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An eye splice may be used to terminate the loose end of a wire rope when forming a loop. The strands of the end of a wire rope are unwound and then the wire is bent around, and the unwrapped strands are then weaved back into the wire rope to form an eye. There are two types of splices that can be used to form an eye on the end of a wire rope Strip the plastic coating off the ends of the wires. Make sure that you have about 1/2-inch of clean, straight wire at the end. Place Wire Nuts on the Wires Turn the plastic wire nuts (also called wire caps) onto the ends of the wires Contact the manufacturer or dealer and request the proper terminals, bolts, washers, and nuts. Order a terminal device that crimps on the end of the conductor and terminates on the terminal. Install a short lead wire on the terminal and splice it to the circuit conductors To do this splice you should: Turn off the power to the fence. Use a voltage tester to make sure the power is off. Wearing gloves, slide three crimping sleeves over one end of the polywire Get professional PCBs for low prices from www.pcbway.com --~--How to splice a wireIn this video we look at how NASA splices wires. If it's good enough for th..

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  1. Splicing wires using various tools and methods, discussing pros and cons. (how to solder: using soldering iron, how to crimp butt connectors: using crimping.
  2. Use a wire crimper one-quarter of the way in from the end of the splice. Match the crimper hole to the size of your butt splice. Place the jaws of the crimper 1⁄4 - 1⁄2 in (0.64-1.27 cm) from the edge of the butt splice. Squeeze the crimper handles all the way so the wire is held in place
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  4. Wire nuts are screwed clockwise over the end of a pigtail splice or twist and fold as shown in the video above. Wire nuts connect and protect the wires, but often times you will need an inline..
  5. Thread the end of each 12/2 Romex wire—the existing wire and the wire you're splicing to it—through one of the Romex wire connectors attached to the box. Tighten the screws on the sides of the wire..
  6. To splice in a trailer end connector such as the 4-Pole Trailer End Connector # 18004 or Mighty Cord 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector # A10-4404VP you will need to match the connector to your wires by function. On these connectors, the brown wire is the tail lights, the green is right turn/brake light, the yellow is left turn/brake light and the white is ground and your connector will likely be.
  7. Do not reuse these once you remove them, however, because you may strip away too much of the silicone when you pull it off, and it will no longer be watertight if reused. Step 5 - Use a Splice Kit A splice kit containing an inline connector will join the two ends of a break securely in a polyolefin sleeve, which will shrink when heat is applied.

Proper Method for Splicing and Rejoing 10/3 wire. Current setup: a wide, black wire labeled 10/3, connected to 2 20A breakers and used for an electrical, baseboard heater. Wire runs across basement ceiling from main box to the opposite side of the house. Problem: We are beginning a basement remodeling job. I need to splice this wire and rejoin it Strip back the insulation from each wire for a length of about 1 (2.5 cm) Prepare the second cable to be spliced as in figure 1, remembering to alternate the shorter length as illustrated in figure 1. Offsetting the splices helps to eliminate stray wires punching through the splice insulation. Figure 1 - Preparing cables for splicin For example, if you have a power cable you will see two wires inside it Red Wire & Black wire (Red wire for power, Black wire is the ground wire). Bring your splicing tools and connect the red wires of old and new wire and put an electric tape above the splicing, and the same for the black wire

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Create termination points. Cut off the ends of the coax cables to be spliced. Use small sharp wire cutters. Create squared off surfaces, rather than beveled surfaces You can reduce the wiring work a little by using plastic boxes instead of steel - avoiding having to also connect the box to the ground wire. The proper approach also means that you don't then bury any of these splice-boxes in the walls either. Each box has to be brought to the surface and covered Cut the 4 wire USB cable to the desired overall length up to 9 feet using the wire cutting tool. Step 2 Remove 1 inch of the outer insulation on each end to reveal the 4 wires inside. If there is a metal braided sheath protecting the inner wires, fold it back away from the inner wires. List of related literature How do you splice Romex electrical wire? Using the electrician's pliers, twist together the stripped ends of the corresponding wires from each strand of 12/2 Romex, white wire to white, and black to black. Twist them until they are tightly joined, and secure each joint with a threaded wire cap/nut

