would be a good basic diet
  3. Experience Level: Beginner — Easy to care for, very hardy and undemanding. Easy to breed. Appearance: Small and elongated fish. Females are bigger than males. Males are more colorful and slender. Size: Males grows up to 1-1/8 inches (3 cm), Females grows up to 2-1/8 inches (6 cm). Water Condition: pH 5.5-8.5; 15-40°dH Temperature: 75-79°F (24-26°C) Tank Region: Swims in the middle and.
  4. Product Title Bubble Guppies Figure Pack - Goby & Ramp (Ramp Color Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $34.78 $ 34 . 78 List List Price $46.61 $ 46 . 6
  5. Avoid the guppy mill breeders to buy quality guppies. On the fish selling websites some sellers will show pictures of guppies that do not represent the guppies you will receive. The pictures may be photographs of guppies that are from other strains or breeders that do not represent the guppies sold
  6. Cake topper/ Bubble Guppies / Bubble Guppies Party Supplies / Treats Toppers / Zooli. SweetSinMiami. 5 out of 5 stars. (317) $4.99. Bestseller. Add to Favorites. Customize it! Bubble Guppies Face Mask, Adjustable, 100% Cotton Fabric Mask, Washable & Reusable
  7. Let's discuss some basics of maintaining a good water quality for our Guppies. Do You Need To Cycle A Guppy Tank? Caring for fish doesn't mean buying the tank and the fish all on the same day. If you do that, your Guppies will pollute the water with their waste and end up dead in 5 days or less. So yes, Guppies need a cycled tank

Welcome to our online store. Here you are going to find wide variety of high quality 3D print beach, bath, hand towels, bathrobe, Bath Poncho etc. The product is made from 70% cotton and 30% microfiber, absorption 350gr/m², quick-drying, light weight, sand-proof, absorbs moisture on the surface o As we mentioned above, you should also keep your water quality pristine for Guppies. This means having 0 ppm of ammonia, 0 ppm of nitrites, less than 40 ppm of nitrates, pH of at least 7.0 in addition to a temperature range between 72 and 82 Fahrenheit (or 22 to 28 Celsius) Guppies like a lot of space in their aquarium to swim freely. They also prefer planted tanks with lots of hiding places, especially if they're kept with larger fish. They do best with peaceful fish as tank mates and in warm, hard water - with a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) or higher and a pH of 7 or greater Starting from these three, they should be provided with 4 gallons of water and for any additional guppies, you should stick to the 1:1 ratio rule, which is at least one gallon of water per guppy. For instance: 4 gallons of water for 3 guppies. 6 gallons of water for 6 guppies. 9 gallons of water for 9 guppies and so on One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform

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  1. Get Your Favorite Colourful Fancy Guppies Call/whatsapp us on +91 8113935649. All India Shipping, Live Guarantee Finally, You are at the right place Buy import quality guppy fish online, breed in Kerala. Shipping available anywhere in India with live guarantee. Grace your aquarium with colorful guppies
  2. Assorted guppies. Dumbo. Ribbon fins, Ivory. Moscow. Red Mosaic. $5.50 1 Trio- ABINO FULL RED - High Quality Live Guppy Fish Grade 1M/2F. $39.75. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. *BUY 2 Get 1 FREE* Hornwort Coontail Live Fish Tank Plants Aquarium Plant.
  3. Oct 15, 2012. #12. I have moscow blues (but not blacks), though i have one mail guppy who is almost pure black. I have found most colours of guppies that i have wanted by searching aquatic shops and privite sellers, was pleased to find blue snake skins a few weeks ago. Have never seen a pure white guppy though. S
  4. For higher-quality Guppies, the breeder you purchase from should be able to show you a traceable and established lineage for each breeding pair. The pair you buy should be in excellent health, showcasing their vibrant colors and striking patterns

Guppies are a popular live-bearing fish suitable for most aquaria. With instructions. Should not be shipped over a weekend. Carolina recommends that you request your order to arrive on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (or even a Saturday) to avoid weekend shipping The white male guppies have a pearl white coloration and milky white pastel accents all over their bodies, making them unique and classy in outlook. These white guppies are rare and premium quality guppies. They cannot be found easily in any of the live fish stores. These guppies are hardy, very energetic, and very easy to maintain

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Conclusion. I'd say that guppies need a heater to survive, indeed. Without one, they'll become weaker and stressed. And by now, you should know exactly how dangerous stress is for guppies. It can even kill them, and I wish that was a joke. A minimum temperature of 68 °F is required for guppies to live happily ever after Aug 14, 2015 - Show Quality Guppies | Port Dover, Ontario NOA1N Guppies in various colours and various ages. This advert is located in and around. Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Healthy Breeding Guppy Fish for sale, way too manny for my tank so please help me save them, very active and friendly fish great addition for any freshwater tank. 4 for £10 8 for £20. Favourite this Advert

