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What clarification means in Tamil, clarification meaning in Tamil, clarification definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of clarification in Tamil. Also see: clarification in Hindi. Our Apps are nice too! Dictionary. Translation. Vocabulary. Games. Quotes. Forums. Lists. And more.. Tamil Meaning of Clarification. Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the TAMIL language with its free online services. Tamil meaning of Clarification is as below.. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages

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clarification definition: 1. an explanation or more details that makes something clear or easier to understand: 2. an. Learn more Synonyms for replied include said, responded, answered, retorted, countered, rejoined, returned, riposted, flung back and hurled back. Find more similar words at. Some examples from the web: I hope I have clarified the situation.; I hope I have clarified the Commission's position on this difficult proposal.; Fourthly, I have clarified the term 'framework' in Article 4. I have clarified, I hope, the follow; up action that is expected of the Commission and removed an unnecessary and potentially harmful qualification in the common position Synonyms for said in response include said, replied, responded, answered, retorted, countered, rejoined, returned, riposted and flung back. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com

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The SPS replied that they need more time to confirm the date. On 5 March 2007, SPS stated in a reply letter that upon clarification with the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC), the commutation of Mathavakannan's death sentence by the President to life imprisonment should be construed as life imprisonment for his remaining natural life Is saying Noted a rude answer? If so, what are the alternative answers to reply to a person besides Noted? Not of itself, no. It depends entirely on context. My main business pals and I say it all the time. To us it's exactly the same as sayin.. Mumbai: Being described as a messiah for helping migrants reach their homes amid coronavirus-induced lockdown, actor Sonu Sood on Tuesday rejected allegations that his deeds had anything to do with his interest in politics. The actor clarified that whatever he is doing is purely out of love. Sonu Sood has been hogging the limelight of late for arranging transport for thousands of.

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  1. Some examples from the web: Will revert to my sons by you.; The applicants shall be aware of the future possibility to get access to the required document.; The six; month time; limit expired on 19 January 2008 without the Commission having received the required documents.; In particular they shall verify that the pyrotechnic article bears the required conformity marking(s) and is accompanied.
  2. Poda Podi Meaning Po is Tamil for go, while da is the very commonly used slang. However, the slang is da is mostly used for boys, and at times, the phrase Poda is also used for girls as Podi. And that makes the name of the movie here: Podaa Podi..
  3. Tenaliraman (previously titled Jagajala Pujabala Tenaliraman) is a 2014 Tamil language satirical comedy film directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan. Vadivelu stars in this film in dual roles. Meenakshi Dixit plays the pivotal role in the film. The film released to positive reviews from critics who praised the performance of Vadivelu especially the Maamannar role
  4. clarification {noun} Clarification of this kind is missing from the report, which is unfortunate. expand_more Ett sådant klargörande saknas i betänkandet, vilket är beklagligt. I should therefore be grateful for further clarification from the Commissioner
  5. Virat Kohli's sister Bhawna Kohli recently did an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram wherein a netizen asked her about Vamika's looks. Although she didn't reveal much, her reaction went viral in no time
  6. A word may have different meanings. Similar is the case with إقرأ. Theoretically, it may be used in different meanings at different places in the Qur'an. The meaning it has been used in Sūrah 'Alaq is explained by Islahi as: The word إقرأ (read) is not merely used to convey what a teacher would say to a student in order to ask him to.
  7. The letter you sent was written by OSHA in answer to a request for clarification regarding OSHA's asbestos standards. One of the questions involved surfacing material which is a term that OSHA defines and uses in its asbestos standards. Several items of material were listed and OSHA was asked if each is defined as surfacing material

Naan means 'I' - a first person who is the beginning of any conversation / sound / word. Nal / nalu in verbial form means, 'Thonguthal'- 'Hanging from a base / origin'. 'Naandu' / 'Naattu' means create a base. The phrases like 'Kodi Naattu', 'Naandu Eranthan' will give us some light in the meaning He quickly replied, 'No, it's only a story. But it teaches us about good over evil.''' Modern Diwali Celebrations. I recently asked my Tamil language teacher, a Hindu from the south Indian state Tamil Nadu, if he knew the meaning of Diwali and if he intends to celebrate this year He replied: Praise be to Allaah. For the people to come together to eat on the two Eids and the days of Tashreeq is Sunnah. This is one of the symbols of Islam which the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) set out for the Muslims. Helping the poor by giving them food during Ramadaan is also one of the ways of Islam Welcome to this blog, which is an extension of my main website, Happiness of Being, and which is dedicated to discussing the philosophy and practice of the spiritual teachings of our sadguru, Bhagavan Sri Ramana. This blog is a growing archive of articles that I have written from time to time containing my translations of verses and other passages from the writings of Sri Ramana and his.

