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Since 2003 Reach Beyond Australia, formerly HCJB Australia, has been transmitting from Kununurra in far North West Australia using short wave radio. We now broadcast programs in 30 languages, including 17 South Asia languages. We have opportunities to serve in Kununurra and from our National Office in Kilsyth, Victoria, as well as global. HCJB Australia is an international, interdenominational, Not for Profit, Christian organisation, serving as Radio Broadcaster to the Asia Pacific region. As HCJB Australia is a Christian mission, the successful applicant will be required to raise their own support or have the capacity to be self-funded. Th (May 3, 2013 - by Harold Goerzen) David Maindonald seemed incredulous as he reflected on his 24-year vision to air the gospel via shortwave radio from Australia to the Asia Pacific Region. Yes, the story of HCJB Global-Australia is truly a story of what God has done, he told a crowd at the dedication of the ministry's new international broadcast site in Kununurra, adjacent to the original. Join us for the journey starting at the HCJB site, travelling along the orchard to the antenna site out the back. Then check out the antenna farm from the ai..

HCJB, The Voice of the Andes, was the first radio station with daily programming in Ecuador and the first Christian missionary radio station in the world. The station was founded in 1931 by Clarence W. Jones, Reuben Larson, and D. Stuart Clark. HCJB now focuses on Ecuador with unified programming on FM at 89.3 MHz in Pichincha, at 92.5 MHz in Manabí, at 96.1 MHz in Tungurahua and Cotopaxi. Australia HCJB English is now on: 0000-0030 15405 15525 0145-0200 15405 Thursday 0700-0900 11750 1000-1100 15400 15540 1130-1200 15425 1300-1315 15405 Thursday 1300-1330 15400 1330-1400 15435 Sunday 2330-0000 15390 (Source: Alokesh Gupta-IND,Cumbre via WDXC Contact/WWDX/BC-DX/Top News

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Pray. Reach Beyond is a sending organization that creates opportunities for you to engage your skills, resources and prayers in reaching the unreached. With our network of strategic partners and our strengths in media, medicine and community development, we want to empower you so that unreached people everywhere can hear about Jesus, see Him in. The answer can be found in such developments like Christian Vision withdrawing its programming from transmitters in Germany and Australia; HCJB not replacing the shortwave plant it recently closed in Ecuador, and Evangeliums-Rundfunk, the German partner of Trans World Radio no longer using shortwave, Ludwig said HCJB world Radio-Australia, which transmits on short wave radio, broadcasts Christian programs from the site in more than 11 languages. David Maindonald said the government minister was reluctant to release the adjacent land until native title claims at Kununurra were settled and planning approval in principle was given for the major.

Added nine languages to The Voice of the Great Southland, HCJB World Radio-Australia's shortwave station in Kununurra, bringing the total to 11. Aired precedent-setting Easter broadcasts across India via shortwave from Australia while simulcast on FM stations in three Indian cities - New Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow - with a total population of. Electronic Engineer at HCJB Australia Greater Melbourne Area 6 connections. Join to Connect HCJB Australia. Swinburne University of Technology. Report this profile Experience Electronic Engineer HCJB Australia Feb 2000 - Present 21 years 5.

HCJB Global transmits Christian programming via shortwave radio from broadcast facilities in Ecuador and Australia. It also has helped partner ministries start more than 300 radio stations in more than 100 countries. HCJB is an acronym for Heralding Christ Jesus' Blessings Apparently they do. Passport lists HCJB AUSTRALIA, Kununurra on 15405 at 1700-1730 UTC in an unspecified language..

