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On your blank page, press Ctrl+V on your keyboard to paste the contents of your first page onto a second document. You can also right-click and press one of the Paste options. If you want to keep the same formatting, click the Keep Source Formatting button For example if you want the duplicated page to become the second page of the document, place the mouse cursor at the top of the second page and press Ctrl+V to paste the page. This will insert the duplicated page into the second page of the document, and push the second page over to the third page

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Open up a fresh new document in MS Word and follow along with the instructions below: Choose File | Page Setup and select the Layout tab to display the dialog box. Another way to access the dialog box is to click the Page Setup button on the Header and Footer toolbar. Select the check box for Different First Page Click in the document where the text on one page ends. The cursor should insert before the next page to keep the content together. Step 2 Click the Insert tab on the command ribbon, and then..

Here's a way to add a different/separate cover page in MS Word. You can remove page numbering from the cover page by using this method. Helps to format page. Method 1: Using the Navigation Pane (Word 2010 or later) First and foremost, you can move pages in a Word document using the Navigation Pane feature to move entire headings and all the content that comes under them.This method can only be used on Word 2010 or an ever newer version of the word processor, and only works if you have added headings to the document

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  1. Scroll down to the second page, then delete the header text from the top of the second page. This will also remove the header from the top of any page other than the first page in the document. Click Close Header and Footer. This red X icon is on the far-right side of the toolbar that's at the top of the document
  2. Put your cursor on the first page, and from the Insert menu, select Page Numbers.... Select the position and alignment you want for the page numbers. Uncheck Show number on first page, and then click Format.... Select your desired format
  3. The problem is this: When I make a document out of this template and start typing, once I get to the end of the first page and the cursor moves to the second page it takes the header and footer with it, removing them from the first page and placing them on the second page. If I test it while I am editing the template it doesn't do that and.

To find them, switch over to the Insert tab on Word's Ribbon and then click the Cover Page button. (If your window isn't maximized, you might see a Pages button instead. Click that to show the Cover Page button.) On the drop-down menu, click the cover page you want to use. You can now add your document title. I have copied contents of one word document to another word document using C# through a forum here. Copy text from word file to a new word. I used the second solution. This part took care of the copying the whole document along with the formatting If you want something in the footer for all pages or for the second and subsequent pages, click on the Go to Footer button on the Header and Footer Tools tab. This will take you to the bottom of the page below where it says Footer. Your insertion point (cursor) will be under the line number 2 on the second page of the Introduction, and so forth. 4 - Creating a Cover Page After the Document is Ready and Paged (a) Move the document one page below leaving the first page totally blank. In this way, a new first page was added to the document. Note that this page is page number 1 now. (b) Type the Cover Page First, making a copy of a Word document is an effective way for you to back up the Word document. Second, if you just want to view the Word document rather than editing it, making a copy of a Word document is able to well-prevent you from accidentally changing the content or formatting the original file

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  1. To select and delete such multiple pages in Word, the steps are outlined below: Press Ctrl+G or F5. Word will display the Find and Replace dialog. Click to activate the Go To tab. In the Go to what list box, click to select Page (It is selected by default) Type 23 into the Enter page number field
  2. When you continue to type on to a new page, Word will simply create a blank page. To repeat the graphics on the background of each new page, follow these steps using the Header & Footer feature in Microsoft Word: 1. Open a template or create your letterhead layout. 2. Edit the letterhead to your company's specifications
  3. Microsoft Word: How to Add a Page to a Built-In Avery Template. If your Avery label or card project needs multiple pages, you don't need to save different files for each one. See how easy it is to add a page to the Avery templates that are built into Microsoft Word. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device
  4. Rearrange Pages in Word via Cut/Copy and Paste. You can also cut and paste the content in the target page to the destination page. This method is also very simple. You can select the content you want to move and press Ctrl+X to cut the content. Then, you need to move and locate the cursor to the destination location, and press Ctrl+V to paste.
  5. I have copied contents of one word document to another word document using C# through a forum here. Copy text from word file to a new word. I used the second solution. This part took care of the copying the whole document along with the formatting