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A Brief Narration of the Way Sri Bhagawan happened to. render Sanskrit Atma Bodha into Tamil. 1 There was a Muslim Tamil Scholar who knew Sanskrit a. little. This Muslim Scholar had rendered the Sanskrit. Atma Bodha into Tamil. One day, the 2 books containing. these Tamil renditions arrived by post. One devotee by CBI chief's clarification is worse than his remark on rape. Ranjit Sinha has not only insulted every woman in the land, he has angered the sensibilities of every right thinking citizen of the land.

Where Tamil is spoken The number of speakers of Tamil worldwide is in excess of 65 million. The two principal homelands of the language are India, where it is the mother tongue of 87 per cent of the population of the state of Tamil Nadu in the south-east of the country, and Sri Lanka, where a quarter of the inhabitants are Tamil speakers. I The two are inseparable! If Jesus is not eternal, He is not God—and vice versa. Isaiah clearly said that when Messiah came, He would be the physical embodiment of the Everlasting Father. The ability of Christ to be a timeless source of fatherly protection and provision is claimed in a number of ways in the New Testament The clarification by Panneerselvam, the Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister, came after opposition DMK latched on to his remarks made in his home town Theni last week and said it only proved the. The earlier night in the room, when Saranya asks for clarification about commitment, Vikram refuses saying who are you to question me, so she will be like yeah, why will you clarify to me, jinko safai dena hain you will go and give explanation to them only right (meaning Sathya

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The show-cause notice can be replied by the means of furnished GST REG 18 form under the specified period stated in the sub-rule (1). The taxpayer or the concerned party must reply to the notice within 7 days of issuance of the notice explaining safeguarding the cancellation of registration Granting of Risk / Hardship Allowance to CAPF and CRPF. A question has been raised by the Member of Parliament about the provision of Special Allowances to CRPF Personnel deployed in difficult areas and encaged in counter insurgency operations in the country and the concerned Minster of State for Home Affairs Shri R.P.N.Singh replied as unde Clarification on determining if an injury or illness is work-related and the recordability of the administration of oxygen. Standard Number: 1904.5(a) 1904.5(b) 1904.5(b)(3) OSHA requirements are set by statute, standards and regulations. OSHA's spokesperson replied that, Under the new rule, oxygen is considered medical treatment Tamils Abducted In Colombo Ended Up At Trinco Navy Camp: CID Tells Courts. The CID told courts today that 11 persons, mainly Tamil youth abducted by unidentified groups in Colombo and suburbs in 2008 - 2009, had been detained at the Trincomalee Navy camp. A lawyer appearing for the family members of some of the missing persons told courts.

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Highlights of Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday episode! Today's Episode was the Bigg Boss's Day! After the morning song and dance, BB called the HMs into the confession room, 1 by 1, and asked their contribution to the audience, in the 60 days that they were in the show. He trolled everyone Dear Mr.Dass, The above article on gst -notice us sec-46 is very useful.I also recieved 2 noticices from department issued by suprientandant that returns have not been filed whereas all the returns due under act was filed moreover taxpayers are not required to file gstr-1 or gstr-3b if status is changed from regular taxpayer to composisition taxpayer for the period mentioned in the notice. Find your sentence in the best contexts. lensOutline. lensOutline. several options are on the table. Translate in English in the smartest way. lensOutline. lensOutline. provare per credere. Get definitions, synonyms and examples 1 Peter 1. - Living Like You are Born Again. A. A greeting from the Apostle Peter. 1. (1) The writer and the intended readers of this letter. Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the pilgrims of the Dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, a. Peter: He was not merely an apostle, but there is a sense in which he was the.