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HCJB Global Australia - B09 English schedule. The shortwave broadcast schedule published below is a portion of the full schedule for this station. A complete schedule that includes all broadcasting languages, is now available as an exclusive service to subscribers of Monitoring Times electronic magazine -- MTXpress HCJB Australia Vintage E-QSL (2004) I have been listening to Reach Beyond from the days when the station started broadcasting to Asia-Pacific region as HCJB Australia which was later changed to HCJB Global Voice. It's been a long journey of over 12 years! I feel happy to see that in spite of changes in the policy of the parent organization. Peter Penford | Greater Melbourne Area | Studio Manager at HCJB Australia | 4 connections | View Peter's homepage, profile, activity, article AUSTRALIA: ABC Alice Springs - VL8A: Alice Springs: eC: ABC Brisbane - VLQ 9: Brisbane: C ABC Perth - VLW 6: Wanneroo: C Australian Defence Forces Radio: North West Cape: L HCJB Australia: Kununurra: eC: NBC Papua New Guinea Relay: Brandon: eL: Radio Australia - VLF: Shepparton: C Radio Australia - VLK: Carnarvon: C Radio Australia - VLN.

HCJB Australia - Kununurra: 11590 kHz, 1430 hrs to 1445 hrs UTC broadcast in Chattisghari language log on 11th May, 2014 and f/d eQSL arrived on 23rd May, 2014 for my email report. Address: HCJB Global Australia, P.O. Box 691, Melbourne 3001, Australia. E-mail: english@hcjb.org.a History. World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc. - Reach Beyond - began in 1931 as Radio Station HCJB in Quito, Ecuador, South America.The ministry was the vision of Clarence W. Jones, a musician, graduate of Moody Bible Institute, and the son of a Salvation Army minister. Following his graduation from Moody, Jones worked under evangelist Paul Rader and was part of the founding staff of the.

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  1. HCJB Australia May 2012 - Present 7 years 6 months. Business Manager Mountain District Christian School September 2007 - September 2012 5 years 1 month. Education. Monash University
  2. HCJB Australia Christian Broadcaster from Australia. NHK Japan Japanese powerhouse broadcaster. One of the big names in the industry Radio Thailand Thailand Broadcaster which occasionally broadcasts in English. Provides good local region news. Voice of Russia The powerhouse from Russia. Unfortunately signals aren't all that reliable from.
  3. The cheapest way to get from Kununurra to HCJB costs only $1,014, and the quickest way takes just 41¼ hours. Find the travel option that best suits you. Travel from Australia to Ecuador is: Partially open
  4. Last updated on 23-Mar-2021 B20 Updated Operational Transmission Schedule: b20allx2.zip - zipped package containing schedule in standard ITU format and reference tables. B20 Transmission and Programme schedules by Broadcasters and Frequency Management Organisations (FMOs)
  5. Con la antena DEGEN DE31MS el Alinco DX-R8E recibe con menos ruido que el KENWOOD R-2000 con hilo de 12 metros por antena, aunque esto es debido a las antena..
  6. : Organisation: Language: Action. ±20kHz. ADM Abu Dhabi Media Company AGM United States Agency for G. AIR All India Radio ANT ANTI, Milano AWR Adventist World Radio BBC BBC Worldservice BCQ Allan H. Weiner BIX BitExpress (Germany) BRB Broadcast Belgium C29 Channel 292 (Germany) CBB Caribbean Beacon CNR China.
  7. HCJB Global Australia received with Tecsun PL-380 world receiver at 15:22 UTC on 15340 kHz from Kununurra, Australia in English

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HCJB Australia - English schedule The following English schedule should extend a few more weeks until the B06 winter frequency adjustments. All times UTC, kHz, Target Areas: as (Asia) pa (Pacific) All programming daily unless otherwise stated Radio Australia, Melbourne (vintage - c.1982) Waltzing Matilda IS/kookaburra IS/ID/ST (English) External. HCJB Australia, Voice of the Great Southland (vintage - 2003) ST/ID (English) External. HCJB Global - Australia (vintage - 2012) ST/ID (English) Externa REACH BEYOND AUSTRALIA CEO: Dale Stagg Address: PO Box 291 Kilsyth, Victoria 3137. Telephone: +61-03-8720-8000 Fax: +61-03-8720-8020 meloffice@reachbeyond.org.au reachbeyond.org.au VOZ Y MANOS - ECUADOR Director: Gary Gardeen Villalengua OE2-52 y 10 de Agosto Quito, Ecuador, South America Telephone: +593-098-681-0206 mision@vozymanos.org REACH.