Place the cursor at the end of the first page, click Insert > Break, and choose Next Page under Section Breaks. Double-click in the header of the second page and uncheck Link to Previous. The Same. To find them, switch over to the Insert tab on Word's Ribbon and then click the Cover Page button. (If your window isn't maximized, you might see a Pages button instead. Click that to show the Cover Page button.) On the drop-down menu, click the cover page you want to use. You can now add your document title. Double-click into the first page's header or footer area. Press CTRL-A to select everything in the header/footer area. Press CTRL-C to copy it. Uncheck the box next to Different First Page on the Header and Footer Tools contextual tab shown above. If you find that the numbering scheme you worked so hard on has vanished, don't panic - you. Select the template for the page you want to duplicate, insert it, and that's all you need to do to create a WordPress duplicate page in Elementor. The page builder also offers the option of exporting templates. By doing so, you can copy a WordPress page to another website that also uses Elementor

On the Page Layout tab, click Breaks > Next Page. Place the cursor at the beginning of the first sentence on page 4 and repeat step 2. To see your newly created sections, double-click in the footer area to open the footer. You can now see that pages 1-2 are in Section 1, page 3 is in Section 2, and pages 4-5 are in Section 3 Re: Avery template - How to start new page. This works for me with a new template to create more than one page. This assumes no text in any label and that you know the number of pages needed. Cursor in the last label > Ctrl+A * > click to the right of the last label so there is no longer a selection > Enter > Ctrl+V. Next page = Enter > Ctrl+V Actually there is a small trick, this is what I did. I created a table with contents spaned beyond one page. First step: select the top row which has titles for the rows, right click , select the row option and check the repeat header as mentioned in the tip. you will immediately see the top row repeating in the next page. However if you first change the table level properties and then change.

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  1. From the menu, select 'Next Page'. This is the first section that you've created. The first page is now a different section, and the second and third pages are one section. You now need to separate the second page into a section of its own. Go to the very end of the second page, and insert a section break like you did before. Insert page.
  2. Opening the same MS Word document in a second window — the feature that you never knew you wanted. I wish I knew about this feature in college. Here's the problem: You are writing one part of a word document but need to look at the content of another
  3. If you just want a header on the first page | double click at the top to open the header/footer. In the Header and Footer Tools > Design Section, and select different first page then create your header in the first page and it won't copy to th..
  4. Here's how: Select the block of text you want to repeat later in the document. This text can be a phrase, one or more paragraphs, a bulleted list, a table, etc. Insert a bookmark for the selected text (Word 2007 and later: Insert tab > Bookmark ). Give the bookmark a meaningful name, click Add, then click OK
  5. Click Different First Page in Options section. This will remove the page number on the first page in Word. You can then type a different text for the header or footer for the first page if you like. Step 2. Then you can put your mouse to the second page, and click Insert -> Page Number -> Format Page Numbers
  6. Method 2: Rearrange Pages in Word by Cutting and Pasting. Step 1. Place your cursor at the start of the text that you wish to shift. Hold Shift and press the Page Down key to the point you wish to cut. Step 2. Press Ctrl+X to cut the text. Move your cursor to the point where you wish to paste it and press Ctrl+V to paste the.

ActiveDocument.Sections(1).Range.Copy. ActiveDocument.Sections.Add.Range.Paste. But this code some time changes the format of first page. And also create third blank page with second page having content of first. Can any body let me know how to add only a page having same content of first page, without changes in first page. Thank If you see the empty page on the last page, it is easy to solve. Step 1: Set the cursor on the blank page. Step 2: Press Spacebar or Delete key to delete an empty page in Word. Way 2: Clear single page break . Insert a page break may take up a blank or empty page at times under Print Layout mode. In this case, you have to view the line of page. Step 1: Open the document into which you want to insert your blank page. Step 2: Click on the location in your document where you want to insert the blank page. In the example below, I am placing my cursor at the bottom of the first page, as I want to insert a blank page between the existing first and second page Normally, pages in a Word document have either a portrait or a landscape orientation. You might think that you can't mix and match these two orientations in the same document, but you can indeed have both-here's how. In a Microsoft Word document, place your cursor at the start of the page that you want to change to landscape Click the Page Number button, then click Format Page Numbers. Click the circle to the left of Start at, then enter the starting page number. Enter zero if you want the first displayed page number to be 1.. Click the OK button. Our article continues below with additional information on removing the page number from the first page in Word.