When splicing wires, you'll usually incorporate one of three kinds of splices: the butt splice, where the two wires are joined to form one, continuous wire; the pigtail splice, where the wires lie next to each other; and the three-way splice, which brings a second wire into the middle of another wire Terminate indoors in a steel junction box. Now you pull a black and white THWN-2 and you're done. Very easy pull especially with stranded THWN. Pull the ground off the metal box Finish the three-wire pigtail splice by securing it with a mechanical connector as we discuss below. How to Twist Electrical Wires Together When Making a Splice. For light wire, such as stereo speaker wires, when two wires are joined, cross about two inches of each end of prepared wire. Bend the ends of the wires over each other at right angles. A splice connector is a vinyl plastic wire termination device that has a sharp metal insert which safely cuts through the plastic insulating jackets of two wires and crimps them together. The splice connector is then closed to securely hold the wire connections together. Oct 10, 2019 ');})();(function(){window.jsl.dh('_vqeGYKn9KtPq-gTRqqC4DA49', For speaker wire I recommend in-line butt splices. They’re simple to use and give an attractive and perfectly functional splice. Use the correct butt splices †yellow for 12-gauge, blue for 14-gauge †and the correct crimper, one of these. You can get them at any hardware store for under $10

Once again, you will place a dolphin or cap on the splice. Tape together the bundle to secure the splice. Now that you've completed the splice on the cable end with the barrel connector, the process is identical on the other end. Ensure that the same wires in the cable you are splicing in connect the inner and outer conductor Split Bolt Connectors Use split bolt connectors, sized appropriately for your 6 AWG, to splice within a junction box. Wrap with quality electrical tape or foam electrical tape for better insulation. You might want to fashion a cardboard sleeve for each split bolt to help maintain wire separation What you need: a roll of electrical tape and two wires whose ends have been twisted together. First, lay the twisted part of the wires onto a strip of electrical tape. Wrap the tape around the wires tightly 5-6 times, making sure to cover up all the wire. Give your connection a tug to make sure it is strong Spud Zooda gave a good answer and is the right/best way to do it. But I've also had success by stripping the jacket back around 1/2″ being careful not to cut through the metal jacket under (may be braided wire or foil or both). Fold the braided wi..

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Ground wires must be continuous as per 10-806. CEC said: 10-806 Installation of system grounding conductors (see Appendix B) (1) The grounding conductor for a system shall be without joint or splice throughout its length, except in. the case of busbars, thermit-welded joints, compression connectors applied with a compression tool Strip back the insulation from each wire for a length of about 1 (2.5 cm) Prepare the second cable to be spliced as in figure 1, remembering to alternate the shorter length as illustrated in figure 1. Offsetting the splices helps to eliminate stray wires punching through the splice insulation. Figure 1 - Preparing cables for splicin The wire to the starboard running light broke off. How do I properly splice the three wires (feed wire, port & starboard wires) together? At home, I'd use a simple wire nut. But I know that's not proper ABYC standard, nor is solder alone. Yes, I know I can get away with using a wire nut and filling it with caulk. But I'd like to do it properly In life, you are often tempted to do things you don't feel is acceptable, and you are always offered many excuses; technically allowed by the code, or the letter of the law allows it, or it's a shady area but acceptable. I think a junction in a panel looks like chit and is difficult to troubleshoot 1. Create termination points. Cut off the ends of the coax cables to be spliced. Use small sharp wire cutters. Create squared off surfaces, rather than beveled surfaces. Mold the ends of the coax using your fingers. Mold the ends of the cables back into cylinders