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HCJB Australia in Kununurra, Northwest Australia was heard on 5 March 2011 from 13.00 to 13.15 UTC on 15.340 kHz.Evangelical Christian programming was broadcast to South East Asia in the Khmer language CEO at REACH BEYOND (AUSTRALIA) formerly HCJB Australia Greater Melbourne Area 440 connections. Join to Connect REACH BEYOND (Australia) Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Report this profile Activity To our friends and colleagues at Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, thank you for the smiles, you are amazing!. As the B16 schedule has been released, ShortwaveSchedule.com is now updated as well to serve your shortwave listening habits :-) Important: as Google is pushing for secure content, the geolocation feature no longer works in Google Chrome if the site is being served over plain HTTP HCJB Australia. St Agnes School. Report this profile Experience Finance Manager HCJB Australia May 2012 - Present 9 years 2 months. Education St Agnes School -View Nicholas' full profile See who you know in common Get introduced Contact Nicholas directly.

Last updated on 12-Nov-2020 A20 Updated Operational Transmission Schedule: a20allx2.zip - zipped package containing schedule in standard ITU format and reference tables. A20 Transmission and Programme schedules by Broadcasters and Frequency Management Organisations (FMOs) HCJB can still be heard on 6050 kHz from Mt. Pichincha, near Quito, with Spanish and indigenous languages of Ecuador. The double dipole (CT2/1/0.3) antenna [21] :4-5,17-18 is designed to cover only Ecuador, but the 5 kW signal was heard worldwide from time to time. [22] With the replacement of the 40 year old 5 kW transmitter with a new 1. HCJB Global Australia short intro. You are watching HCJB INTRO on Godtube.com the largest video sharing platform offering online Christian videos with faith-based, family friendly content So far this has included serving as dorm parents for MKs in Northern Pakistan and Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai), helping to spread God's word in Asia through Reach Beyond Radio (formerly HCJB Australia) in Nth West Australia and now, reaching out to the Indigenous families of the West Kimberley in Nth West Australia with Growing Families. HCJB is an old acquaintance of mine, a station I heard and QSLed way back when I started DXing in the 1980s. At that time, HCJB broadcast exclusively from Ecuador on shortwave. The times have changed a lot since that time of course. The large shortwave site in Ecuador has been closed, but HCJB still broadcasts on shortwave from Australia

HCJB welcomes reception reports, which (thanks to information obtained by Jerry Berg) should be sent either by email or by mail to HCJB Australia, GPO Box 691E, Melbourne, Australia 3000, along with return postage. The Melbourne studios are used to produce programming in English and Oromo HCJB broadcasts on shortwave from Quito Ecuador and Kununurra Australia. The station plans to discontinue its shortwave operations from Quito in late 2009. Non-radio ministries. Although HCJB Global began solely as a radio ministry, in recent decades it has diversified substantially with outreaches in healthcare and education Reach Beyond Australia & HCJB Voice of The Andes. AUSTRALIA A-21 shortwave schedule of Reach Beyond Australia: 1100-1130 on 15565 KNX 100 kW / 005 deg to EaAs Japanese Sat/Sun 1125-1140 on 11905 KNX 100 kW / 335 deg to SEAs Rohingya Daily 1140-1155 on 11905 KNX 100 kW / 335 deg to SEAs Burmese Daily 1130-1145 on 12010 KNX 100 kW / 310 deg to. 1145-1200 HCJB Australia IND 15340 1200-1215 R. Thailand HSK9 MAL 6070 7115 11870 1200-1230 HCJB Australia IND 15340 (1-6) 1200-1230 HCJB Australia MAL 15340 (7) 1200-1300 Deutsche Welle IND 603 9655 15620 89.2 1200-1300 KBS World Radio IND 9570 1200-1300 R. Nederland Wereldomroep IND 12075 1200-1300 R. Taiwan Int. IND 1422 1162