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  1. First page didn't have a header, second page wasn't Linked to Previous and had personalized header, in a 2 page word merge. When I merged, the first page of next statement would get the previous statements personalized header. I had to temporarily make a third page in merge document, go to third page header and turn off Link To Previous and.
  2. Different First Page - Does the first page of a new chapter have an oversized chapter title? Or an image? A lot of authors who do this like to leave off the Header and/or Footer on the first page of a section. Check this box and the first page of the section will be completely unique. Different Odd & Even Pages - Okay, this one is important.
  3. To be able to change the orientation of the second page to landscape, I have to select the second page. Click anywhere on the second page to do this. Next, open up the 'Page Setup' window. To find the 'Page Setup' window, go to the 'Layout' tab and click on the small square icon with an arrow in the corner of the 'Page Setup.

Creating a Different First Page Header You can create a first page header containing different information than the header in the rest of the document. For Word 2003 Users: 1. Place the insertion point on the first page of the document 2. From the View menu, select Header and Footer The Header and Footer toolbar appears. 3. Click PAGE SETUP The. Open a new Word document. Enter the desired data that you want on your first page. Click View. Select the Print layout, double-click on the header part of the document, the header will appear with a dotted box. After double-clicking on the header area of the document, you will see the Design tab option. Select the Different first-page option Open the 'References' ribbon. Select the 'Insert Footnote' button and enter in the footnote information. Insert the second footnote by clicking where you need it. Open the 'References' ribbon. In the 'Captions' group, click on 'Cross-reference'. Set 'Reference type' to 'Footnote'. Set 'Insert reference to' to. Copy one page in a page layout document: Tap the page thumbnail, then tap it again. Copy multiple pages in a page layout document: Touch and hold one page thumbnail as you tap other page thumbnails with a second finger, then lift your fingers. Tap Copy. Open the document you want to paste to, then show Page Thumbnails view If you do want to copy the text and paragraph formatting, then select the entire paragraph, including the paragraph mark. In addition to text, Format Painter works well on certain types of graphics or drawings. One good example is shapes. If you go to the Insert tab and then click on Shapes, you can add all kinds of shapes to your document

The first page is 2 even though I have the document set to start page numbering at 1. There is only one section. If I start page numbering at 0, the first page is 0. (Status bar showing page 2 as first page of document.) The section start is set for an even page. This is controlled on the Layout tab of the Page Setup Dialog Click the File menu and select Options. At the Word Options window, select the entry for Advanced and moved to the Cut, Copy, and Paste section. The settings for Pasting within the same document. Step 3: Copy and paste from PDF to word doc. Highlight the text and choose Edit on the menu bar under your PDF file name. Click Select All to highlight all your word documents. Then choose Copy from the drop-down Edit menu. Navigate to Microsoft Word, Pages, or other programs to open a new blank document Embedding a PDF shows the first page of a PDF, not the full document. Linked PDFs can appear as icons, or display the first page of a PDF. Insert PDF into Word Document as an Embedded Object. First things first: before you insert any PDF into a Word file, it's wise to make sure you are done editing the PDF In the First Page Header, Next, scroll down to the second page and double-click again on the header section to open the Header & Footer tool. Check to see if you have the correct font and font size, then type or copy only your running head (without the Running head: phrase)

Step 1. Head to the header or other sections that contains Word watermark. Step 2. Double-click the Word area with the watermark added. Step 3. Select the text or picture watermark icon, then press the Delete key on your keyboard. Note: You can remove watermark from cover page in Word via above steps too Wait until your Word document is PDF'ed, then add the pages of the existing PDF into it using Document > Insert Pages from the Acrobat menu. Select the text in the PDF, then copy/paste it into Word, OR save the PDF as a *.txt or *.rtf or *.doc file Browse to your relevant Word 2016 / 2019 document. Navigate to your document first page. In the upper Ribbon, hit Insert, select Header and select your Header from the selection of available Built-In headers (available either locally or at Office.com). In case that you already have a predefined header for your first page, hit Edit Header Microsoft Word users may run into this problem from time to time: a blank page either in the middle or at the end of a document that cannot seem to be deleted. Frustrating! You can choose to print only select pages, but that doesn't exactly solve the problem. Here are some possible steps to delete your unwanted blank page