How To: Splice Wires Whether you're swapping in a new light fixture or adding an outlet in the garage, you'll probably need to reconnect wires, connect a new wire to an old one, or extend a few wires Howard. Fiber optic termination refers to a physical connection of fiber or wire to a device. It is a necessary step for installing a fiber optic network, which provides easy ways for fiber cross connection and light wave signal distribution. There are generally two ways how we terminate fiber optic cables, using connectors or splicing

a) and, run a black 12 gauge wire from the fenders (where you grounded the wires you cut from the Splice-Pack) back to the battery area and make a good solid ground there. That's $3 in material and an hour of time. b) If you cut all the ground wires off the Splice-Packs, to do a good wiring job of it you will need to extend the wires a few inches There are five steps required to splice cable: check compatibility, cut the cable, strip the wire coating, attach the cables together, and cover. The tools needed to splice cable are wire cutters, needle nose pliers, wire strippers, and electrical tape. Wire strippers and cutters are needed to splice cables. The first thing to do when splicing. I do whats called a push splice where you strip just a little bit of wire, push the ends into each other then solder. After the solder I take the needle nose and square up the joint, hit it with some shrink tube and you have a joint stronger than the wire itself (believe me, we have tested it) The wrapping pattern is designed to cause the termination to tighten as the conductors pull against each other. This type of splice is more suited to solid, rather than stranded conductors, and is fairly difficult to complete. The Western Union Splice is made by twisting two ends of a wire together counterclockwise 3/4 of a turn each, finger tight

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Unplugged, you touch one probe to a wire at the beginning, and the other probe to the ends, until you find which one has continuity, use different colored tape to flag these pairs, then you do your splicing as planned, matching the wires to each other as they were arranged at the plug ends Trying to establish a splice point at the old location will be rather difficult and not worth doing given the low cost of wire. Since you want to go the last 10 feet in direct burial wire, you will need to bury at 24 which means actually 14', and the descent to 2' depth at both ends also needs to be in conduit solely as wire physical protection You can not twist a single end of a wire on itself to cancel the signal; You can not splice in a strand of wire and twist around another strand to cancel the signal. All splices need to be a 1 to 1 connection. You can over-twist the wire. Think of the boundary wire like pipe that runs around your property and over-twisting will create a serious. Attention: it is not recommended to simply splice the boundary wire with insulating tape or use a screw terminal block for connection. A broken circuit may occur after a period of time as soil moisture can oxidize the wire. How to repair boundary wire (beginners option) You can encounter two cases: the wire is cut or the wire is damaged Step 8: Preserve the wire pair twists as close as possible to the point of termination. When connecting jacks and plugs, do not untwist the cable more than 0.5 inches for Category 5e, 6 and 6A cable. Helpful Hint: A half of an inch of an untwisted wire pair results in 1.5 dB of near-end crosstalk

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A butt splice connector is a form of so called crimp connectors. Crimp connectors are used to terminate wires safely, or connect one wire to another. The wire is inserted into the connector. Then the connector is crimped, usually with pliers. As a result, the connector is bent and deformed around the wire A splice connector is a vinyl plastic wire termination device that has a sharp metal insert which safely cuts through the plastic insulating jackets of two wires and crimps them together. The splice connector is then closed to securely hold the wire connections together

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To splice a wire is to touch the conductive portion of two wires together. This allows the electrons in a circuit to freely flow together. Alarm technicians commonly splice wires leading to different sensors together. This allows the sensors to share a single circuit. In theory, any number of sensors can be added to a single circuit 2. They make tiny gray and blue wire nuts that ought to work, you could strip and twist all four wires together, trim, and twist on a wire nut. You could cap each wire individually, but I'd splice / short them all together. I have heard two different schools of thought about safing off unused wires, especially wires you want taken out of use Stranded wire is easily spliced with a butt connector. Use a pair of crimping pliers designed to crimp insulated connectors, such as butt connectors, spade connectors or ring connectors, and the job can be finished in just a few minutes. Anywhere you need to splice or terminate a piece of stranded wire, an insulated connector will do the job How to crimp speaker wire properly: Strip the wire leaving 3/8″ to 1/2″ bare wire exposed. Tightly twist the wire so it can be pushed into the connector properly. Insert the wire into one end firmly, pushing it into the metal contact inside. Be sure to insert it fully

Fiber Optic Termination Tutorial. We terminate fiber optic cable two ways - with connectors that can mate two fibers to create a temporary joint and/or connect the fiber to a piece of network gear or with splices which create a permanent joint between the two fibers. These terminations must be of the right style, installed in a manner that. However you do it, the wires should be connected securely enough that they don't come free from the wire nut when you tug on them. There should be no bare wire exposed at the bottom of the wire nut. Another type of approved wire connector is the push-fit connector. With these connectors, you simply push the bare end of the wire into a grip-fit.

