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Buy Popular Products. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders SABRE Self-Defense Kit with SABRE Pepper Spray and Stun Gun with Flashlight and Anti-Grab Bar Technology, 35 Burst, 10 Foot (3 Meter) Range, Painful 1.250 µC Charge, 120 Lumens, Rechargeable Battery 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,06 Safariland Bianchi Accumold 7312 Black Expandable Baton Holder 16 and 21. by Safariland. 361. CDN$25.99. CDN$25. . 99 FREE Delivery on your first order. Details. Arrives: Tuesday, Feb 9 Product details. Original Release Date : 2013. Manufacturer : Progimax SARL. ASIN : B00E9SXDWQ. Manufacturer reference : com.progimax.stungun.free. Best Sellers Rank: #6,178 Free in Apps for Android ( See Top 100 in Apps for Android ) #143 in Novelty. Customer Reviews: 3.0 out of 5 stars VIPERTEK VTS-T03 - Aluminum Series 59 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Tactical Flashlight, Gunmetal Gray. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 3,780. $12.98. $12. . 98. Get it as soon as Wed, Feb 17. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

Amazon Business Canada: Save time and reduce costs for your business with Quantity Discounts and FREE Shipping in Canada. Register a free business account. Latest updates Chicks dig dudes with stun gun apps! Product description. Simulate a Stun Gun or Tazer with your device! Simply hold your finger on the screen for an amazing stun gun effect 2021 new production. SPECIFICATIONS: -Flashlight - 120 Lumens -1,000,000 Volts Legal in Canada . Over 480mm in length. -All Metal (aluminum) baton construction -Rechargeable internal battery. -Comes with wall charger. -Carabiner style belt clip. SHIPPED FROM CANADA Must be 18 to purchase. Can also be found at Tactical Gadgets Note: Please make sure the plastic tab that breaks conduction is. SABRE Stun Gun with LED Flashlight, Painful 1.160 µC Charge, 120 Lumens, Rechargeable Battery, Safety Switch, Includes Belt Holster. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 4,790. $9.99. $9. . 99. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. +1 colors/patterns

Stun Gun Charger Cord Compatible with VIPERTEK VTS-T03, VTS-195; Police 305, Police 928-58, Avenger, Guard Dog Security, Jolt, Stun Master, Sabre and Most Other Stun Guns (Expandable to 12inch). 4.6 out of 5 stars. 1,991. $5.99 Lightning Pro Defense Stun Baton - Canada Legal - Rechargeable Must be 18 to purchase. SPECIFICATIONS: -5 million volts -Aircraft grade aluminum -5 flashlight modes: High, medium, low, strobe and S.O.S. -2 rechargeable Li ion 18650 batteries -Voltage : 5,000,000 volts (as per manufacturer) -Comfortable rubber handle grip -Window breaker -57 cm.

Stun Batons. According to Canadian Law, any baton longer than 480mm is legal to own and possess. Because this Baton measures over the 480 mm, it is legal to own. It is important to note that it is a crime under section 90 of the Criminal Code to carry any weapon, including a baton, in a concealed fashion. What does this mean for you Sabre Self-Defense Kit w/Red Pepper Spray & Stun Gun w/Flashlight, 25 Burst, 10 Foot (3 Meter) Range, Painful 1.60 µC Charge, 120 Lumens, Rechargeable Battery, Safety Switch, Includes Belt Holster 4.8 out of 5 stars 5,67 Product description. Electric Stun Gun is a fun little app that simulates the sound and noise of an Electric Stun Gun. This app simulates a very realistic electric stun gun / taser. The image AND sound used in this app comes from actual existing stun gun / taser shock device. This stun gun is a prank tool not a real electric shock device

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Canes, Batons, Bats in Canada We only ship to Canadian & U.S. addresses. U.S. Orders by PayPal only. Click on the word Price, Item Name or Model in the blue line below to sort from the lowest up or highest down O-Mega Stun Guns and Stun Batons are used by many of the FORTUNE 500 Power Companies and Animal Control Departments for protection against vicious animals when they go on house calls. We have designed our Stun Guns so that the sound combined with bright electric light triggers an instinctive flight mechanism animals feel toward lightning List of Best Stun Batons in 2021 Review on Amazon.com 10. Guard Dog Security Onguard Stun Gun with Dual LED Flashlights. Buy on Amazon.com . To begin our list, let us start with this Stun Gun from Guard Dog Security Company. This product is not only to prevent yourself from a dog attack, but it is also for handling other human attacks and for road lighting at night