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Before buying commercially frozen or freeze-dried food, keep in mind to buy high-quality food. Providing these live food once or twice a week will be enough for guppies. As they are of high protein content so they can create health issues in guppies when given in excessive quantities Feed your guppies the right food. You can feed your guppies all kinds of food, both dry and wet, and both live and frozen. You can buy pre-made flake food for guppies that will provide them with a balanced diet, but make sure you avoid feeding them solely a high-protein food. You want to balance protein with vegetable-based food

Healthy guppies will give birth monthly for a time span of around 2 years. As with most fish, the mother fish will hide away to have her babies. At the time of birth, most guppies are not ready to fend for themselves and will have to hide at first. After a few hours, the new baby guppies will be travelling around and beginning their quest for food Free Shipping Available On Many Items. Buy On eBay. Money Back Guarantee! But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Top Brands On eBay High quality aquarium fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your door. Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. Fast and low cost shipping with live arrival guarantee. Check out our SPECIALS on Discus and Cichlids! Visit us online today at The iFISH Store

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Welcome to Gorgeous Guppies website. I have been selling these beautiful livebearers online since 2005. As you scroll below, you will see the strains of guppies I breed, plus a strain of rare black corydoras. Not only can you order fish directly from me, you can also purchase through my auctions on Aquabid Guppies are best kept in small groups. While not a picky eater, the Snow White Platinum Guppy will thrive and remain very colorful on a varied diet of meaty foods. High-quality flake food, pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried tubifex and bloodworms will all be readily accepted Guppies Friends, 4, High Quality Glitter, Fast Ship, Birthday, Christmas, Bubble TwoPeasInAPodCraftUS 5 out of 5 1.5 & 3 Bubble Guppies Fish Cartoon Animals Printed Buy Another One, Add to Cart, Save on Combine Shipping CreativeribbonsShop 5 out of 5 stars (8,106) $ 0.96. Best sites to order guppies from? We know of a couple places to buy guppies locally, but they either charge $35 for females or don't have females at all. Are there any good sites to order female guppies from

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As we have mentioned earlier there are numerous colours and patterns of guppies which you can easily buy from online stores. So if we talk about the pattern of guppies then there is a common pattern that can be found in maximum types of guppies which is a snakeskin pattern that starts from the tails and it extends to the entire body The International Fancy Guppy Association, in an ongoing effort to enhance the hobby of breeding and showing Fancy Guppies, established this Breeder's page for IFGA members currently exhibiting in the show circuit. The only breeders allowed to advertise on this page are IFGA members who have submitted their payments for the advertisement Championship Show Guppies, Sebring, FL. 3,119 likes · 6 talking about this · 84 were here. IFGA Master Breeder of Show Quality Guppies. Over 100 tanks in my home hatchery in Sebring, Florida Visitors..

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Welcome to Freshwater Tropical Fish Online! We offer a great selection of rare wild caught South American Discus, L-series Plecos, South American cichlids, and other oddball fish. We also specialize in grow - out's such as Arowanas, Cichlids, Plecos, and Catfish, and are breeder's of many types of Angelfish, Cichlids and L Series Plecos The material quality of these guppies range from plastic to plastic with ceramic base and acrylic materials. Powerful LEDs are attached to glow these tanks and ponds at night. Enhance your interior appearance from diverse guppies ranges at Alibaba.com and buy quality products for affordable prices. These products are ISO, SGS, CE certified and. Some even say that it is the best food for guppies and platies. Brine shrimp contains about 60% protein element and about 25% mixture of fat and carbohydrate. In short, your guppies will grow steadily with the goodness of brine shrimp. Some fish keepers buy frozen brine shrimp from stores, but I would suggest you follow another path The material quality of these guppies for sale range from plastic to plastic with ceramic base and acrylic materials. Powerful LEDs are attached to glow these tanks and ponds at night. Enhance your interior appearance from diverse guppies for sale ranges at Alibaba.com and buy quality products for affordable prices. These products are ISO, SGS. Welcome to our online store. Here you are going to find wide variety of high quality 3D print beach, bath, hand towels, bathrobe, Bath Poncho etc. The product is made from 70% cotton and 30% microfiber, absorption 350gr/m², quick-drying, light weight, sand-proof, absorbs moisture on the surface o