In fact many in Tamil Nadu perceive the BJP as an anti-Tamil party. In that context would the BJP be supported by the Sri Lankan Tamils asked the interviewer. Satchithanandan replied The situation is different. In Tamil Nadu due to unavoidable reasons there is Atheism, opposition to Hindi and Sanskrit and anti-brahminism The Quran should be interpreted in any other way than its explicit meaning. A book that claims to be a book of guidance must be clear and without equivocation, leaving no room for interpretation and confusion. If it does, it is no longer a clear book of guidance. Ascribing esoteric meanings to the Quran that changes its meaning is distortion of. A well-known example of the early use of the sedition law is the trial of the nationalist, independence activist and teacher Bal Gangadhar Tilak in 1897. He was charged with sedition for exciting disaffection through an article he published in the Kesari. The Lokmanya was sentenced to imprisonment for twelve months

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Abhi dhoop ho gi yaar (It is still hot outside), Anil replied. No buddy, its 6 pm, Younus clarified and Anil had no choice than saying OK. Around 6:15 pm we were again out for an evening walk. It was pretty ok in comparison to the morning torture Meaning the angels descend in abundance during the Night of Al-Qadr due to its abundant blessings. The angels descend with the descending of blessings and mercy, just as they descend when the Qur'an is recited, they surround the circles of dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and they lower their wings with true respect for the student of knowledge The legend of Lord Shiva's assurance explains the popularity of Shivaratri festival amongst the devotees. Besides, it also tells us why we observe fast in the name of the Lord and perform ceremonial baths on a Shivaratri day. Lord Shiva, being the legend, explains the popularity of the festival of Shivaratri within their devotees. It [ Rather, these are some of the texts whose meanings are supposed to be perspicuous and therefore cannot be open to multiple interpretations. After all, if these particular texts were unclear, and open to multiple meanings, then they could not provide any clarification for the Christians, but only cause them further confusion

MHA proposed 'disciplinary action' against IAS officer Kannan before he quit. New Delhi, Sep 13 (IANS): IAS officer Kannan Gopinathan, who resigned last month ostensibly over restrictions imposed in Kashmir, was under the scanner of the Union Home Ministry which had issued a show cause notice to him for alleged misconduct and proposed to. Sri R. Narayana Iyer, an old devotee, a retired Sub-registrar, is one of the, senior-most devotees of Sri Bhagavan, and one who enjoyed some special privileges. Soon after he came to Sri Bhagavan, he began to move with him more like a resident of the ashram than a casual visitor. Initially, he was an out-and-out sceptic with ultra-modern views. To this I replied that RSS had only one founder, and he was Hedgewar. He then gave me the link to this article by DNA and said: Here it is says that the RSS had 5 co-founders to which I had to tell him the reality. He was a well-meaning man. Babarao Savarkar indeed wrote nonsense in that book in 1946, but what has RSS got to do with it

The large courtroom set up in the Vatican Museums hosted, on Tuesday, 27 July, the first hearing in the Vatican over the illicit deals made with Secretariat of State funds, starting with the sale of the Sloane Avenue Building in London. Judge Giuseppe Pignatonewith Judges Venerando Marano and Carlo Bonzano at his side, presided over the hearing. Head Start Online School's online Responsible Adult Course is available in over 100 languages using Google Chrome as your browser. Right-click on the course content, and you will see a translate option. Click on that, you will be able to select your language from the drop down menu. If you don't see your language listed, email us - we can. Grimes teaches us confused mortals the meaning of 'X Æ A-12,' the name of her baby with Elon Musk. But it now it appears the 48-year-old wasn't joking around about the unusual moniker. Someone else used a different decoding method to figure out what X Æ A-12 truly meant Astaghfirullah (Al-'athim) I ask Allah (The Almighty) for forgiveness. And then Say. اللهم أنت السلام، ومنك السلام، تباركت ياذا الجلال والإكرام. Allaumma Antas-salam, wa minkas-salam, tabarakta wa ta'alaita ya thaj-jalali wal-ikram. O Allah, you are Assalam [1] and peace and perfection comes.