Copy and paste what you have on your first half sheet onto the second page. Add another page and type up what you want on the back of your half sheet. Add one more page and copy/paste the backside to page four. Now print! Half pages 1 and 2 will print on the front of the sheet; half pages 3 and 4 will print on the back of the sheet I have a Word document with a header for the first page and a header for the 2nd and next pages. Each of the two headers contain an image. These images must be replaced. This piece of code works fine to remove all images To type absolute numbers, such as the second page, type a + symbol before it, such as +2 (without the quotes). Figure 4: Use the Move Pages dialog to copy several pages from one document into another. Click on image for larger view. Skip down to the Move To field and choose Document B, the destination document Place your cursor in any of the first header row cells. Right click and choose Table Properties option. Go to Row tab and check Repeat as header row at the top of each page option. Repeat Header Row in Word. Click OK button to apply your changes. Scroll down your table and see the first row is repeated If you have an unwanted page in a resume, you should know that most of the resume templates are set up using invisible tables. In order to see what's happening with your document, right-click in the text area of the first or second page and select Table properties > Table borders.Change the border width to 1 and the color to black

The solution is to force Word to the top of the second column and you do this by inserting a break. In Word 2002/2003 choose Insert> Break > Column Break. In Word 2007 & 2010 choose Page Layout tab> Breaks > Column. Now you can type at the top of the second column. Yeah To move a page, drag the page number box of the corresponding page thumbnail or the page thumbnail itself to the new location. A bar appears to show the new position of the page thumbnail. The pages are renumbered. To cut or copy a page, right-click and choose Cut or Copy. Click between the page thumbnails where you want to paste the page Page Up: Up one screen, while also scrolling the page the same distance. Page Down: Down one screen, while also scrolling the page the same distance. Ctrl + Arrows (↑ ↓ ← →) Up or down one paragraph; or left or right one word. Ctrl + Home: To the beginning of the document. Ctrl + End: To the end of the document From the File menu, choose Print. In Word 2007, click the Office button and choose Print. In the Page Range section, enter the following into the Pages control: 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4-7. Click OK. By. Re: Duplicate a page exactly, to repeat original format. Suzanne S. Barnhill. 3/6/09 10:02 PM. If you have a recent version of Word, there is a much better approach than. using two columns. In Word 2000 and above, you can use 2 pages per sheet. under Multiple pages in the Page Setup dialog, which will allow you to

3. The headers/footers are per section. So you can have a first page header (and a regular header) in Section 1, but not in section 2. When the insertion point is in the header area of the section you want to change, with the ribbon showing Design and Header and footer tools you should be able to uncheck the Different First Page box Microsoft Word 2016. Open the first document; Place the cursor where you want the second document to be inserted; From the Insert tab, Text group, click on the down arrow next to Object and choose Text from file.; Select the file to be inserte Scroll back to the top of the page you want to move and click the first character on the page. Word positions the cursor at that location. Step 2. Hold down your left mouse button and drag the cursor down to select all the text on the page including the Page Break symbol. Press Ctrl-X to cut the text from the page

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Formatting Front Matter Page Numbers in Microsoft Word 2003 . Open your MS Word document Place the cursor at the end of the first section Place your cursor at the beginning of the second section View Header and Footer A popup box will open uncheck 'link to previous' button [5. th. from the right] Scroll down and click into the foote I did use your procedure to press ctrl-enter (first put the cursor in front of the last paragraph break, right of the bottom right label) and indeed a new page is made, but it is a page without labels. To get labels I must select the labels on page 1 and copy them to the second page. It is not as simple as in the ms equivalent, but it is workable Here's how it works. 1. Open the MS word document. 2. Press Ctrl+ End to go to the last page of your document. 3. Press and hold the backspace button for a couple of seconds until the final page is removed. Note: If your keyboard doesn't have a backspace button, Use the Delete button. It serves the same function 2.1. Place the cursor where should be added a copy of the information. 2.2. On the Insert tab, in the Links group, click the Cross-reference button: 2.3. In the Cross-reference dialog box: In the Reference type drop-down list, select Bookmark : In the For which bookmark list, select the bookmark that you want to add

Selecting Text by Character, Word, Line, and More. The Windows standard keys for selecting text usually include the SHIFT Key as an anchor. You can select a character at a time by pressing SHIFT and an ARROW Key either forward or backwards. In the table below, the description is in the first column and the keystroke is in the second column It's easy to accidentally create a blank page in Word---for instance, pressing the Page Down button will instantly bump you down one page.. If the document has lots of blank pages and your scrolling finger is getting tired, you need to turn to the Navigation Pane.To activate it, go to View > Show and tick the box next to the Navigation Pane option.. A new panel will appear on the left of the. To print only selected pages, follow these steps: Choose the Print option from the File menu, or simply press Ctrl+P. Word displays the Print dialog box. (See Figure 1.) Figure 1. The Print dialog box. In the Pages box, indicate the page numbers you want to print. Click on OK