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  1. Streetwise Tactical Flashlight (The Barbarian) With Stun Baton. Whether you are a law enforcement officer or home owner protecting your property and loved ones, the Police Force 9,000,000 Metal Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight by Streetwise Security Products might just be the tactical defense tool you have been looking for
  2. *Canada legal stun baton as it is over 480mm in length. *Prohibition order part 3 section 6: *6 Any device that is designed to be capable of injuring, immobilizing or incapacitating a person or an animal by discharging an electrical charge produced by means of the amplification or accumulation of the electrical current generated by a battery, where the device is designed or altered so that the.
  3. The Incredible 1m Volt Stun Baton & Flashlight - high powered Stun Baton, with 1 Million volts & 120 Lumen Flashlight. This device is all metal construction, and comes with a wall charger and two rechargeable 18650 batteries. We accept no liability for misuse, including self inflicted harm or otherwise
  4. STUN DEVICES. We can ship these devices to any state (yes, including New York), except for the short list below. The following are shipping restrictions for Stun Devices: Stun Guns cannot be shipped to the following Cities, States, Counties: Hawaii. Michigan. Chicago - not even with FOID card. Illinois * Can be purchased with proof of FOID card.
  5. Steady yourself, light your way and be ready to protect yourself against vicious animals with 1 million volts of stun power Adjustable length 32-36″ Weight capacity 250 lbs. With ultra-bright LED flashlight Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery Includes wall charger and carrying case LEGAL IN CANADA FOR ANIMAL DEFENCE BECAUSE THEY ARE OVER 480mm MUST BE 18 TO BUY SHIPPED FROM CANADA

Stun batons allow you to stun an attacker without having to be in such close contact; with the physical power of a carbon or steel police-grade baton and ability to deliver several millions of volts of electricity from up to a foot away, you'll have a level of protection few other devices can provide Flashlight baton stun gun. Flashlight baton stun gun is a best choice for non-professional as it is an improved version of a police stun baton. These devises with a comfortable grabbing were developed and tested in order to increase the quality of the protection for non-professional buyers. Key Features of our stun batons: 3 in 1 (heavy baton. Streetwise Stun Baton Reviewhttps://www.amazon.com/Streetwise-Lightning-Rod-Stun-Stick/dp/B01E6AX0EC/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1514407494&sr=8-1-spell&keywor.. The other advantage the stun baton offers is the electrifying charge down the sides of some models. Metal strips run down the length of the stun baton from the tip. The metal strips are just as capable of stunning your attacker as the two probes at the tip. By having the sides charged as well, this prevents the attacker from grabbing it as you. #1 Stun Master 12-Million Voltage Best Stun Baton, Pointed Metal Probes With Exposed Metal Strip, Black, 2 Stun Batons Get it now on Amazon.com This product is an ideal gift to give to a friend who is a frequent traveler and comes in a satin-lined packaging that looks good in appearance and size

STUN KNUCKLES & STUN BATONS PROHIBITED TO: California. DISCLAIMER, RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: The Home Security Superstore is not responsible for any physical harm or damage from the use or misuse of self-defense devices including a stun gun or Taser purchased from us Our team has selected the best Stun Batons to help you find the right self defense product for your needs. These products combine the best in non-lethal stun stopping power. Our taser batons feature just as much strength as our top selling stun gun, taser gun, and flashlight stun gun units. Their police baton design makes them a serious threat to attackers Spanning 22 inches in length this is the longest designated stun baton on the market! % JOLT Protector Rechargeable LED Stun Gun 60M HD Pink $17.99 | / 31. 60 million volt stun gun works as a self-defense weapon and a flashlight! % JOLT Tactical Police Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight 93M $17.99.