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Frequency: Start UTC: Stop UTC: CIRAF - click here to see map: Broadcaster: FMO: Language: Transmitter: Latitude: Longitude: Beam: Power (kW) Days of operation (Sun=1 A21 Intranet. Interactive Schedule. B20 by Org. A21 by Org. Availability. Standard Format. Last updated on 09-Jul-2021 New Shortwave Station for HCJB in Australia. A few years ago, the Australian government made two surprising moves. They gave approval for the sale of the Radio Australia base near Darwin in the Northern Territory to a Gospel organization, Christian Voice, and they gave approval for pioneer shortwave station HCJB in Quito Ecuador to set up their own shortwave station in Western Australia 「こんなもんが聞こえますぅ」の 「中国国際放送」「朝鮮の声」「ラジオ・タイランド」「Reach Beyond (HCJB Australia)」「World Harvest Radio (WHR)」「NHK World ラジオ日本」「しおかぜ」「ふるさとの風」「BBC World Service」の周波数変更を反映: 2020/12/0

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  1. · Reach Beyond Australia is but one part, and a fully autonomous part of Reach Beyond around the world. After 83 years, the mission changed its name in 2014 from HCJB which were the call letters of the organisations first radio station in Quito, Ecuador - The Voice of the Andes - established on Christmas Day, 1931
  2. g in the South American country of Ecuador and the first Christian missionary radio station in the world. The station was founded in 1931 by Clarence W. Jones, Reuben Larson, and D. Stuart Clark. HCJB is now heard on FM in Quito at 89.3 MHz, and AM at 690 kHz, and within Ecuador on 6050 kHz, short wave
  3. 概説. hcjbは1931年、エクアドルの首都・キトにある仮スタジオで世界最初のキリスト教 伝道放送を行ったのがスタートとされており、それ以来エクアドル国内向けのテレビ・ラジオ放送のほか、国際短波放送を全世界に向けて12言語、並びにエクアドルの地方方言22言語を使って放送を行っている
  4. HCJB Australia - Kununurra (QSL-letter) Radio Australia (via Shepparton) - a QSL card, a frequency and a program schedule; Argentina
  5. 31 Meter Band 1200 - 1300 UTC, all frequencies in kHz. Note the blowtorch CRI signal on 9,570 kHz which was blanketing the surrounding spectrum with noise. I recorded two broadcasts during the scan-both at 12:30 UTC: Radio Thailand (9,390 kHz) and Radio Slovakia (9,955 kHz). I will post them soon

HCJB FM the Voice of the Andes. It was the first Christian missionary radio in Ecuador. It broadcasts 24/7, they play all time program on the web and FM. HCJB the Voice of the Andes the following frequencies operating in Ecuador: 89.3 FM - Pichincha 96.1 FM - Cotopaxi and Tungurahua 98.3 FM - Esmeraldas 92.5 FM - Manab Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Australia) Jobs Make a difference serving at Reach Beyond. Filter. Search. Create Job Alert. 1 match. Sort by. General Manager Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Australia) Kununurra, WA, Australia 15 April 2021. Explore . PO BOX 5214, Pinewood VIC 3149, Australia 0423. HCJB Global Australia, transmitting from Kununurra, Australia, was logged on 7 September 2013. A Japanese language broadcast was monitored from 22.30 to 23.00 UTC. Reception on 15.525 kHz was (SINPO) 55455 -- excellent signal strength and audio clarity with no fading. 15.525 kHz was (SINPO) 55455 -- excellent signal strength and audio clarity with n