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In first page header area, delete page number; the second page will still be numbered 2. To start numbering on second page with number 1, click on the Insert tab, in the Headers & Footers group, click Page Number, and then click Format Page Numbers. In the Page Number Format pop-up box, choose Start at 0 and click OK To start the page numbering count on the second page, on the Design tab click Page Number -> Format Page Numbers and set the Start At control to 0. An alternative method is to create a different first page header/footer in your document: simply use the 'Different first page' option in the Page Setup dialog To insert a blank page into your document, place your cursor near the word or line you want a new page. For example, if you want a new page between the second and third page of your document. Merge the Two Documents. To start, open the first document you want to act as the primary document. Then, using the top toolbar, click on the Review tab, and find the button labeled Compare.. From here, click the option to Combine from the drop-down menu. This will open up a secondary box where you'll need to select the. Restoring the pleading paper if it disappears when you use Different First Page (Word) March 2, 2016 at 10:41 pm 1 comment. In order to suppress the page number on the caption page of a pleading, people commonly open the footer editing screen and apply the Different First Page option from the Header & Footer Tools tab

Field Code for Page Numbering A-1, A-2, A-3 I am new to field codes and in our template we have automatic numbering that begins with 1 and of course it up. I'll cover the following topics in the code samples below: Microsoft WordWord 2003, Page, Microsoft Word Field Code, TEXT, and Table Of Contents You will now see that all your pages, including the first ones, are numbered. 6. Now, while the page numbering editor is open, click Link to Previous and make sure it is not highlighted Page orientation defines the direction for printing or displaying the document in Word. Sometimes the page orientation for a particular page has to be different from the rest of the material. E.g., usually, the whole article, paper, or report is printed in the Portrait mode, but for a page with the big table, it is more convenient to use the Landscape mode Page Breaks. Insert a page break at the end of each chapter to prevent the text from running together. To insert a page break, place your pointer where you want the break. Click the Insert tab, then click Page Break. The page break should be inserted on the page. Turn on the Show/Hide option to see where the page break is. Ebook Structure. On the Page Layout tab of the ribbon, click the Page Setup dialog launcher (the tiny button in the lower right corner of the Page Setup group). In the dialog, click the Layout tab and check the option for Different First Page. Click OK. This gives you two different headers, one for the first page and another for all other pages

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Move the cursor in front of the corresponding character and press the delete key. Word automatically deletes the offending page once there are no characters left on the page to be deleted, and you have also removed the page break. If it is not a blank page, but one with content, you must first remove text, images, and tables Step 4: Go to the first page of the multiple pages. In this case, we typed in three because we need to delete 3 to 5 pages from this word document. Close the Find and Replace toolbox. Step 5: Press F8 to enable the extended mode. Enable the extended mode. The extended mode enables the users to easily select the huge amount of text Put the cursor to the first cell in the column (or the second one if your Table has headers), then press Shift+Ctrl+End to go to the end of your table, hold Shift and press the Left key repeatedly until only the needed column gets selected.. This is the fastest way to select all the cells in the column, especially if the column contains several blank cells between the data For that, Open the word file in MS Word, tap anywhere on the page you want to delete. Press 'Ctrl+G' in Windows or 'Option+Command+G' in Mac. A dialogue box will pop-up, head over to the 'Go To' section and type the page in the 'Enter Page Number' box. Press 'Enter' on your keyboard and hit 'Close'

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If you prefer written instructions, then continue reading. Duplicate a WordPress Post or Page. First, you need to install and activate the Duplicate Post plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.. Upon activation, you need to visit Posts » All Posts page. You will notice two new links to clone or to create a new draft below each post title Top courses in Microsoft Word. Start by clicking anywhere on the page you want to delete, then find the Go To function by navigating to the upper right of the screen. You should see a small pair of binoculars with the word Find next to it. Click on the small, down-pointing arrow to open up a drop-down menu E.g. page 45 came out blank on the first pdf creation, but on the second try, page 70 came out blank and page 45 is now okay and so on. I am using Word 2010, Windows 7 and the latest Acrobat Pro X1. It would be nice to have a resolution How to Add Page Numbers in Word From the First Page. If you want to start numbering from the first page, here's what you will have to do. 1. Open the MS Word Document. 2. Go to the Insert Tab. 3. Locate and select the Page Numbers option. 4. Select where you want the page number to appear. You have four options here