Protect yourself with top rated Pepper Spray & Self Defense Weapons. Shop Mace, Stun Guns & Pepper Spray keychains to ensure you're protected on the go Buy Electronics, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free Shipping on Qualified Order

Canadian Tactical Batons - We Sell all types of Batons, from Taser, Expandable, Nightclub, Tonfa's, ASP, FRP, and more! Come check out the great deals! Dear Customers - We offer free shipping on orders above $49.99 CAD, to anywhere in Canada Canada's best source for discount ammo and firearms for hunting and target shooting. Canada Ammo Search All The Incredible Stun Baton $69.99 More Info. Add to Cart Defense Aerosols. YUKON MAGNUM BEAR PEPPER SPRAY 225g $36.99 More Info. Add to Cart Defense Aerosols. Batons and Nightsticks Batons or Baton Sticks are widely regarded as the most basic weapon of law enforcement departments and security agencies. Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to buy one in Canada, however unless you are a police officer or security guard you are not allowed to use any batons as a weapon

Personal Stun Gun Possesion. Currently in Canada it is illegal to be in possession of a personal stun gun. Use of this tool is only licensed to federal and provincial police officers, who are permitted to use the weapon if they feel they are under threat by another individual. The personal use of stun guns by unlicensed civilians is considered. Quite often police officers use a tactical aluminum rechargeable stun gun featuring extended operational time and a powerful jolt. Our website, ZigZagMart.com, is a reliable stun gun supplier. You will find a wide variety of stun guns for sale on our here: rechargeable stun guns, stun batons, the ZAP stun guns wholesale and retail and many others This is an example page. It's different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most people start with an About page that introduces them to potential site visitors. It might say something like this: Hi there! I'm a bike messenger [ The other advantage the stun baton offers is the electrifying charge down the sides of some models. Metal strips run down the length of the stun baton from the tip. The metal strips are just as capable of stunning your attacker as the two probes at the tip. By having the sides charged as well, this prevents the attacker from grabbing it as you. Total Ratings 16, $20.24 New. Vipertek Stun Gun Mini Purple Vts-880 335 BV Rechargeable LED Flashlight. 4.8 out of 5 stars. (14) Total Ratings 14, $8.79 New. Police Stun Gun 628-58 Mini 800 - Black. 4.7 out of 5 stars

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As such, a stun baton poses an effective alternative to a traditional stun gun. However, ownership of a stun baton is generally limited to trained security professionals, not the general public. One major drawback to all consumer-grade stun gun designs is the need for close contact with the attacker. The user still has to make physical contact. When we first started selling stun guns back in 2000, the highest voltage stun gun at the time was a whopping 300,000 volts. Soon after, manufacturers started to increase the stated number of volts to be higher than the next guy. Amperage wasn't even on the radar. We had 400,000 then 500,000 and even a 775,000-volt stun gun (b) A nonlethal stun gun or dart-firing stun gun or other nonlethal electric weapon or device that is designed solely for defensive purposes. (3) Any person violating this section commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083 If you've ever shopped around for stun guns, you've seen plenty of extremely high voltage claims—possibly up to 100 million volts. These astronomical figures sound impressive—but the truth is, when it comes to stun guns, claims like these are not only wildly misleading, but also physically impossible. In fact, 30,000 is the maximum voltage. Stun Gun Baton - This 4-in-1 Stun Gun Baton produces a powerful output of 800, 000 Volts and comes equipped with a bright LED Flashlight & Safety alarm. It is best suited for security personnel or for personal protection

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Below, you will find a review of TOP-5 best products at a price ranging from $80 to $120. There is a large variety of models, from stun guns to adjustable poles with numerous attachments. While some options will suit the needs of seniors best, others are designed for those engaged in outdoor activities like campers and hikers Since 1992 company Euro Security Products (ESP) has produced a wide range of professional security products. Nowadays, Euro Security Products is one of the world's most important producers of self-defense and law enforcement equipment A baton is definitely a must-have for self-defense because its slimline design is so easy to conceal and there's nothing like a striking weapon for self-defense. What is a baton used for? Law enforcement officers, worldwide, carry batons for defense and people, who want a measure of defense when they're out walking at night, carry batons Exclusive Bulk Wholesale Discount Pricing: MSRP $418.80 Cost $209.40 Profits $209.40 ROI 50% Jolt Jack Stun Guns The next BIG thing in personal protection is actually a very small thing! Stun guns are a safe and effective means of self-defense and add pepper spray for complete personal protection package men and women