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  1. The decision to allow HCJB to set up its station at Kununurra, Western Australia, in 1975, came as a complete surprise to many of us in the industry, which was a complete about-face of an established policy
  2. g in the South American country of Ecuador and the first Christian missionary radio station in the world.The station was founded in 1931 by Clarence W. Jones, Reuben L Show in map Show coordinate
  3. ed their own needs and strategy for the new broadcast technology, Russell added. Charlie Jacobson, who is working with his engineer father, Herb Jacobson, on the digital radio project at Elkhart, said T7 is one of.
  4. HCJB's NEW ENGLISH PROGRAM SCHEDULE. Greetings from Quito, dear listener! There are some changes taking place in the HCJB English. Language Program and Frequency Schedule. Following is our. new Schedule. For a complete listing of all language broadcasts by. HCJB, contact us for an International Program Schedule
  5. istry had a rather humble beginning since there were perhaps as few as 13 radios capable of.
  6. As well as those non Communist stations mentioned I listened to programmes on Radio Canada International, one of the first stations I came across on shortwave when I started listening in the 60's, Austrian Radio shortwave service, where Jonathan Marks first did some features for, Radio RSA South Africa, Radio Australia, HCJB Ecuador Voice of.

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Note Australia is a Day ahead of the United States. SINPO:44434 Friday October 28th, 2005 UTC 2227 UTC till 2258 UTC (2:27-2:58pm on Friday, ALASKA TIME) 15525 Khz, HCJB Australia Transmitter Location: Kununurra, Australia INFO: Began before 2230 UTC sign on with interim music and ID of HCJB Australia. Then with songs of Australia. SINPO: 4434 AUSTRALIA/PACIFIC. Adelaide Commercial Radio Station Cruise 1323 AM Adelaide Commercial Radio Station 1395 5AA ABC News Radio. ABC Radio National. HCJB Global Australia. OzyRadio 5045 Khz: Radio New Zealand Internationa Sonshine FM - Perth, Western Australia; Sydney's 103.2 - Sydney, New South Wales; Ultra106five - Hobart, Tasmania; Vision Radio Network - Australia wide; Way FM - Launceston, Tasmania; HCJB - Kununurra, Western Australia; 96three - Geelong, Victoria; Bosnia and Herzegovina. Radiopostaja Mir Međugorje - Catholic radio www.radio-medjugorje.co Meanwhile, in the town of Kununurra in Western Australia, The Voice of the Great Southland, HCJB World Radio-Australia's local short-wave station, continues broadcasting programs across the region to encourage survivors. We carried special programming in the early days after the tsunami, and we continue to broadcast information and news.

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  1. 安第斯之声(西班牙語: La Voz De Los Andes ;英語: The Voice of the Andes ;简称HCJB)是一家总部位于厄瓜多尔的国际广播 电台,由美国 环球广播宣教团契 ( 英语 : World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc. ) 运营。 安第斯之声成立于1931年,是厄瓜多尔第一家每天定时广播的广播电台,也是世界上首家基督教.
  2. g short-wave programs from a converted sheep shed in Ecuador. These days, it broadcasts to more than 100 countries in 120 languages. And depending on the target audience, the group uses short-wave, AM and FM radio, satellite, TV and the internet to get its evangelical messages out
  3. Vlnr op de foto: Gerard (NL), Deb Sorensen (AU), Dale Stagg (CEO HCJB-AU), Kim Holmberg (AU) en Christi Lynn (USA) Sinds jaar en dag verzorgd HCJB de luisteraar-cd's voor Focus on the Family in Australië. Hiervoor hebben we vooral contact met Kim, en Gerard had regelmatig contact met Christi toen hij op Aruba werkte bij Radio Victoria
  4. (Cortesy of Mr. Ozaki, Reach Beyond Australia) In November, I visited Mr. Kazuo Ozaki, the host of HCJB-Japanese program (the middle gentleman in the above QSL card) in his home studio in Arizona. I used to listen to his broadcasting from Quito Ecuador over 40 years ago, and this time face-to-face