EPFO recently launched New EPF Withdrawal Forms, which are called as Form 19 UAN, Form 10C UAN and Form 31 UAN. Now, employees can withdraw EPF without the employer signature. Important Notice-Now EPFO recently (February, 2017) launched a single form for EPF Withdrawal. Refer the pos. 07 March 2020, Saturday, marked the cross-examination of director Susi Ganesan in the 9th Metropolitan Magistrates court in Saidapet, Chennai. Susi has filed a criminal defamation case against independent filmmaker Leena Manimekalai, about her Facebook post accusing him of sexual assault published during the #MeToo movement. The case reached trial stage last week, presided by Judge Mohanambal. Wiki content for Nyla. Nyla - Nailah Thorbourne, better known by her stage name Nyla, is a Jamaican singer and songwriter from Kingston, Jamaica. Nyla Usha - In this Indian name, Usha is a matronymic, not a family name, and the person should be addressed by her given name, Nyla. Nyla Rose - Nyla Rose (born August 3, 1982) is an American actress. Greek Archbishop Tells the Truth About Islam, Muslim Leaders Enraged. Jan 30, 2021 6:00 pm By Robert Spencer. Noticing the obvious is forbidden. My latest in FrontPage: Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and all Greece touched off a firestorm in mid-January when he dared to note, according to the Orthodox Times, that Islam was not a religion but.

A Survey and Critique - Part IV. By Anthony Rogers. Introduction. The previous articles (1, 2, 3) in this series have looked at the three basic approaches that Muslims can and have taken in trying to explain the reason and meaning of Allah's use of first person plural pronouns in the Qur'an: 1) literal/inclusive; 2) figurative/exclusive; and 3) literal/exclusive The following is a summary of commonly used sentences in courtesy, answering your question How Do You Say Politely I am Waiting for Your Reply? Table of Content show. 1. Using Look forward. 2. I appreciate any information you may have. 3. I appreciate your quick response. 4 Funerary practices and nationalist discourse among the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka Cristiana Natali My paper deals with the constructionof Tamil national identity in the LTTE-controlled areas of north-eastern Sri Lanka. In particular it focuses on the relevance of the new LTTE burial practices within the process of nation building According to Tamil movie historian, Randor Guy, this K.S. Gopalakrishnan, didn't meet with much success. He is scarcely remembered today and many mistake him for the other K.S. Gopalakrishnan, a successful Tamil film maker. Randor Guy's clarification on the identities of two directors carrying the same name and initial is of much help

Gurudev said Va. Va (meaning Come.. come in the Tamil language). As I stood there to brief him on the appointments, he told me Everyone who comes must have dinner before they leave. Yes.. we have arranged food in the kitchen I replied. Just then I got a call from the Chief Minister's secretary that they have arrived. I will refer this to our customer services department and get back to you shortly. I received your email I will look into it and get back to you shortly. Thank you for your email. Please expect a response from me as soon as possible. I will get back to you on this at the earliest possible time What is the meaning of 'effective order' in Supreme Court's order? The State of Tamil Nadu, both in the SC and in yesterday's hearing at the Madras HC, has argued against transferring the. Subject: RE:Husband is requesting to suck. Try to avoid this disgusting feeling. explain your hubby calmly that you dont like such things. May be you can even explain the disadvantages of this act. once he understands, he will surely agree with you i bet. Just speak calmly and get things sorted Ramanujacharya and his Guru - In the proximity of both the Himalayas and the ocean, the mind cannot be filled with a sense of vastness. It automatically sheds all narrowness and petty egoism

The former career diplomat-turned-politician and Stephanian replied rather wistfully, Tab arsh mein tha, ab farsh mein hoon (I was on cloud nine then, but now I am grounded) Learn a Dua'a That Protects From All Evil. Published. September 26, 2014. By. Majed Mahmoud. As-salaamu alaykum, One of my great teachers, Shaykh Waleed Basyouni (may Allah protect him) and his friend were spending some time reading Quran over someone who was possessed with jinn. Subsequently, by the will of Allah, the brother who was. The Ten Offenses in Chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra. The Hare Krishna mantra is unlimitedly powerful and has the potency to immediately cleanse us of all the reactions from our sinful activities from this an so many other lifetimes. It has the power to awaken within us our original pure love for Krishna. The Hare Krishna mantra has the power. Before we start studying Ecclesiastes 12 meaning I want to deal with a few matters before we get into the text. If you've ever read the book of Ecclesiastes you're probably aware of the contents of this last chapter. If you don't know, basically, the author - whom we know as the Preacher - he describes Continue reading Ecclesiastes 12 Meaning Commentary Summar