Stun Gun. Like pepper spray, a stun gun (Amazon link) is a great weapon because it requires little skill to operate and is non-lethal. The major issue is that you've got to be close to your attacker to use it. There are projectile stun guns which give you a bigger range, but then you run the risk of missing the attacker and being left. This is a story about how to avoid a dog attack from a person who purchased a Stun Baton. There are many reasons to walk. My reason to walk is that I had a heart attack and was told by my doctor that I better get some exercise or it could happen again. He suggested that I walk to build up my cardio and strengthen my heart Stun Steel Baton and Pepper Spray. Stun batons and pepper sprays are two of the most effective non lethal weapons against dog attack. They are equally effective against dog and human attacks and can work against multiple attackers. These self defense items are proven effective to help people live through a dog attack Purchase: $40. Streetwise Barbarian Stun Baton. If you've ever been accidentally electrocuted, you're probably aware of just how much even a low-voltage shock can sting. Of course, if you've never felt it yourself, you can simply Google videos of people getting shocked to understand just how unpleasant it can be and how effectively it can drop even a large, healthy man Punisher Stun Baton. $44.95 Tactical Sword Cane. $129.95 Genuine Leather Bull Whip. $69.95 Self-Defense Stun Cane. $119.95 (1) Spring-Loaded Expandable Baton. $39.95 (1) > Welcome to KarateMart.co

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Azan Police Collapsible Black Spring Baton 23 inch BTS23B/CF4404B-23 - Batons. $18.72. View Details 1 Top 10 Best Stun Gun Flashlights On The Market: Comparison Table. 1.1 Best Overall Flashlight Stun Gun Combo : #1 Best Seller In Stun Guns - VIPERTEK Powerful Stun Gun With LED Flashlight Review. 1.2 For Women: Best For The Price - VIPERTEK Aluminum Series Heavy Duty Stun Gun Review. 1.3 Small But Powerful: VIPERTEK Mini Stun Gun with LED. Plus, with rugged aircraft aluminum construction, a rubberized handle and a full 18.5 of length, the Guard Dog Titan can be used effectively as a baton or emergency glass breaker. It's also a flashlight. 7.5-million volt stun gun is loud enough to scare off any unwelcomed attacker before they approach. 260-lumen tactical flashlight with three. Omega Stun Guns: Stun Guns & Stun Batons for Personal Defense Against Crime and Animal Control TASER PULSE PLUS (+) - THE TASER PULSE PLUS (+), a high-tech, subcompact weapon with an intuitive concealed carry design that packs the same knock-down punch used by law enforcement around the world. With the TASER PULSE + you can reach an attacker from up to 15 feet away, immobilize them for 30. Request Download Sample Ask For Discount Company Profile. The latest Global Stun Guns Market report recognizes the size, application segment, type, regional outlook, market demand, latest trends and share and revenue of the Stun Guns industry by manufacturers, leading company profiles, forecasts of future growth potential-2028. Over the next few years, analyzes the current market size and.

Repeller Stun Baton $ 34.95-13%. Bad Ass Night Baton $ 69.95 $ 79.95. Tactical Stun Flashlight $ 74.95. Barbarian Stun Baton $ 79.95. Shock Baton $ 59.00. About Our Security Store. TBOTECH has been a self defense and security store for over 20 years.. Feb 5, 2017 - Explore Best Product's board Top 10 Best Stun Guns Reviews in 2017 on Pinterest. See more ideas about stun gun, guns, stunning Stun gun ebay Stun guns are an extremely popular self defense program especially among women. Stun guns are certainly not lethal like firearms and not lacerative like knives. These stun guns have the capability to put down an attacker which has a simple push of a button. It is the voltage in stun gun

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Discover the best Stun Guns in Best Sellers. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Sports & Outdoors Best Sellers. Amazon Best Sellers Our most popular products based on sales. Updated hourly. Best Sellers in Stun Guns #1. Sabre Self-Defense Kit w/Red Pepper Spray & Stun Gun w/Flashlight, 25 Burst, 10 Foot (3 Meter) Range, Painful 1.60. Batons Nightsticks Canada Gorilla Surplus. The standard baton length used by uniformed officers is usually in the 21 inch to 26 inch range. In New York, the police historically used batons of different lengths depending on if it was day or night. Day sticks were 11 inches in length, while night sticks were longer at 26 inches to provide extra. Stun Gun Charger Cord for VIPERTEK VTS-T03, VTS-195; Police 305, Police 519, Police 928-58, Avenger, Guard Dog Security, Jolt, Stun Master, Sabre and Most Other Stun Guns (Expandable to 12inch). 5.0 out of 5 stars. 3 The Incredible Stun Baton - Canada Legal - Rechargeable FREE SHIPPING $ 89.99; The Beast Stun Baton & 3 Mode Flashlight FREE SHIPPING $ 99.99; The Pocket Shot - An EDC compact slingshot FREE SHIPPING $ 39.99; Walking Cane Armed with Stun Gun and Flashlight - Rechargeable - FREE SHIPPING $ 129.99; Extendable Baton Manual Tokushu Keibo w/Breaker.

