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Over 100,000 Truck & Auto Parts. Great Deals & Professional Support. Lowest Price, Fast Shipping, Large Inventory, Easy Returns Best for lifts above 3.5, from daily driver to aggressive off-road driving style, including rock crawling! Easy to upgrade by adding rear long arms at a later time. This allows you to build up to the ROCK-LINK PRO in stages as your budget allows. Installation is usually longer than short arm kits due to the quantity of parts replaced/upgraded I realize that after the lift I obviously need to be conscious of it, and not push my jeep to the limits while on the road. But at the same time I don't want it to detract from my normal driving. I was thinking about a 4.5 lift, but a friend said that even that isn't the safest daily driver or Fat bobs garage 2.5 lift kit: Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 2.5 Suspension Lift Kit w/ Shocks 1999-2004 Now my questions are: 1) Whats the best kit out of the 3? 2) Which one will have the best ride quality? It's my daily driver so I still want it to ride nice and be comfortable. 3) Will any of these kits handle well under a slightly heavy load

Results in a bumpy ride on paved surfaces In summary, a short arm lift kit is ideal if your Jeep isn't being lifted more than 3.5, isn't your daily driver and you'll be doing a lot of rock crawling. Long Arm Lift Kit

They are what makes this kit THE BEST riding and most durable 3.5 lift on the planet. In a nutshell, each WJ Lift kit includes: Old Man Emu replacement coil springs front and rear. Simply put, the best riding spring on the market available I Regret Lifting My Daily Driver. David Tracy. 8/17/17 8:15PM. 344. 28. Three years ago, I dropped $1,000 on a lift kit for my daily-driver, a 1992 Jeep Cherokee. And while I initially loved the.

Middle of the road it sounds like many people like the kolak lift. Idk if kolak is still around and dealing with WJs anymore but for a while at least he sold a ~3 lift kit for around $600 that (IIRC) included a JKS trackbar, OME HD springs, Bilstein shocks, and maybe a few other parts (sway bar ends links and such) My ZJ is a daily freeway driver, safty is my #1 concern. Check out this hombre's WJ the best budget lift ive seen thus far is the front to rear spring swap. its simple just put your front spring to the back and buy a couple of springs from an up country or a f150 and put those on the front an easy clean and clear 3 lift 200 bucks max I am looking to add traction to my daily driver but don't want to lose any driveability. would a rear locker such as a lockrite hinder the on road driveabilty at all? I live in the midwest and we do get quite a bit of snow. I would also like to put somthing in my Dana 30 but like to use 4wd in the snow so a locker may be out of the question Choosing the best Jeep lift kit involves information. Research. Knowing your needs and scouting options like spacers, body lifts or suspension kits. They are all good, but what is best for you? We've put together a guide that can help honestly answer that question so you can find the best Jeep lift kit for you

The JK 2-Door/JKU 4-Door 2.5 Coil Spring Lift Kit w/ 9550 VSS Shocks, however, has its advantages and benefits. The Performance Spacer Lift Kit adds a spacer block, while the 2.5 Coil Spring Lift Kit adds active coils that provide increased suspension and spring travel 4.5-6 inch lifts are best suited for off-roading because they provide large amounts of ground clearance, articulation, and allow for some very large tires. This doesn't mean they can't be driven on the road, however, it may be less comfortable and less safe due to the increased center of gravity https://www.instagram.com/_autoedit_/http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/http://jemfx.com/This is my new project vehicle, a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee with only 100.. Looking to buy some 35for my 2009 jku. Installed a 2.5 budget lift now I'm ready fit bigger tires. I drive it daily on the highway and really don't care about noise. I'm looking for longevity and good in the snow. I never go off-road. I have 18 wheels also. Any suggestions I also have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that is my daily driver as well as off road camping vehicle. We have installed a 3″ BDS suspension lift, 33″ tires, rock sliders and a Rock Hard oil pan skid plate since the oil pan is out in the open just asking for a rock to puncture it

Most 35 tires aren't 35 - I am putting these on my sport - the KO2's haven't impressed me like the original KO tires so time for a change Oh don't get me wrong I like the tire. I'm thinking about them on a Sport S with a 2 lift. The 75 series is a little taller and a little narrower than the.. One of the best Jeep lift kits in the market, especially for those who simply want to increase the height of their monster ride, is this Rough Country creation - the 635 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ BDS Suspension Lift Kit: Pairing the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ with a BDS Suspension 4″ lift made sense since functionality was our goal. The BDS lift would give us a soft ride on the road, and the tire clearance needed for the rigors of Moab. As an option, we included a set of Fox Racing Shocks with this kit