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Then, either right-click on the empty space and select Paste or press Ctrl+V. Now, navigate to the View tab in MS Word and select it. From the View tab, select the Navigation Pane option. Using. 2. Remember that once you click the down arrow beside the Save As Type in the input box and select Word Template (*.dotx) from the list (and change the name, of course, in the File Name input box. Tip. Note how the First Page Header says 'First Page Header' right at the top. The Second Page Header will simply say 'Header'. Tip. If you want to break up your address lines, you can use Insert Symbol from Word's menu and choose Wingdings as the font. There are all kinds of symbols from which you can choose In Word 2007 and above, the Different First Page and Different Odd & Even Pages check boxes are conveniently placed on the Header & Footer Tools | Design tab that appears when you open the header or footer (see Figure 3). Figure 1. Header and Footer toolbar in Word 2003 showing button to access the Page Setup dialog. Figure 2 Make a copy of the .pages file as a backup in the event the file gets corrupted along the way. Right-click on the .pages file and choose Rename. Delete the .pages extension and replace it with .zip extension*, then hit the Enter key to save the extension change. Open the newly renamed .zip file to be able to open and access.

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To select a specific page in a word document using VBA script, what is the code snippet. I tried with the below line to get count of pages. To add or edit on particular page ex: 5th page, i did not get any method to select. Thanks in advance for your help. ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(14) Thanks, Asho Note: The watermark is only added following the first complete printing operation. It is not added to any second or other subsequent copy if the Print Dialog is used to print multiple copies during the first print operation. The VBA code for this process is discussed and provided below A page break is the point where one page ends and another begins. To create a page break: Go to the Insert tab. In the Pages group, click the Page Break button. It looks like this: Insert a Cover Page. A cover page is inserted before the first page of your document. It contains information such as the name and author of the document This creates a two-page Word document with This is on the first page! on the first page and This is on the second page! on the second. Even though there was still plenty of space on the first page after the text This is on the first page! , we forced the next paragraph to begin on a new page by inserting a page break after the first run of the.

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In Word 2003 or earlier versions, do File > Page Setup. On the Margins tab, click Landscape and then click OK. In Word 2007 or Word 2010, do Page Layout > Orientation > Landscape. Quick check: Do File > Print Preview. You should be able to see your portrait pages, your landscape page and your remaining portrait pages Word. Perhaps you want a logo only on the first page of your letterhead. If so, click here to see how to create a letterhead. But if you want no header on the first page, because perhaps it's your cover page, then you need only go to File Page Setup and go to the Layout tab, and choose Different First Page Microsoft Word - Go to the Layout tab. In the Page Setup section, click or tap the Breaks button, and in the menu that opens, choose Next Page. Microsoft Word - Adding page breaks. Double-click on the footer (or header) area on the first page where you want to display page numbers I'm using the bookmark feature then split document and it works great. But, is there a way to re-number each separate document? I added page numbers, say 1 - 53. The first document has pages 1 - 4, and the second one pages, 5-7, and so on. The second document picks up with page 5 instead of re-starting the page number. Thanks

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I f you are new to Word VBA and trying to get your head around how to use the .Find property; or if, like me, you've ever pulled out clumps of hair and scalp in frustration trying to use it, then this tips page might help.. Of all the VBA I've ever used, I've been most confounded and frustrated with the .Find property. It is capable of some pretty amazing feats, but with that capability comes. Then, click Copy from the Home tab to copy your entire label to the clipboard. Click the mouse in the second big cell in the row and paste via the Paste button from the Home tab. You should see an exact duplicate of your first label design. Repeat the paste process for each of the remaining fields If you need to extract the first word from some text you can use a formula that uses the FIND and LEFT functions. From the example, the formula looks like this: = LEFT (B4, FIND ( , B4)-1) Explanation . FIND returns the position (as a number) of the first occurrence of a space character in the text. This position, minus one, is fed into the.

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