society and mixed-marriages create multilingual individuals wheither speak Tamil, Mandarin, various Chinese and other native languages such as Iban, Kadazan and Murut, among others, intended meaning and instruction • Replied or responded inaccurately 6 respondents •Unable to keep up with part of a for clarification. A Tamil movie Sri Raghavendra directed by S.P. Muthuraman was released in 1985. It starred reigning Tamil superstar Rajinikanth as Sri Raghavendra, which was incidentally his 100th film. In the prologue speech of this film Rajinikanth said once he visited Mantralayam, and the visit was the reason for his fame, popularity, and all the good. Within an hour of his face-to-face meeting with Sri Bhagavan, his mental barriers were reduced to nothingness. The above quote stating his mental barriers were reduced to nothingness with the HIS in the quote meaning me, the Wanderling, is found in FACE TO FACE WITH SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI, Enchanting and Uplifting Reminiscences of 202 Persons (2009) as compiled by Laxmi Narain and available.

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Reginald apologized. But New King decided to use the opportunity to put the knife on the throats of Muslims and Tamils and forcefully milk their votes in the election, so he appointed Tamil Buddhist to North and a Middle East's medieval evil Extremist to East. Then the Tamil Buddhist barred Tamils inviting Ranil with Tamils costumes Glimpses from Sri Maha Periva's Life History - Volume 1 interest in Tamil language was the greatest of all. With the help of some Tamil scholars, Maha Periva learnt Tamil grammar and literature. By Subi Anna in fine arts, Maha Periva learnt the intricacies of fine arts. Amongst fine arts, the art of music attracted Maha Periva

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  1. The issue of VAT and disbursements is one that many clients find confusing and they often think (incorrectly) that a recharge of their own business expenses (e.g. mileage or rail fares) is a disbursement. I'll consider this issue and also review the case of Ellon Car Clinic Ltd (TC5813) about the MoT fees
  2. They replied at once, Yes, let's rebuild the wall! So they began the good work. Observation: Nehemiah said, let us rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. He included himself and the people he was talking to in the work to be done. Principle: A leader realizes that work is a team effort. No leader can accomplish great things alone
  3. Synonyms for confusion in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for confusion. 55 synonyms for confusion: bewilderment, doubt, uncertainty, puzzlement, perplexity, mystification.
  4. English to Telugu Dictionary - Meaning of Expounded in Telugu is : కొంతమేర, విశదపరచెను what is meaning of Expounded in Telugu languag

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  1. He was asked about saying prayer in places where the camels lie down. He replied: Do not offer prayer in places where the camels lie down. These are the places of Satan. He was asked about saying prayer in the sheepfolds. He replied: You may offer prayer in such places; these are the places of blessing. 22. A. Yes, it is right
  2. To print the lesson on a conversation between friends making plans for the weekend right click on a white space and choose print. You can click on the printer icon just below and to the right of the contact us menu button at the top of the page or copy and paste the part of the exercise you want onto a word document and then print onto some paper
  3. In a lighter vein, Dr Tamilisai said, I don't think it's a serious answer to be concerned. I personally brush away his (Mr. Jayakumar's) comments

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The dispute between customers eating out and restaurants forcing customers to pay service charge is not a new one. The government a few months ago made a statement clarifying that service charge is not mandatory and a customer can refuse to pay. However, this has not made much of a difference on the ground. As a matter of fact, post adoption of Goods and Services Tax (GST), the amount paid by. Za rathushtra (Zaraϑuštra) is the original name of the founder. of the Zoroastrian (Zarathushtrian) religion as it is found in the Zoroastrian / Zarathushtrian. scriptures. The ancient Greek. Anonymous replied on Thu, 2015-04-23 11:16 Permalink Parents should use the time to ask specific questions about their child rather than school wide policies or curriculum questions. For example, parents could ask about their child's grades, behaviour and their friend's within the class Tamil Nadu Health Minister C Vijaya Bhaskar told a female journalist in Chennai that she is beautiful. However, hours later, he apologized upon realising that Links 3/18/2021. Posted on March 18, 2021 by Lambert Strether. Lambert here: Yves asks me to say that if you don't see a second CalPERS post, it's coming. She had a power failure, due to thunderstorms (!). Missing cat is found 13 YEARS after vanishing from owners' house after he was brought into adoption centre and staff scanned his.