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I bought an '18 Unlimited Sport S, V6/6MT and it's a perfectly fine commuter IMO. I know the Sahara offers a few more features like a better infotainment out of the box and color-matched fenders as an option, but really the only two options I wish I had were the 7 infotainment to get Car Play and the Cold Weather Package because heated steering wheels are amazing We were looking for a lift kit that was going to give us the look but all the comfort since this is a daily driver. We chose the 2.5 Spartan Series Ultimate Kit with the Old Man Emu shocks. This jeep drives so amazing. I originally had Nitto 31's on it before the lift Comments: Matthew bruc says: October 8, 2015 at 2:56 pm What is the lift height and wheel/tire size on the jeep photo pictures with this article? Jeep Lifts says: January 19, 2016 at 12:34 pm Great article. One of the best in-depth articles for lifts I have seen With all the Axle build videos I figured it was time to make a simple video on some parts that I personally think compliment the Jeeps daily drive-ability... For instance, Jeep Cherokee lift kits will have different travel needs and capabilities than Wrangler kits and if you rock crawl vs. go-fast driving, you will need different system setups. If you are looking to optimize your Jeep's flex capabilities for your specific needs, take a look at this recipe for boosting suspension travel

The RANCHO RS9000XL is the best shocks for your Jeep Wrangler. These are shock absorbers are twin-tube gas structure. They have a reinforced, double-chrome-plated stock, which provides great stability in any conditions, it is specially designed boot that greatly reduces damage I'm using 2 inch spring spacers to lift the front my 88' MJ (with 98' Cherokee suspension). After I put the rear 98' Chero axle in, I'll then need to add lift to level out the MJ. I'd actually be fine with the MJ sitting a bit higher in the rear. This will primarily be my daily driver so I'm looking to keep decent ride quality The Ultimate lift kit for your 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL! Our Overland Plus suspension systems were designed to meet both your demanding off-road AND on-road needs. Available in both 2.5 & 3.5 lift variants, all eight of the adjustable control arms included in our Overland Plus systems feature our dual durometer Giiro Joint bushings at both ends Rancho 2 1/2 lift with a JKS 1 1/4 BL and a 1 MML with Rancho 5000's shocks on BFG 33x10.5x15's on my 97 Sport. I like the stiffer ride but it still rides twice as smooth as the stock suspension. Added JKS adjustable Quicker Disconnects to get the Sway bar links back to ten degrees and a JKS adjustable front Track bar I use my 03 WJ as my daily driver and I was looking to lift it, I would like to put on at least 265/75 R16's. I was wondering what the best kit would be to get the best of both worlds between on and off road. These are 2 kits that I saw and am contemplating

This complete lift kit allows 31 tires to provide additional offroading options and still perform well as a daily driver. Built specifically for Zone Offroad lift kits, the Fox Adventure Series shocks feature a 2 OD steel body with a 5/8 heat treated hard chrome plated shaft that provides a comfortable street ride and predictable offroad. It also saw daily driver duty for a while, 130 mile roundtrip daily commutes and the D35 was fine. I had more problems with the trackbar bracket and upper control arm brackets breaking off. Don't get me wrong it is not the best solution, but I think you might be ok. i would suggest getting one of these.

Ultimate Car Rankings Best Sedans Best SUVs Best Trucks 2003 WJ Grand Cherokee Limited - Minimal Lift, Maximum Performance and we could garner ourselves a great luxury daily driver that. I have a 98 Sahara that i want to lift. It it my daily driver and I would want to wear out my 31 10.50's before I put new rubber on it. Right now I'm trying to decide between a 2 inch lift that only includes shocks and springs and a 4 inch Skyjacker lift with new track bars, tranny lowering, dropped pittman arm, etc

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After responsibilities set in, I drove an 01 WJ 100 miles per day for around 2 months. It had a 4 lift and 32's. I got 16 mpg. It got expensive ($150 a week). So I ended up buying a $1000 Honda civic. It would have cost me $7800 to fill it up for a year vs. $1000+$2000 One of the best selling shocks for the Truck, SUV, and Jeep market, the Bilstein 5100 excels at daily drivability mixed with off-road capability. Slightly firmer than the 4600 series, and firmer than a stock-like shock, these high-pressure gas shocks offer improved handling on lifted vehicles and improved response with larger wheels &apm; tires Jeep is a 2005 LJ auto. Currently has the factory LSD Dana 44 rear, Dana 30 front with a Spartan lunchbox, 3:73 gears, 4 short arm lift of unknown manufacture, 33 tires, Currie Anti-rock, WJ V8 tie rods, JCR rock rails, and a Shittybilt front stinger. I picked up a pair of TJ Rubicon axles