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Begin twisting the 2 wires together, about 1 twist per inch. It is better to have more twists than less. Many people find it easier to attach them to an electric drill and let it twist the wires for you. Next, splice the twisted wire back into the boundary loop on one side, and splice the other side of the twisted wire on the other side of the. So now, you insert the wire into the butt splice until the tip touches the indentation. Using the proper tool, you will crimp the side of the butt splice creating a solid connection. Repeat this process on the other side. Now, perform a tug test to make sure that the wires do not pull out. Once you are satisfied, use the proper heat gun or.

The shield termination at the connector becomes more complicated as the number of cables into a single connector increases (trying to properly terminate 10 shields at a single connector is not a trivial task). Solder sleeve products are designed to address the splicing and termination needs of shielded cables. Installatio Wire Connectors - TYUMEN 12pcs 2 Pin 2 Way Low Voltage Universal Compact Wire T Tap Connectors, No Wire-Stripping Required, Toolless Wire Connectors, Quick Splice Wire Wiring Connector for AWG 20-24. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 629. $11.99. $11 I do not want to use a junction box and avoid having an access panel. Can you tell me what are approved residential in wall splices and who the manufacturers are? Thank you, John. Background: John, a Homeowner from St. Paul, Minnesota. Dave's Reply: Thanks for your electrical question John. Preparations for Making an Electrical Wire Splice If you do not have a swagging tool available to crimp a cable ferrule in place, it is still possible to use a cable ferrule. Instead of using a specialized swagging tool, you can use a standard pair of pliers, a vise, or a hammer. These methods will crimp the ferrule in place, allowing you to splice cable together in a supportive and robust loop Take a hammer to the tile center and use a dull screwdriver to begin prying the pieces. Go slowly and carefully, avoid using any sharp tools as we don't want to further damage the heating system we've worked so hard to try and fix. Then, after you've exposed the damaged wire, you can use a splice kit to repair it (do not use electrical tape)

Once you get past the comical name, you may be wondering what exactly a butt splice is. Technically speaking, a butt splice connector is a form of a crimp connector. It is used to terminate wires safely or connect one wire to the next via a connector. We offer a variety of different kinds of butt/crimp splices that are made with heat shrink. Common wire fences include barbed-wire, hog wire, and woven wire where each average $2 per linear foot to install. How do you make a welded wire fence uneven ground? - Use Different Types of Wire Fencing How do I use them? A. The metal pieces attached to the ends of the wire are called Gripple wire joiner. A Gripple wire joiner is a device used to join, splice and tension wire as well as terminate wires. They are manufactured in Sheffield, England by Gripple Ltd. The name derives from the fact the device both grips and pulls wire

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Plastic or metal piping will not cancel the signal. Twist the boundary wire 8 to 10 times per foot to cancel the signal. Splice or Repair the Boundary Wire. If you need additional boundary wire to expand your wire loop, you will need to splice the wires together. Since wire breaks tend to occur at splices, it is helpful to note the locations of. Splicing Means Different Things to Different People. Basic electrical wiring can often be cut. The wire coating can be stripped, exposing the copper wire within it and then that wiring can be connected to a corresponding wire using any number of techniques like twist-on wire connectors, butt/splice connectors or making a permanent connection with solder Step Three: Lay the Boundary Wire. It's time to get a bit technical and precise with this next step. By now your charging station should have it's secure home on your property. The battery should be fully charged. And your robot mower should be ready to do it's thing. Now comes the step where you lay the boundary wire