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HCJB is a major international Christian shortwave radio station broadcasting from Quito, Ecuador in South America. Thanks for listening to The Voice of the Andes. ----- ENGLISH PROGRAM SCHEDULE : Effective 2 May 1995 at 1600 UTC Revised 1 May 1995 by ACG. AUSTRALIA Good signal of Reach Beyond Australia on 9720 kHz via Kununurra on July 20: GERMANY(non) Good/weak signal of HCJB/Voice of The Andes on 13800 kHz via MBR Nauen, July 17: 1529-1629 on 13800 NAU 100 kW / 100 deg to CeAs Russian/Chechen Sat only via SDR Tambov, Russi

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HCJB - Reach Beyond Australia, transmitting from Kununurra, was logged on 10th of April, 2015. Its English service was monitored from 16:20 - 16:44 UTC, HCJB Reach Beyond Australia was then at 15170 kHz. Its signal was somewhat good, however, a lot of noise occured during broadcast, making the SINPO 43354 Listening to HCJB as a kid in the 1980s, I always wanted to visit and am glad I was able to. Click to expand... I used to love HCJB. Back in the late 70's, I was good friends with the Engineer there and wrote him a letter inviting him and his family to my upcoming wedding. Well, his English being not so good he mistook it to mean I was inviting. The Voice of the Andes, HCJB, Quito, Ecuador, each month during the DX Party Line English program. The DXPL is broadcast over HCJB-Australia (Kunnunurra, Western Australia), WWCR, and WRMI The Voice of the Ande

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  1. SW 15340 kHz HCJB - Reach Beyond Australia. SW 15360 kHz Korea KBS World radio Service Russian. SW 15400 kHz BBC World Service. SW 15420 kHz Radio Free Sarawak - Malaysia. SW 15435 kHz Radio Saudi Arab - Saudi Arabia. SW 15450 kHz Radio Exterior de España. SW 15540 kHz Voice of Turkey
  2. AUSTRALIA/PACIFIC. Adelaide Commercial Radio Station Cruise 1323 AM Adelaide Commercial Radio Station 1395 5AA ABC News Radio. ABC Radio National. HCJB Global Australia. Radio Australia. Radio New Zealand Internationa
  3. (Charleville, Queensland) - VMC - Australia Marine Weather Broadcasts (Wiluna, Western Australia) - VMW - Australia Marine Weather Broadcasts (Kunuunrra, Western Australia) - HCJB Global Australia and Kochirawa HCJB Australia VOLMET (Innisfail, Queensland) - Radio 4KZ GUAM: (Agat) - KSDA / Adventist World Radio and KTWR / Trans World Radio Gua
  4. SonSet Solutions, Elkhart, IN. 1,247 likes · 64 talking about this · 94 were here. We work with partners around the world by providing them with technology that helps them communicate the love of..
  5. The following shortwave broadcasts were recently heard at the listening post in Southern California, USA (midnight UTC equals 5pm PST, 8pm EST): Tue 3/24 (1345-1400) ~ Kamchatka Radio. Petropavlovsk ~ 6075 ~ Russian ~ Domestic Service: American jazz; sign-off at 1400. ~ Very good signal. ~ Realistic DX-160 with rooftop antenna. Wed 3/25 (0345.
  6. David. Charles. MAINDONALD. MAINDONALD, David Charles. Suddenly but peacefully on 10 February 2021. Dearly loved husband of Glenis and beloved father and father-in-law of Louise and David, Anne-Marie and Jim, Cherie and Matt, Melanie and Martin. Treasured Grand Poppa to 14 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild
  7. Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is a Christian organization that provides aviation, communications, and learning technology services to more than 1,000 Christian and humanitarian agencies, as well as thousands of isolated missionaries and indigenous villagers in the world's most remote areas. There are three major operational centers - Nampa, Idaho, United States, Ashford, United Kingdom.