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The GTS II is the perfect seat for the daily driver who wants a sporty stock look, while still maintaining aggressive comfort; This anatomically advanced seat was designed with deep and aggressive thigh and kidney supports while still maintaining the stock loo WJ Grand Cherokee: 2 Performance Spacer Lift Kit. Be the first to review this product. $256.99. Availability: Out of stock. SKU. 1391200. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. TeraFlex Performance Spacer Lift Kits are the most economical way to raise your unibody Jeep SUV with the least amount of modifications making them perfect for daily drivers. Add to Cart. Save for later. Call 800-222-7023. Text 731-503-8189. Who says your daily driver and your weekend warrior can't be the same vehicle? The 3.5-inch N3-Series Kit for Jeep ZJ was engineered by Rough Country's Research and Development Team to give the perfect blend of off-road performance and smooth highway ride. Details. Fitment. Reviews Short Arm Lift Kits. Generally speaking, a short arm lift can handle up to a 3.5-inch suspension lift without a notable shift in driving quality - as long as it is properly built. If 3.5-inches are not enough, drop brackets can be installed to lower the point at which the arm attaches and decrease its angle to the axle, allowing for a higher.

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  1. 6.5 Long Arm Lift Kit. Price $2,846.17. Base Kit Id 1433H. STEP 2: Customize this Kit! BDS Suspension 6-1/2 Long Arm Lift Kit for the 1987 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ. The BDS 6.5 XJ Long Arm system provides the best on and offroad capability you could ask for and is designed to clear 33x12.50's with room to flex
  2. The RC lift is not that bad, But it has been on for 2 year's and 2 month's, It is mostly my Daily Driver, Ive been off road with it only about 5 time's. But i have noticed the spring's are sagged a little already, and the shock's that came with the lift in my opinion suck. So shortly, I am going to upgrade to a better RE lift. My 2 cent'
  3. Good for Daily Drivers - Because you're only lifting the vehicle a little bit, and you're not doing any major mods to the suspension, for a daily driver, a leveling kit is a great option. You can still drive on the highway or on the way to work, but still get some trail or beach time in on the weekends. Sure, many Jeepers want to live the Jeep.

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The best advice I can give is to start with a 2 Mopar lift and a good set of 33s, disconnects, aired down, and you won't believe what you can do. This rigs are so capable, and with 33s you will have good power. There are few obstacles you will run into that need bigger tires, and you are doing some serious wheeling if you run into those These lift kits provide the perfect amount of clearance to fit larger tires for backcountry exploration without compromising factory handling and suspension control for a balanced highway ride - making them perfect for daily drivers and weekend travelers! . BU Renegade | MP Compass. 1.5 Performance Spacer Lift Kit Comparatively the Wj doesn't have as huge an aftermarket support as the JK but there are some lift kit choices for example one online retailer (QT) has kits from budget boost>1.5 lifts>4 lifts. Briefly looking at those lift kits different manufacturers add additional parts needed based on their R+D for their specific lift kit

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  1. If you've been searching for the ultimate lift kit for your Jeep Gladiator JT 2020+, then look no further. Our all NEW JT suspension systems were designed to meet both your demanding off-road AND on-road needs. Available in both 2.5 & 3.5 lift variants, all 8 of the adjustable control arms included in our Premium kits feature our dual durometer Giiro Joint bushings an
  2. ator shock extensions to help you maintain full flex while keeping the price.
  3. 2000XJ said: Eh, yes and no. 1999 and 1996 are known as the two best years to buy for an XJ. '00-'01 brought the low pinion Dana 30 and the infamous 0331 head, along with a distributorless system, among a couple other things. Now for what it's worth, the LPD30 isn't ideal for offroading, but it's not terrible either
  4. 10% Off All Products*. $345.74 $384.15. Rough Country 4.5in X-Series Suspension Lift Kit for 84-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ. $999.95. Rough Country 4in Suspension Lift Kit for 93-98 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ. $649.95. 4.5. (2) Rough Country 3.5in Suspension Lift Kit for 20-21 Jeep Gladiator JT
  5. This complete lift kit allows 31 tires to provide additional offroading options and still perform well as a daily driver. Four new Zone coils are included that are capable of being fully smashed down and they will always come back to their original height. Rear extended sway bar links are included. These links come with urethane bushings to.
  6. The Liftcraft Spring Spacers Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler has managed to make a place for itself in the car parts world because of its fascinating features. Its DELRIN-engineered construction provides excellent dimensional stability and is also ideal for low friction and high stiffness. The lift kit can easily fit the 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ 2WD + 4WD models
  7. I am 99.9% sure I'm going to order a gladiator the day the order banks open. I plan to sell my truck and my 2013 JKR. My question is what do y'all think is the best daily driver setup. I'm kind of concerned about 410 gears. My F-150 averages 18.5 miles per gallon. My JKR averages about 16 and 1/2. I would really like to get the best MPG possible