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It sells a variety of stun guns ranging from 100,000 volts to 750,000 volts, as well as a variety of batons, pepper/CS sprays (from as little as £3 each), handcuffs and other security items SABRE Tactical Stun Gun with LED Flashlight, Black. Average Rating: ( 4.0) out of 5 stars. 34. ratings, based on 34 reviews. Current Price $21.82. $21.82. Free delivery on orders over $35 Police Baton Warehouse is the Ultimate Source for Police Batons. We stock ASP, Monadnock, Smith & Wesson batons and more. Batons are an essential piece of defense equipment for law enforcement and military

The Department of Self Defense team has selected our Tasers for Women and Stun Guns for Women collection from products with a feminine design and sizing that fits easily into your purse or bag. You can expect our collection to be selected from the best stun guns for women on the market. Our tasers for women are designed to keep you safe Stun Gun Baton & Flashlight Combo - Titan. Regular price Sale price $39.99 $39.99 Regular price $39.99 Unit price / per . Availability Currently out of stock Stun Gun Baton & Flashlight Combo - Titan. Regular price Sale price $39.99 $39.99 Regular price $39.99 Unit price / per. - Supreme Court Rules Stun Guns are protected by the 2nd Amendment - 1,000,000 clicks - MILLIONS OF VOLTS? AMPS? MILI-AMPS? WHAT PRODUCT DO I CHOOSE? - O-MEGA'S AMAZON CUSTOMER RANKING 4.9 OUT OF 5 - O-MEGA STUN GUNS COMING TO VENTURA... - O-MEGA STUN GUNS IN SAN FRANCISCO THIS WEEKEND... - More police have tasers as options.. Are handheld tasers legal in canada Stun guns are a progressively more popular self defense tool especially among women. Stun guns are certainly not lethal like firearms and not lacerative like knives. These stun guns are able to put down an attacker which includes a simple push of a button. It is the voltag

Advanced adds a 1 million volt stun baton/flashlight and flex cuffs; The Ultimate box brings you an Ontario Knife Company SP15 on top of everything else. That Ontario Knife Company SP15 would be mighty nice and the stun baton/flashlight would be badass too (stun guns are illegal but stun batons are legal when over a certain length) We have over 50 models, with different features, for you to choose from: mini, lipstick stun gun, cell phone, bright flash light stun guns, with safety pins for added safety, with LED flashlights, stun baton flashlights, police tactical and power banks. Also, available in many colors: black, pink, blue, red, blue, bedazzled,etc The Stun Master stun baton flashlight has three modes to keep you secure. Mode 1 is the brightest light from the LED flashlight, which can be used to temporarily blind an attacker. Mode 2 is a 50% power function, which can be used for normal purposes such as in road side emergencies. Mode 3 is a strobe setting, which can be used to signal for.

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Stun Baton: This is a stick that is up to 18 inches long and can deliver 800,000 volts of power. The end of the baton can be electrified, but some can also carry current along their sides, which will stun anyone who tries to grab the weapon. This can often be carried on your belt, but it is more difficult to conceal Streetwise Security Jolt 75,000,000 Volt Stun Gun and Flashlight. Powerful protection. Shock proof exterior. No slip grip. Super bright light. Rechargeable. Holster and metal clip included. Material: military grade aluminum alloy The 7 Best Tactical Combat Canes For Self Defense For Sale In 2020 [Reviews] 1. Arc Angel Stun Cane - Best Self-Defense Cane For Most People (Seniors & Beginners, Electric) 2. Ka-Bar TDI Self Defense Cane - Best Metal Self-Defense Combat Cane. 3 Best Self Defense Batons. It is the nature of every living thing, both animals and plants to defend themselves from danger. Many tactics can be used for defense including animal repellers, self-Tasers, pepper sprays, and stun guns.A self-defense baton is one of the best ways if you want to protect yourself

2 Smith & Wesson 21 / 26 Steel Expandable Baton With Holster. 3 Black Hawk Multifunction Tactical Baton Telescopic Flashlight. 4 Smith & Wesson 24 Quick Release Baton. 5 Monadnock Expandable Batons and Holders. 6 Asp Expandable Batons and Holders. 7 See Also: Best Self-Defense Batons. Legal Self Defense Batons (18) 18 product ratings - 110M Volt BADASS 14.5 Metal Stun Gun Baton w/120 Lumen Flashlight- Self Protect. $45.95. Free shipping. 14 watching. Mini Hand Pocket WOMEN Stun Gun PINK Rechargeable 80 Million Volt LED w/ HOLSTER. 4.5 out of 5 star Stun batons run on rechargeable batteries, and they come with a belt loop for easy carrying. 3. The pepper spray. This is the most feminine-looking personal defense device, as it is shaped like a lipstick and is available in many colors that females love. Pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum, a reddish-orange, oily liquid that is extracted.