Butt splices are crimp style connectors used to safely connect one or more wires to another wire. It depends on which style of butt splice you are using and the task at hand. For example, step-down butt splices are meant to connect a higher gauge wire to a lower gauge wire. They could also be used to connect two or more smaller gauge wires to a. cable splice and cable termination for solid dielectric insulated cable. These slip-on devices proved to be the easiest and fastest to install with good reproducibility, and the electrical characteristics were as good as, or better than, the other types of cable splice and cable termination kits tested.--- ---- ----- -- -- -- - Fiber is easy to terminate too, and something you can do yourself. This all combines to give us a better tool to use on our boats. Using 7x19 wire in backstay adjusters, boom vang cascades, halyards and many other places used to be the norm. We also all remember dirty wire, meat hooks and bulky Nicopress fittings So the ideal scenario is to run new phone wire to avoid the splice. With that said, sometimes splicing is the only feasible way to go. Before you grab your electrical tape to twist the wires into a marginal and trouble-prone splice, consider the proper way to splice. . . .the way the pros do it: with gel filled telephone splice connectors

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Splice these two power cables together, using wire nuts, by twisting the exposed copper ends together making sure that you twist positive from one cable to the positive from the other cable and the negative wire, or striped wire, from one cable to the negative wire, or striped wire, from the other cable.coax - DIY BNC to F-connector or RCA Splicing a Steel Wire Introduction. How does a boatswain splice a steel wire? Diagram 1 An eye is to be formed in a steel cable, to serve for example as a mooring cable. The size of the eye is determined such that the cable can be passed smoothly over a bollard or mooring post but also in a way that there is not too much play so as to avoid the. Yes you do need to keep the shield separate from the center conductor. thanks. the mechanic actually redid my splice job and i can see that the shield wire is touching the spade. i had kept them separate when i did the repair but did not understand one part was a shield. Each time the shield touches the core wire I think the computer gets a.

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Terminate both ends of the splice to a jack of the type used in the rest of the installation, matching or exceeding the Category rating (Cat5e or 6 on a Cat5e system, Cat6 or 6a in a Cat6 system). Patch them using a factory terminated cable, at least 1' to maintain a decent bend radius Location: gold coast. #3. 17-10-18, 04:00 PM. make your splice length as short as possible and it'll work fine as you won't be using a termination resistor here. Can being a differential signal is very robust as long as your impedance is right and bus reflections are either adequately damped, or at a frequency well above double the bus data rate Wire Termination. As a global leader in reliable wire termination solutions, we provide easy identification, fast installation, and optimum conductivity to meet a wide variety of electrical applications. The two-set screw splice is available with either swivel screws or an internal pressure plate, while our split bolts are made from high. For a basic splice, all you need is a wire stripper and black electrical tape. 1. Locate the doorbell transformer. It is generally located in the basement near a plug-in outlet. It can be mounted. Before wire can be assembled to connectors, terminals, splices, etc., the insulation must be stripped from connecting ends to expose the bare conductor. General precautions when stripping any type of wire: General procedures for stripping wire with a hand stripper. Selection of wire terminals: Broken wires can repair by means of crimped splices, by using terminal lugs from which the tongue has.

The resistance wires run all the way to the end of the wire system and terminate at the end splice. The end splice is where the manufacturer joins the two resistance wires to complete the circuit. The reason I wanted to dissect the wire system was to address the two weakest locations of most wire systems, the cold lead splice and. When you do what you want to do there is nothing to mechanically secure the ends and you can't inspect the connection. Besides the splice can generate heat and it needs to be contained in a heat resistant enclosure. This paragraph is logic, not something from the code book. He can also fish wires and patch drywall. He's taking the easy way out If you do ever need to remove these, you should never reuse them. The reason for this is that the silicone can get stripped away when you pull it out, causing it to lose the waterproof capabilities it had before. Step 5: Bring Out the Splice Kit. One option that you should consider using if you need to fix a broken wire is a splice kit