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May 7, 2018 - Explore Grey Tucker's board WJ build on Pinterest. See more ideas about jeep wj, jeep grand cherokee, jeep On the hunt and ready to pull the trigger on a late-model WJ to serve as a daily driver and backcountry pack mule, the last thing I expected to find was one that had been mothballed for damn near. Best of all, you'll be with a stable, nationwide company that is known for having the best equipment, great management, clear communication and a fantastic safety record. We pay every Friday, and for most of our driving positions, you're home daily. Yes, daily. Are you ready to take it to the next level? Come drive for Penske Driveline Vibration and How To Cure It on Lifted Jeeps This is a copy of an e-mail that I just sent to a good customer of ours, that I thought might benefit someone else, looking to eliminate driveline vibes from their lifted Jeep. Feel free to comment below for clarification, and I'll answer your questions/comments as quickly as I can

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J-Kontrol offers enhanced performance for daily driving, beach cruising, or regular trail use. Improve the ground clearance and off road capability of your 4 Door Jeep Wrangler JL with the JKS J-Kontrol 2.5 lift kit. The J-Kontrol lift retains your OE control arms, but steps up the rest of your suspension. J-Kontrol kits feature dual rate coil. Whether it's a smaller two-inch lift or a massive six-inch lift, there are several types of lift kits that can help you achieve that aggressive look. Depending on if you need more ground clearance for enhanced off-roading performance or if you're just looking for some added style, check out this guide to find the best Jeep lift kit for you Jeep Grand Cherokee without Up Country Suspension 2004, VSV™ Driver or Passenger Side Twin-Tube Shock Absorber by TruParts®. Quantity: 1 per Pack. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality.. Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 99-04 Driver Front Interior Door Panel Dark Gray Agate (Fits: 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee) $144.99. Free shipping. or Best Offer. SPONSORED 16 Best Shock Absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee. In this post we will review the best shock absorbers for jeep grand cherokee. Shock absorbers are usually installed in vehicles to ensure safety and smooth ride for both the driver and the passenger. Grand Cherokee jeeps are made for rough terrain hence needs a good quality shock absorber

WJ Lift Kit: 1999-04 WJ Lift Kit, best ride quality on the

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wanting to lift my 97 zj, whats the best cheap lift

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  1. Jeep Jacks & Recovery Accessories | Wrangler. Sort by. Featured Bestselling Price High to Low Price Low to High Customer Rating Newest. Showing 1- 48 of 285 results. in. (97) RedRock 4x4 48-Inch Extreme Recovery Jack; Black. $ 114.99. FREE Shipping
  2. WJ Build - Mild Wheeler/Daily Driver. General. NSJC Jamboree INFO. 2020 NSJC Jeep Jam. 2019 NSJC Jeep Jam. 2018 . 2017 NSJC Jeep Jam. 2016 NSJC Jeep Jam. 2015 NSJC Jeep Jam. 2014 NSJC Jeep Jam . 2013. 2012 . 2011 . 2010 . 2009 . 2008 . 2007 . JEEP General Board. JEEP Tech Talk. JEEP Builds. JEEP Pics/Vids. Trail Rides. Sales Forums. JEEP Parts.
  3. In my humble opinion, the RE 2BB is one of the best investments I've made. At $199 for a set of 2 spacers, awesome DT3000 shocks and rear bumpstop extensions, this kit is a steal of a deal. This is a great setup if you plan on running 31x10.50s. Q
  4. As you lift your Jeep higher, the TRE's (Tie Rod Ends) and DRE (drag link ends) sit at much more of an angle and can run out of movement as the axle moves around. Also, as the stock inverted Y steering gets pulled down with lift, there is a tendency for the Jeep to wander and simply not steer as well as stock
  5. Who says your daily driver and your weekend warrior can't be the same vehicle? The 2.5-inch N3-Series Kit for Jeep TJ was engineered by Rough Country's Research and Development Team to give the perfect blend of off-road performance and smooth highway ride. Improve your on and off-road ride quality with Rough Country's premium N3 shocks! These 10-stage variable valving, high-pressure Nitrogen.