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May 28 HCJB Australia on 15400 in English from Kununurra @ 1220 S-I-O 4-3-3 and May 29 Radio Exterior de España on 11910 in Spanish from Noblejas @ 1339 S-I-O 4-4-3 We have a new QSL Card just for you featuring Mt.Pinatubo. For your reception report, please send 1-IRC International Reply Coupon or 2 US dollar First introduced in 1993, the Grundig Yacht Boy 500 was one of the last German-engineered Yacht Boys and continued its run up to 2000. It was also the last Yacht Boy to be assembled in Portugal, whereas the Yacht Boy 400 was manufactured in China. While not as sensitive as my Grundig Satellit 500, Grundig Satellit 750/Tecsun S-2000 and Sangean. Reach Beyond Australia Since 2003, Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB) has been transmitting from their broadcast facility in the Kimberley, in far north Western Australia, to the Asia Pacific region through shortwave radio, and currently broadcasts in 24 languages. Transmitter site: Kununurra, Western Australia - 3 x 100 kW HCJB Ecuadorian Christian missionary radio statio. Upload media Wikipedia: Instance of: radio station: Location: Western Australia, AUS : Inception: 1931; 15° 47′ 53.16″ S, 128° 41′ 06″ E: Authority contro

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Vanmiddag heb ik tevens met mijn baas onze Nederlandstalige Powerpoint doorgenomen. We willen op een eenvoudige en duidelijke manier weergeven waar HCJB Australia voor staat. We zijn op de goede weg We krijgen trouwens een paar mooie lentedagen, morgen en overmorgen wordt het 23 en 25 graden Vision Radio, a ministry of UCB, met this challenge beginning in 1999 and now provides Christian programming to over 350 stations nationally. There are 32 full-time Christian FM stations. Pray for meaningful contact with mainstream Australians. A new HCJB transmitter in Western Australia has the potential to broadcast to 60% of the world's. National Organization for Rare Disorders. National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Baltimore. Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc. Sankara Eye Foundation, USA. The Kidney Cancer Association. The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. The Sunshine Kids Foundation

Australia Pacific / Oceania. HCJB/Reach Beyond. QSL Contributed by Bill McDavitt - USA-----HCJB/Reach Beyon HCJB Global Australia's international christian radio station's broadcast facility. I volunteered for a month at the broadcasting site near Kununurra, Western Australia, in the heart of the northern outback. Having traveled around the world several times, I've had the chance to live and work alongside some very talented and dedicated people

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for QSL HCJB 11.745 MHz Radio Quito 40th Anniv Compound Shortwave DX SWL 1971 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! QSL Radio Australia 15.320 MHz Nocturnal Sugar Glider Shortwave DX SWL 1975. C $19.17 + C $4.79 shipping + C $4.79 shipping + C $4.79. Radio HCJB Quito La Voz De Los Andes En Vivo, Regional radio. Quito, Ecuador. 64kbps FM 89.3. User Rating. 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 1,173 total reviews. Channel Website 海外短波放送 ぢゃ無くて エクアドル産のバナナ エクアドルでピンと来た貴方は流石です。 HCJB Australiaで度々登場する、田辺農園のバナナ 何とローソンで売っていました。 家に帰って味わいたいと思います。 #田辺農園 #エクアドル #バナナ #HCJB #ローソ Acerca. Muestra las situaciones cotidianas que los adolescentes atraviesan, reflejadas en la vida de Anny, una adolescente de 16 años y su amigo inseparable Gatoño, un gato romántico, sabelotodo y vanidoso, que casi siempre se mete en problemas. De Pelos comparte consejos prácticos para los adolescentes de hoy Global COVID cases jumped 12% over past week - radiohc.cu. 1 day ago · Geneva, July 23 (RHC)-- The World Health Organization says the number of new COVID cases jumped 12% across the globe last week as the highly contagious Delta variant continues to spread

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SOUTH EAST ASIA DXING: Reach Beyond Australia (HCJBThe rise and rise of Harvest Radio - Lesotho Timesjosef_zenchanの受信ログとQSL(受信確認証)などのレポート 2012年03月21日QSL-review: Bible Voice BroadcastingHome Page [wwwReal Faith with Eric Skattebo – 96five Family Radio