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  1. Also, it can be a great resource for finding breeders of high quality show guppies. These guppies are SHOW guppies. This is important to remember, as will pay a premium price for them. (up to $100+/trio) There are also guppy shows held nation-wide, guppies seen there put store guppies to shame
  2. To conclude, an overpopulated tank is often the result of uncontrolled guppy breeding. Guppies have a profound ability to reproduce and can spawn upwards of 50 fry in a single breeding cycle! This can negatively affect the water quality as well as the other living organisms (both fish and plants) in the tank
  3. d to a more for such breeding pairs because this will be the investment, which will pay you back. Make sure they all are healthy when you bring them. The male-female ratio should be 3:1 i.e. 3 females per 1 male. Buy 5-6 females and 3-4 males
  4. Open the lid of the tank and put in 1-2 pinches of food into the water. Allow the guppies to consume the floating food and observe to ensure there are no fighting behaviours. Remove any excess food from the tank to prevent diseases and parasites, as well as to protect and maintain the quality of the water
  5. If you buy cheap common guppies, then the chances of breeding quality specimen are going to be extremely small. Even if on the outside they look great, they may not have great lifespans, or may suffer with health issues, that have been passed down. For the most part, you're going to need to buy your guppies from a reputable breeder
  6. Albino Red Topaz Guppy Fish. $56.00 $49.00. Aquastore.in, India's Best Aquarium Fish Shop near you. Buy your favourite aquarium fishes online.Import Quality high breed guppy fish from Kerala. Breeds in our own farm. Shipping avai.. Albino Silverado Guppy Fish. $70.00. Import Quality high breed guppies from Kerala
  7. Participation is free (up to 5 fish per breeder), why not make an entry representing Fancy Guppies UK! To register and find out more see www.wgc2020virtual.com Please see the rules for the contest (in English) her

Guppies are omnivores, opportunistic feeders; they feed on animal and plant matter, in the wild, planktons, and small zooplanktons. In the tropics, Guppies are used to control mosquitoes as they feed on mosquito larvae. You can feed them with high-quality commercial flakes at home aquariums, a high protein product, and not just a filler feed Guppy 1 Pair Male&Female German Tuxedo Ribbon Live Fish Guppies Aquarium. C $33.52. From Thailand. Buy It Now. Free shipping. 36 sold They are community-friendly fish that can be paired with Cory Catfish, Amano Shrimp, Red Cherry Shrimp, and other freshwater fish including Guppy. When housing them with Guppies, keep an eye on them as Guppies may be nippy from time to time. Tank Size: 20 gallons; Compatibility: 9/10; Care Level: Moderate

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By peachsncreamsoda, 5 years ago on General Freshwater Questions. I have way too many fish in my 55 gal... period. I've moved the firemouth and convict in a separate tank for now... but goooooood :I. In my mom's 40... she had a **** ton of guppies- I mean my god! She'd had a small parrot... some other fish like rams- these things just kept on. A lot of fish can be compatible tank mates with Guppies such as Corydoras Catfish, Platy Fish, Molly, Tetra and others. There is nothing wrong with keeping a Guppy's species only aquarium tank. However some owners might want to keep a variety of fishes to create a community aquarium tank with Guppies to create an interesting environment instead Full Advert Details. highest quality guppies. all very healthy best water conditions. messge for stock and avaliability can reserve some if needed they go fast . Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a pet online, unless using our Safe Deposit Service. Read more about it here I use sponge filters in all my tanks, very cheap to buy, run and maintain and it give the fry a place to graze when hungry. You will need to provide hiding places for the Guppy Fry you breed. I use Java Moss or Nadja Grass (Guppy Grass) in all of my tanks. I also feed high quality flake food from Fish Freaks Plus (WWW.Fishfreaksplus.com A filter is not compulsory as guppies don't produce as much waste as other fish such as goldfish do. Nevertheless, many guppy owners swear by filters, saying that they help to maintain water quality and keep the guppies healthy. At Swell, we do recommend keeping a small filter in the tank. If you decide to keep your tank filter-free, it's.

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Guppies! (Baby guppies, guppy fry) Calgary 27/06/2021. Baby guppies of varying ages, from days old to several weeks. $1 each or 12 for $10, pending availability. First picture is of the adults in the tank to give you an idea of possible colour outcomes Nany guppies don't have an excellent immune system. They are prone to illness if they don't get a comfortable and clean environment. So, for their survival, it is good to add the filter that maintains water quality and removes the dust that is harmful to the health of guppies

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You can keep guppies on the main diet of fish flakes. It is however important to invest in good quality fish food that is high in protein and low in filler foods. To determine whether you have good fish food or not, you can check the ingredients. Good fish foods will include lots of protein products such as fish, shrimp, and meaty products Peter Nashel, Writer - Jack Livesey, Writer - Bubble Guppies Cast, MainArtist - Aaron Mirman-Heslin, Writer 2019 Viacom International inc. 2019 Viacom International Inc. 3