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  1. A perfect kit so you can enjoy your Jeep with a lift now, with opportunity to build on for the future. This is a lower lift height for mild off-road use, made with top level parts. Featuring patented Technology available nowhere else. Features Include: Duroflex™ Joints enhanced with Kevlar True Dual Rate™ Coils Durotrak equipped front track bar Specifically tuned shocks for True Dual Rate.
  2. Didnt come with instructions took 5 hours total to put on 2.5 hours front and 2.5 hour rear. Overall I can definitely tell a difference, my old shocks were shot, and now my jeep feels pretty stable. My tires were rubbing on drivers side when I turn having 33s, Until I got this lift now there is no rub
  3. Regular price $ 845.00 Save $ -845.00. /. Current build time: 3 months. Glissade - Rocker Replacement Sliders for the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ (1999 - 2004). Currently only available for the WJ. These rock sliders are built for extreme off-roading situations (see video for demo). Used as sliders to get over obstacles and steps to make it easier.
  4. We have what you need to for that daily driver or custom trail machine. Shop by Category - Parts By Vehicle - Parts for Jeep - 99-04 Grand Cherokee WJ - WJ Suspension 435-640-443
  5. Rusty's XJ Cherokee 8 Long Travel Kit. Product Description. Details. Rusty's used over 40 years of knowledge and the technology of 3-D computer modeling to design a suspension system that would retain a good ride, offer great articulation, and most importantly, would hold up to the most severe off roading imagineable
  6. Sexton Off Road -99-04 Grand Cherokee WJ. 99-04 Grand Cherokee WJ. Select a Sub-Category
  7. Best Tires for the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk: Kumho Road Venture AT51 in 108T - Best budget tire. Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar in 119/116S - Best budget tire. Firestone Destination X/T in 119/116S - Best superior tire

How to Choose a Jeep Lift Kit & Mods You'll Need to Support I

  1. You can find lift shocks here:Shocks for lifted Jeep Cherokee XJ's: Shocks for ~3 of lift SHOCKS - You have a few options on shocks and can save some $$$ by going the Monroe route on shocks... ya end up with a 'lifetime' warranty to boot. These are best used for 3 of final lift. Monroe GasMatics
  2. Longer shackles up front. (I know its not the best idea) makes 3 1/2 inches 35x12.5x16 swamper tsl Steelies, dont know back spacing but it isnt as much as I would like. Mud, Mud, Mud,Few Rocks, Trails, oh and Mud. I get rubbing on the bottom of the wheel well, in front of the door, mainly on the driver side
  3. An SOA lift takes the axle off the top of the springs and reattaches it underneath the springs. The amount of lift gained is the sum of the axle tube diameter, the spring pack thickness, and both the old and new spring perches. On a YJ, this generally amounts to around 5.5″. Because the lift itself potentially uses all stock parts, cost is.
  4. We build them for rock crawlers, trail runners and daily drivers. A correctly built suspension system requires serious knowledge and real world experience. We sell top name brands such as Teraflex, Synergy, REID, Rubicon Express, ORI, PSC, Fox and King. We will help you select the best suspension to meet your needs
  5. Zone Offroad® 4″ Lift Kit, 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee WJ. $ 727.23. Heavy Duty Front Lower Control Arms. Front/Rear Nitro Shocks & Coil Springs. Clears 31″ Tires. In stock. Arrives by July 16. Quantity. — OR —
  6. ate that pesky cv joint at the axle end of your stock drive shaft and replace it with a u-joint. Works on vehicles with 4 of lift or less. This sh
For Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Front Left Driver Strut Spring

Video: Jeep WJ Long Arm Suspension 4 Lift Install from IRO Grand

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It can be your daily driver and your weekend warrior. Compare that to a side-by-side where you need a truck, most often a trailer, and a UTV to do what a Jeep can do on it's own. There are states and counties that do allow you to ride your UTV on the road in their stock configurations, but most places require the addition of windshields. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for NEW BILSTEIN FRONT & REAR SHOCKS FOR 99-04 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE WJ WITH A 1.5-2 LIFT, 5100 SERIES SHOCK ABSORBERS. Get discount prices, fast shipping and ultimate product help when shopping for Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ) Steering Gear Box at 4 Wheel Parts. The best online destination and local store solution for all of your Truck and Jeep off-roading needs With our Suspension FAQs and customer-written Shocks Reviews you can get some extra details about the right shocks for your needs, and the chart below lays Rough Country and Rancho side by side. Plus, if you have any more questions, you can always contact our customer service team by email, online chat, or by phone at 800-663-1570

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