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Actress Vahbiz Dorabjee, who is popular for TV shows like 'Pyaar Kii Yeh Ekk Kahaani', 'Bahu Humari Rajni Kant' to name a few, recently addressed a few questions on body shaming, being a divorcee. 4. Terrestrial sightings:-Fierce winds, colour of the sky & of sun, showers of dust, trembling of earth, roaring noises, high waves at the seas, strange behaviour of animals etc narrated by Vyasa as terrestrial happenings fit in with after-effects of a meteor or asteroid hit somewhere on earth.In this context he speaks about Arundhati ahead of Vasistha

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  1. The Lord replied, The 14th night of the new moon, in the dark fortnight during the month of Phalgun, is my most favourite day. It is known as Shivaratri. My devotees give me greater happiness by mere fasting than by ceremonial baths and offerings of flowers, sweets and incense
  2. Prune all the lengthy introductions, repetitions, extra details, and everything that doesn't help you achieve your goal (that's why it's important to have one). The shorter your email, the more likely the recipient is to read and act on it. 4. Follow up in a timely manner. Send a follow up email within 24 hours after a meeting while you.
  3. M atthew 24 is undoubtedly one of the most encouraging, yet often misunderstood, chapters in the New Testament. In this chapter, we have Jesus Himself giving very explicit details about events leading up to and during the time that He returns to earth. Although this chapter alone can be a very extensive study, a quick look at a summary and key verses of Matthew 24 can serve as a springboard.
  4. Meaning of terms used in the context of transactions with 3 Related Parties 1.1 'Arrangement' 4 1.2 'Ordinary course of business' 4 1.3 'Arm's length transaction' 7 1.4 'Goods' 14 1.5 'Service' 15 2. Who is a Related Party? 18 2.1 As per the Act 18 2.2 As per the Listing Regulations 20.
  5. The result was a useless convention. In Kashmir, the Indian state has practised state-sponsored terrorism from the very outset to this day—the renegade militants, the Ikhwans. It had been practised in Punjab and Assam. A detailed expose by Aunohita Mojumdar was published in The Statesman on March 9, 1996
  6. As we've worked to send these out, teachers have replied that they were moved to tears, that this was EXACTLY what they needed on a day that was a struggle or at the end of a long week, and just this morning a teacher emailed this feedback This was a great idea, whoever came up with it. It is good for the soul to hear something positive

Created on September 16, 2019. Windows 10: Someone else is still using this pc. If you shut down now, they could lose unsaved work. I have seen the subject question being posted before. However, there is no solution, the message still appears in my computer. I have spent incredible amounts of time trying to fix this BUG from Windows 10 Make the dal: Heat oil (or oil and butter) over medium. Once hot, add onion and cumin seeds and cook, stirring occasionally, until onion browned in spots. Add garlic and ginger, cook for 1 minute more, then the rest of the spices and tomato and cook for 3 minutes more, scraping up any stuck bits. Add water and salt, then lentils urge (ûrj) v. urged, urg·ing, urg·es v.tr. 1. To force or drive forward or onward; impel. 2. To entreat earnestly and often repeatedly; exhort. 3. To advocate earnestly the doing, consideration, or approval of; press for: urge passage of the bill; a speech urging moderation. 4. To stimulate; excite: It urged him to an intensity like madness (D.H.

The variant Pāndiangal occurs as an exogamous sept of the Tamil Vallambans, and Pāndu as a Tamil synonym for Kāpu or Reddi. Panikkar.—Panikkar, meaning teacher or worker, has been recorded, in the Malayālam country, as a title of barbers, Kammālan, Mārān, Nāyar, Pānān, and Paraiyan Isaiah 38:7 tn The words Isaiah replied are supplied in the translation for clarification. In the present form of the Hebrew text v. 7 is joined directly to v. 6, but vv. 21-22, if original to Isaiah 38, must be inserted here. See 2 Kgs 20:7-8 During one of the segments, Saif was asked about the fuss around the name of his elder son, and the actor has replied by saying that he really likes Taimur's name and it wasn't meant to offend anyone. The actor further explained the meaning of Taimur and said that it means iron and is a Persian word