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Canada France Last update on 2021-06-15 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Stun Prods. The baton-style prods (which look like and work similar to cattle prods) have either a metal end split in two or two projecting electrodes. Both electrodes must touch the subject in order to work Taylor M&P Collapsible Baton 26 Overall 9.7 Collapsed 4130 Seamless Alloy Steel... Taylor M&P Collapsible Baton 26 Overall 9.7 Colla... Our Low Price. $51.63. QuickView. Fox Outdoor Expandable Steel Baton 16 Black 58-316. Fox Outdoor Expandable Steel Baton 16 Black 58-31... Our Low Price

THE TASER® PULSE IS THE PERFECT SELF-DEFENSE WEAPON: The TASER® Pulse is compact and can be carried in a purse or pocket, yet can take down an assailant from 15 feet away! The TASER® Pulse offers the latest in self-defense projectile stun gun technology. The TASER® Pulse fires two darts connected to two insulated 15 feet wires to take down even the most aggressive attacker with a 30 second. 18,000,000 volt stun gun. use for self defense. fire into the air to scare off an attacker. comes with a carrying pouch. flashlight bulb type: LED. when applied to skin, a high-voltage shock causes loss of balance and muscle control. product dimensions: 4x2x4

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The stun gun delivers a painful and intense 1.60 µC charge. In addition, when in use the stun gun generates a loud 95 dB zapping sound and bright 120 Lumen light. For under $25, it's a great. Regular price. $499.99. Sale. Black Jack 21 Million Volt Stun Gun with Flashlight, Alarm, Holster, and Disable Strap. Regular price. $25.00. Blast Knuckles Extreme - 950 Thousand Volt Stun Gun with Holster. Regular price. $54.95 Zap Self-Defense 1M Volt Stun Baton Walking Cane with LED Flashlight. Adjustable length 30.5-37.5″ Weight capacity to 400 lb. Removable reflective safety band; Comes with nylon carrying case, USB charging cord, and extra rubber tip; 5 of shocking electrodes; The handle can be pulled up to reveal the weapon hidden insid

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Shipping Toy Gun to Canada. R.I.O.T_Toyz 2017-09-02 11:29:42 UTC #1. Hello I am new to Amazon selling and I need some guidance on my situation. I sold a Toy Gun replica to a customer in Canada through the .com site. The first mistake I made was that I didn't adjust shipping rates for Canada so his shipping cost was $8.99 USD Get started by logging in with Amazon or try a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime * Login with Amazon Try a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime * Re- required on Woot! for benefits to take effect. Don't work to find deals. Let the deals find you. Log in and get deals straight to your inbox Stun guns are more convenient to use and portable. Unlike pepper sprays and other types of guns, they do not require much training. Opt for high-voltage stun guns (no less than 800,000V) because they produce the electrical current capable to penetrate more layers of clothes and emit a loud sound that will frighten off an attacker

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Phazzer Enforcer CEW. FOB Price: 350 ~ 350 / Piece ( Negotiable ) Get Latest Price Min Order: 12 Piece Supplying Ability: 5000 Piece / Month Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal, Other Business Type: Manufacturing No. of Employees: 51-100 Annual Sales Volume: 2.5 - 10 Tags: Air Taser | Phazzer Energy Weapon Stun Baton + Maintenance Jack A great and effective combo that will let you easily kill an android without worry of taking damage. Walk up to an android and stay at a safe distance Monster 18m stun gun manual Stun guns are an increasingly popular self defense tool especially among women. Stun guns are not lethal like firearms and not just lacerative like knives. These stun guns are able to put down an attacker with a simple push of some button. It is the voltage in stun gun Yes, a stun gun will work on even the largest dogs. However, tasers should be exercised with caution when being used on a dog. Although some studies say tasers are safe and effective on dogs (and have been practiced on pigs, pit bulls, and other midsized animals), they are not advisable for smaller dogs, due to the strength of a stun gun