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Step 2. Use solder and shrink tubing for low voltage wiring such as 12-volt indoor wiring. Disconnect the power. Slip a three-inch length of shrink tubing over one wire of each splice. Strip one inch of insulation off each wire. Twist the wires of the same polarity together horizontally and smoothly so that the twisted portion is in line with. When you are terminating multiple wires in a splice in your harness, and not a wire-to-wire butt splice, Solistrand Stub (Parallel) Splices are called for. Use a Rennsteig Hexagonal crimp tool or an AMP Crimping Tool and then seal the parallel splice with SCL or a Raychem ES Cap Step 3. Hold the RJ12 connector with the clip facing down and slide the connector over the wires. The green-striped wire should go into the pin that is the farthest to the left, followed by the orange-striped, the blue, the blue-striped and the orange. End with the green wire being inserted into the pin that is the farthest to the right

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After proper assembly, a wire rope clip termination can be expected to hold 80% of the breaking strength of the wire rope for cable diameters 1/8 through 7/8. This number is typically referred to as termination efficiency. a lap splice can be used MagneticFlux -- Not quite sure I follow you. NFPA 79 seems to state that wire nuts shall not be used for motors (except in residential applications). However, you seem to indicate that wire nuts are just fine for any motor conductor #10 AWG or smaller, residential, commercial, industrial, amusement park, whatever

Fiber splicing is a high technical content in the past. They will get paid $ 500 in the previous work splicing a fiber core, while now only ten percent, I am afraid. Here I will step-by-step introduce how to splice isolated fiber together. However, there are only a lot of theory things, to truly grasp you should do it by your hands. Step 1. xTacoma16x said: ↑. It's usually not ok to hardwire them to your stock headligh harness, it would overload circuit and blow a fuse or melt wires. But the one you have are low power only draw 1.32A so you should be fine. Ideally you would want to connect them using relay and tie them to your running lights

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Splicing one cable to another allows you to join two separate cables together into one connection. The cable consists of an outer rubber insulation, a wire mesh, a plastic insulator, and the center conductor wire. Using a barrel plug to splice the two ends of the cables together will ensure a solid connection WindyNation 6-Gauge Butt Splice Connector Pure Copper Tin Coated Marine Grade Uninsulated With Heat Shrink (10-Pieces) (1) See Lower Price in Cart. $ 15 18/piece. Add To Cart. Polaris 3/0 - 6 AWG Bagged Insulated Multi-Tap Connector, Black. (12) See Lower Price in Cart When you think about it, a cable splice is really the termination of two or more wires. And poor cable termination practices are the No. 1 technical problem for alarm system installation and service. Thus the need to discuss some time-proven cable splicing techniques We do not recommend the use of Quick Clip style connectors that come with most fixtures because they are not waterproof and will rot out creating resistance and shorts. By using silicon filled wired connectors, thus spending a little more time on your installation, you will save yourself lots of time and headache over the years You should see this all the way around the wire on both sides of the splice. If you used a block-style splice, make sure the silicone is covering the ends of the wire, past where the insulation starts. Tip. There are several types of splices. For most applications you do not need to spend a lot of money. Lower-priced kits still do an excellent job

This video will show you the basic steps in how to strip coaxial cable and then terminate it using Klein Tools cable stripper and crimper products. How To Strip and Terminate Coaxial Cable | Klein Tools - For Professionals since 185 Multi-Way Heat-ShrinkCrimp-On Butt Splices. Connect one wire to two wires of the same size. When heat is applied, adhesive-lined insulation shrinks and bonds to the wires, creating a moisture- and corrosion-resistant seal For advanced users, you could also tap into the wire for a Western T-splice instead of cutting straight through wire. This is useful when adding a component(s) (i.e. a pull-up resistor) if you have a limited amount of space to work with to save time and reduce costs Whether you decide to take on the wire lifeline renewal yourself or have a rigger do it, you should be able to re-use your existing turnbuckles or pelican hooks and just replace the studs, which will mitigate the expense. Note, though, that modern pelican hooks are much easier to use than older styles so it may be worth upgrading these, at least A T-splice is an electrical connection where a branch wire is brought to the middle of a main wire to connect it into the system. This is also known as a tap or T-tap splice, depending on regional preferences for electrical terminology. Such connections can be used with electrical wiring of a variety of types, as well as cable, telephone, and.

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